1. ARCH says

    I bought a pair of really nice Diesel trainers in May and wore them all summer, but thank God nothing like this happened! I think that the young fellow wearing them is taking it all quite well, I know that I would have been quite put out if a bald man had started slobering all over my new shoes!

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Why is it that the one with the fetish is never anywhere as good-looking as the subject of his fetish?

    I got fetishes for certain male body parts, and I’m still cute…kinda’. Of course, I haven’t smelled those male body parts in a long time–maybe when/if I do, I’ll drop the fetishes. But I’m still cute…kinda’….Ok, well, I aint ugly…yet.

  3. says

    I actually don’t get it either, Derrick! Why does the one with a fetish have to be old and “ugly”? I don’t buy the whole paying bit. My friend in Vancouver met this hot Québécois dude who would ask him NOT to wash his feet until the next time they’d hook up. Apparently he had a thing for smelly feet. Eww! And my friend is average. The “fetishist” was much hotter. I saw the pictures. Yeah huh!!

  4. says

    When I was young it was always guys close to my own age that loved kissing and sucking my feet and toes. It felt pretty good too, even though I wasn’t that into it, I felt who am I to deny my partners pleasure. This photo would be so much better if the older guy wasn’t made to look so creepy.

  5. Kristoffer says

    Maybe it’s just me but I think this would have been a much better ad had the other guy been hot. The whole thing turns me off to the shoes, which I assume is what they don’t want.

  6. Mark says

    This photo was done exactly for comments like the ones listed on this site. It’s never a question of in why the older man is kissing the younger’s shoes. The question always is ‘how much controversy will this cause?’. I’m just glad straight people are getting a taste of the sexual imagery they’ve forced down our throats since the inception of mass media.

  7. jay says

    what a hot ad…am still beating off to it! a young hot str8 guy with a fat old bald foot-fag (Like ME, only i’m not bald) to degrade while getting worshipped….HOT!!if there are any str8 guys in florida that want this worship , e-mail me!
    slave jay

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