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Jon Stewart to Huckabee: Religion is a Choice, Not Homosexuality


Jon Stewart had Mike Huckabee on The Daily Show last night and the second half of the appearance focused on marriage equality. Stewart really is one of the best civil rights advocates out there.

Argued Stewart: "Religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality. We protection religion - and talk about a lifestyle choice - that is absolutely a choice. Gay people don't choose to be gay. At what point did you choose not to be gay? ... I think it's a travesty that people have forced someone who is gay to have to make their case."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Thank you Jon for being a passionate and articulate defender of basic human rights. Eventually, we will win the debate on marriage equality due in large measure to calm rational arguments such as you put forth.

    Posted by: rudy | Dec 10, 2008 8:42:56 AM

  2. Jon Stewert has NEVER been sexier!


    GO GET EM!

    Posted by: Wolf | Dec 10, 2008 8:44:07 AM

  3. Um, Mr. Fuckabee. If your belief is that "homosexuality is wrong and immoral" you are, by definition, anti-gay. Own your bigotry asshole.

    Posted by: MAJeff | Dec 10, 2008 8:45:35 AM

  4. Mike: You can't be pro-gay and anti-gay marriage.

    Thank you John!

    Posted by: Steve | Dec 10, 2008 8:54:04 AM

  5. Why is it that Jon will take on Huckabee and Rachel Maddow won't?

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Dec 10, 2008 9:01:31 AM

  6. One of the smartest interviews ever. And yes, it is homophobia.

    Posted by: Max | Dec 10, 2008 9:09:00 AM

  7. Jon Stewart is one of the clearest voices of reason, I thank him for keeping me semi-sane during the last 8 years of Bushshit.

    He took Schmuckabee to the woodshed and made him his bitch.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Dec 10, 2008 9:09:30 AM

  8. I didn't choose to have same sex attractions but I definitely have a choice in what I do about that. Identifying as gay is not something I want or have to do in order to be content and fulfilled.

    Posted by: Randy | Dec 10, 2008 9:15:16 AM

  9. I hope someone shows this clip to Rachel Maddow. Maddow has become belligerent in the face of criticism about her softballing Huckabee when he was on her show last week. Rachel claims she didn’t find the same sex marriage issue “interesting/important” enough to bring up with the old homophobe. Take a lesson RM from Jon the master. Check out Pam's House Blend for more on Rachel and Huck and gays.

    Posted by: ggreen | Dec 10, 2008 9:20:39 AM

  10. Great Point Steve!!!

    Posted by: Mario | Dec 10, 2008 9:21:08 AM

  11. Well Randy, people with opposite sex attractions definitely have a CHOICE in what they do about it, too. Of course people CHOOSE to have sex or not, but they don't CHOOSE to which sex they are instinctively attracted. Why should a gay person have to deny their true attractions but not a straight person?

    Posted by: Sam | Dec 10, 2008 9:35:43 AM

  12. He didn't let Huck get away with that bigotry with charm and a smile bullshit routine. The host of a comedy show as one of our most sincere and effective allies, go figure. Jon was simply fantastic.

    Randy (aka Mr. Exodus), no one's forcing you to identify as gay. You can keep all your SSA to yourself. We don't care. But why do you feel the need to announce that you don't identify as gay on a proudly and happily gay site? Fulfilled people don't need to justify their contentment.

    Posted by: Ernie | Dec 10, 2008 9:56:13 AM

  13. I literally got tears in my eyes watching this. That's the best, most well thought interview, that could ever be had on the subject of gay civil rights. It makes me wish I had an award I could give Jon.

    Posted by: WillnDurhamNC | Dec 10, 2008 10:08:00 AM

  14. Randy: Was that a cleverly disguised personal ad you posted? Repressed homo seeks same for naked shame sessions and pissing and moaning about the whims of fate?

    Posted by: David D. | Dec 10, 2008 10:13:39 AM

  15. Hey everybody, its me, Randy Thomas, everybody's favorite recloseted homosexual! I'm also the zaftig Executive Vice President of Exodus International. We preach freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jeebus and can help you "pray away the gay"!

    Read more of my turd droppings here:

    Look for me at your local restroom stall!

    Posted by: LORRAINE DURSO | Dec 10, 2008 10:17:19 AM

  16. Randy says: "Identifying as gay is not something I want or have to do in order to be content and fulfilled."

    So fine--don't identify as gay. That's your choice. Doesn't affect me.

    But don't oppose equal rights for those of us who DO identify as gay.

    Posted by: NickC | Dec 10, 2008 10:35:55 AM

  17. Personally, I don't much like the "we're born this way" argument. I mean, we haven't seen the smoking gun on that from the scientific community, have we? I'm not saying it isn't true, but I think we need to wait for more evidence.

    When anti-gay bigots come at me with "it's a choice," I prefer responding with "So what if it's a choice? It's my body, and I can do what I damn well please with it. You have no right to make a a second class citizen because of the choices I make."

    Posted by: dk | Dec 10, 2008 10:44:05 AM

  18. Whether it's genetic or not, I know it's something that I can't change.

    Posted by: CaptainZahn | Dec 10, 2008 10:53:11 AM

  19. I have ALWAYS said that religion is the "lifestyle choice" not a person's sexuality. (No one is "born" Christian, you have to CHOOSE to become one --"Do you choose to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?" etc., etc.)

    Also, it's the religions of the world that recruit (at least the western ones I'm familiar with). Why does no one ever point this out?

    Once again these bigoted types get ensnared in their own ridiculous rhetoric. Keep talking Huckleberry...

    And you keep talking too, John Stewart. You are a gentleman and a scholar and an asset to humanity.

    Posted by: ichabod | Dec 10, 2008 10:53:33 AM

  20. Oh, and Andy, there are banner ads for running on your site. Might want to see if you can get those yanked.

    Posted by: ichabod | Dec 10, 2008 10:55:30 AM

  21. Dear Concern Troll DK,

    Nice try. Being gay is not defined by what one does with one's own body or by the choices one makes. Being gay is simply who one is. For example, you can be a paraplegic and be gay. You can abstain from sex and be gay. I think you get the point. I know Randy does.

    Mike Ensley

    Posted by: MIKE ENSLEY | Dec 10, 2008 11:03:11 AM

  22. I love, love, LOVE Jon Stewart!

    I wish he would have pointed out to Hickabee that a woman's right to choose is supported by well over 60% of Americans but you certainly don't see him or his cohorts saying, "The American people have spoken" and dropping all of their efforts to impose their will over the majority and upon women.

    Posted by: Zeke | Dec 10, 2008 11:32:34 AM

  23. When are people going to realize that RELIGION is the root of all evil....

    Posted by: Kevin | Dec 10, 2008 11:40:15 AM

  24. I love you Jon!

    Posted by: Travis | Dec 10, 2008 11:43:32 AM

  25. God damn Jesus, the source of most of the evil in this world.

    Posted by: tom | Dec 10, 2008 11:45:52 AM

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