Jon Stewart to Huckabee: Religion is a Choice, Not Homosexuality


  1. rudy says

    Thank you Jon for being a passionate and articulate defender of basic human rights. Eventually, we will win the debate on marriage equality due in large measure to calm rational arguments such as you put forth.

  2. MAJeff says

    Um, Mr. Fuckabee. If your belief is that “homosexuality is wrong and immoral” you are, by definition, anti-gay. Own your bigotry asshole.

  3. patrick nyc says

    Jon Stewart is one of the clearest voices of reason, I thank him for keeping me semi-sane during the last 8 years of Bushshit.

    He took Schmuckabee to the woodshed and made him his bitch.

  4. says

    I didn’t choose to have same sex attractions but I definitely have a choice in what I do about that. Identifying as gay is not something I want or have to do in order to be content and fulfilled.

  5. ggreen says

    I hope someone shows this clip to Rachel Maddow. Maddow has become belligerent in the face of criticism about her softballing Huckabee when he was on her show last week. Rachel claims she didn’t find the same sex marriage issue “interesting/important” enough to bring up with the old homophobe. Take a lesson RM from Jon the master. Check out Pam’s House Blend for more on Rachel and Huck and gays.

  6. Sam says

    Well Randy, people with opposite sex attractions definitely have a CHOICE in what they do about it, too. Of course people CHOOSE to have sex or not, but they don’t CHOOSE to which sex they are instinctively attracted. Why should a gay person have to deny their true attractions but not a straight person?

  7. says

    He didn’t let Huck get away with that bigotry with charm and a smile bullshit routine. The host of a comedy show as one of our most sincere and effective allies, go figure. Jon was simply fantastic.

    Randy (aka Mr. Exodus), no one’s forcing you to identify as gay. You can keep all your SSA to yourself. We don’t care. But why do you feel the need to announce that you don’t identify as gay on a proudly and happily gay site? Fulfilled people don’t need to justify their contentment.

  8. WillnDurhamNC says

    I literally got tears in my eyes watching this. That’s the best, most well thought interview, that could ever be had on the subject of gay civil rights. It makes me wish I had an award I could give Jon.

  9. David D. says

    Randy: Was that a cleverly disguised personal ad you posted? Repressed homo seeks same for naked shame sessions and pissing and moaning about the whims of fate?

  10. says

    Hey everybody, its me, Randy Thomas, everybody’s favorite recloseted homosexual! I’m also the zaftig Executive Vice President of Exodus International. We preach freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jeebus and can help you “pray away the gay”!

    Read more of my turd droppings here:

    Look for me at your local restroom stall!

  11. NickC says

    Randy says: “Identifying as gay is not something I want or have to do in order to be content and fulfilled.”

    So fine–don’t identify as gay. That’s your choice. Doesn’t affect me.

    But don’t oppose equal rights for those of us who DO identify as gay.

  12. dk says

    Personally, I don’t much like the “we’re born this way” argument. I mean, we haven’t seen the smoking gun on that from the scientific community, have we? I’m not saying it isn’t true, but I think we need to wait for more evidence.

    When anti-gay bigots come at me with “it’s a choice,” I prefer responding with “So what if it’s a choice? It’s my body, and I can do what I damn well please with it. You have no right to make a a second class citizen because of the choices I make.”

  13. ichabod says

    I have ALWAYS said that religion is the “lifestyle choice” not a person’s sexuality. (No one is “born” Christian, you have to CHOOSE to become one –“Do you choose to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” etc., etc.)

    Also, it’s the religions of the world that recruit (at least the western ones I’m familiar with). Why does no one ever point this out?

    Once again these bigoted types get ensnared in their own ridiculous rhetoric. Keep talking Huckleberry…

    And you keep talking too, John Stewart. You are a gentleman and a scholar and an asset to humanity.

  14. ichabod says

    Oh, and Andy, there are banner ads for running on your site. Might want to see if you can get those yanked.

  15. says

    Dear Concern Troll DK,

    Nice try. Being gay is not defined by what one does with one’s own body or by the choices one makes. Being gay is simply who one is. For example, you can be a paraplegic and be gay. You can abstain from sex and be gay. I think you get the point. I know Randy does.

    Mike Ensley

  16. Zeke says

    I love, love, LOVE Jon Stewart!

    I wish he would have pointed out to Hickabee that a woman’s right to choose is supported by well over 60% of Americans but you certainly don’t see him or his cohorts saying, “The American people have spoken” and dropping all of their efforts to impose their will over the majority and upon women.

  17. anon says

    Very clever and winning argument from JS, but politics is about winning, period. It was the only bright spot for conservatives this year: Republicans and Gays lose 2008 election…

  18. peterparker says

    Jon Stewart, will you marry me?

    Mike Huckabee scares the bejeesus out of me. HIs beliefs are evil. But he *is* charming. And there are a lot of people who won’t be able to see past that. I hope we never see him on the national stage ever again. And I also hope he gets fat again. I know that is mean, but it’s true. I hope he gets fat, fat, fat, fat, FAT!

  19. says

    When most Definition of Marriage Amendments in this country went beyond saying No Same-Sex Marriage to also decree that Our State Recognizes No Same-Sex Legal Arrangement Resembling Marriage Either, that IS attacking LGBT families. When citizens of Huckabee’s home state voted to prohibit same-sex couples from adopting, that IS attacking LGBT families.

    I believe in the rule of democracy as much as the next guy, but Huckabee should be aware that if Arkansans were asked to vote on defining Freedom of Religion to exclude Mormons, it would pass. Overwhelmingly. And be completely unjust and unconstitutional.

  20. alguien says

    well i, for one, do not heart huckabee!

    he seems to have been putting on some of that weight he so famously lost, doesn’t ne?

  21. says

    I heard Schmuckabee on an NPR call-in show last week. Someone called to say his pastor has to leave the US because her wife is from another country and she was not able to sponsor her the way she could if one of them were a man. Huckabee actually said at one point that he didn’t understand why that would affect someone’s ability to sponsor a partner. The man has no clue what we are facing, and frankly he doesn’t care. His cheerful mug fills me with rage.

  22. Franck Verhaeghe says

    hanks Jon so much for all of uswho can’t be heard you are our Hero

    Happy Holidays and remeber……KHARMA

  23. GregV says

    Ichabod, why yank the Mormon ads from this site? I’d rather click it and let Andy get a nickel from them. Better still if someobody e-mails them and calls them on their bullshit.

  24. MAJeff says

    It’s not that Huckabee doesn’t care about the hardships…HE APPROVES.

    Huckabee is part of a socio-political movement whose goal is the destruction of gay life. It isn’t just about marriage for these folks, but about opposition to non-discrimination and hate crimes policies, to support groups for LGBT youth, to adoption rights, to cultural representations that don’t show us miserable or sick, to sexuality and health education that includes us. They are working to remove and/or rescind any institutional supports for the living of gay lives. They are attempting to bring back the repressive conditions that led to the institutional closet.

    Huckabee seeks the obliteration of homosexuality. He seeks our destruction.

  25. steve says

    I watched the clip of the Huckabee interview and as I heard the people cheer Jon’s comments and grumble disapproval of Huckabee’s I thought Jon had the home field advantage.Nothing said is going to change my opinion and probably not yours but let’s be fair to Huckabee for coming on the show and standing up for what 2/3 of America feels is the right position.

  26. Bill says

    Huckabee is a hateful beast.

    JON STEWART is the greatest television host of this era. Great interview! I like that Jon got the Huckabeast to squirm.

  27. steve says

    Ok Majeff….I tryed to take the high road but again I’m the visitor and your at home.I find there must be a coralation in being gay and needing to swear or belittle people’s weight,religion,or belief.Bigotry comes in all colors and sexual persuations and your proof of that fact.

  28. Mike in the Tundra says

    I just love Jon Stewart.

    Randy, I feel sorry for you. I just hope you don’t ruin some woman’s life by hiding behind her.

  29. MAJeff says

    Well, Steve, Huckabee is a bigot. His goal is the destruction of gay life.

    Now, you may think homosexuality is wrong. That makes you anti-gay. Period.

  30. Patrick M says

    I haven’t applauded my TV set in a long while, but I did after watching Jon say this. He was wonderful, and made the most sensible comments in a very accessible way. Finally reality is arriving – and Huck just had no response…

  31. Patrick M says

    Randy Thomas!

    From Exodus!

    You gotta be kidding me – how dumb is he that he posts on this site? He couldn’t have gone to for the video. Wow, I have uber-gay friends who don’t read Towle, and a so-called “ex-gay” is here. Does he comment on the underwear pics also?

    If there ever was proof of the failure of the “ex-gay” movement, here it is above me on this site.

  32. says

    “I thought Jon had the home field advantage.”

    Actually, the “field” is irrelevant. Jon has the advantage of being right and on the right side of history. 2/3 of America once supported a lot of things that turned out to be wrong, things that are now viewed, correctly, as blatant, obvious discrimination. The majority, unfortunately, is hardly immune from ignorance, as Huckabee demonstrates. In states like mine, where CUs have been the norm for several years, the majority–in a few short years–now supports full marriage equality. As will the rest of the country, eventually. In the meantime, Huckabee only demonstrates that minority rights should not lie in the hands of the majority. Jon Stewart’s view represents the future.

  33. Jexer says

    I’m so tired of the term “anti-gay bigot”, it’s pathetically weak and unclear. It could mean someone who is against bigots who are gay.

    Can’t we go back to “breeder” or “homophobe” or come up with something nasty and direct? Until there’s a word for them that offends them for being who they are, they will never truly understand what they put us through.

    How about “straggot”.

  34. Sargon Bighorn says

    Huckabee is a monster, he is a Mullah of the Radical Religious Extremist elements in America. Make no mistake Gay America, people like Huckabee will not be happy until Gay Americans are totally invisible.

    If there is ONE THING you CAN DO to defeat the Radical Religious Extremists it would be to learn their arguments and find the holes in them. Knowledge is Power. Fight to keep their Religion out of America Law.

  35. Patrick M says

    OK this may only amuse a party of one but I cross-posted my previous comment on Randy’s blog which allows open comments. Except – he just DELETED it. Guess I got under his skin – Truth will out?

    So I reposted on his blog – let’s see how long it lasts:

    > Wow how insecure are you that you couldn’t tolerate this comment or respond to it, in either a joking or serious manner – no, you had to delete it. Talk about a representation of what you do with your inner life and some inconvenient truths…

    > Cross-posted from
    Randy Thomas!

    From Exodus!

    You gotta be kidding me – how dumb is he that he posts on this site? He couldn’t have gone to for the video? Wow, I have uber-gay friends who don’t read Towle, and a so-called “ex-gay” is here. Does he comment on the underwear pics also?

    If there ever was proof of the failure of the “ex-gay” movement, here it is above me on this site.

  36. David says

    Guess Huck doesn’t support for old people that cannot have children anymore or woman and men that are infertile. Geez–just amazing how those that defend this definition of marriage always go back to religion or words. Hmmm–ironic isn’t it!

  37. Greg says

    How cool would it be for Jon Stewart to be White House Press Secretary for the next term! If we really can’t have CJ Cregg, he’s my next choice.

  38. Mark says

    I think the most important aspect to watch is that Huckabee and Romney are both continuing on the circuit espousing their religious rhetoric. Yes The Repubs are planning a comeback and they will do it through religion as it has worked in the past.

    The repubs will present the case that they are working to save the church and marriage and families and children. It will be a religious movement. They WILL rally their sunday worshippers. Count on it.

  39. Kelly says

    Arrgh! Why is is that no one ever counters the ridiculous argument of procreation? Yeah, humans are having a real difficult time reproducing. Otherwise, a great interview and it’s so nice to see someone actually not back down without shouting and stomping their feet.

  40. Jim says

    This was the FINEST argument that I have ever seen in defense of Gay Equlaity! Jon Stewart WIPED THE FLOOR with “Suck-a-bee” and did it with grace and class. Jon Stewart YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!

  41. Jim says

    This was the FINEST argument that I have ever seen in defense of Gay Equlaity! Jon Stewart WIPED THE FLOOR with “Suck-a-bee” and did it with grace and class. Jon Stewart YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!

  42. Steven says

    ^ I agree with Jim!

    I’m being the devil’s advocate, but i thought that Huckabee was also very respectful of Jon and wasn’t shouting, interrupting, wasn’t shoving his opinion with the usual right-wing fire, mind you still shoving none-the-less. Maybe he knows that he is on a liberal show with a sharp host who will caricature Huckabee and right-wingers on the spot to an audience that the Republicans at this political juncture need to win over before 2010.

  43. Krebin says

    I wonder, though, if religion really is a choice for everyone–what if you’re born into a family with overpowering convictions, in a small homogeneous town, and you’re not struggling with homosexuality or anything that would force you to constantly and seriously question the beliefs you’re being handed? It’d be pretty tough to appreciate something like gay marriage, wouldn’t it? It’s at least a little like that for some people I know, so I don’t mind withholding my rage at their bigotry in favor of trying to build a connection with them.

    It doesn’t matter though, because most people aren’t in that situation. Don’t let social conservatives pretend that their argument is anything but bigotry. They might try to use sociological arguments, (all debunked) or the “hate the sin, not the sinner” line saying that they are not against gay people, but at the end of the day they think that we make a daily decision to be gay or lesbian. Everyone here knows homosexuality is not something we chose (Even Randy knows it) and is therefore not something we should have to apologize for practicing.

    So build a connection with them, don’t call them bigots right out–but calmly explain to them why they’re bigots: because they’re denying you rights based on something you can’t help.

  44. MAJeff says

    If the bigots were part of my life, they will no longer be part of my life. I will explain why they are being purged–be it support for something like Prop 8 or a belief that “homosexuality is wrong”–but they don’t get to do harm to me and then have the benefit of my friendship (or even be in my family). I’m not their pet fag, and they get kicked to the curb. My life is too valuable to be wasted on bigots. Good riddance to them all.