1. says

    Nothing new there, but how dare this asshole claim to be our fierce advocate when he has never once in his entire career taken a significant political risk for gays or done anything to advance our rights? He has announced that he will not lead on our issues and that he will not make repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell a priority. He opposes gay marriage. He did nothing to fight Proposition 8 and has not responded to the outrage felt by the gay community in its wake. We have seen no major gay appointments. What on earth does he think a lukewarm advocate looks like?

    Yes, you’re our friend, but we need to understand if you don’t talk to us at school, when the popular kids are around.

    Barack Obama knows that we feel exactly the same way African Americans would feel if he chose a member of the KKK to speak at his inauguration.

    He just doesn’t care.

    At all.

    And that makes his claim that he is a “fierce advocate” disgusting.

  2. peterparker says

    “…a fierce advocate for equality for gay and lesbian Americans…”?? I don’t think I’d call a politician who denounces marriage equality a fierce advocate for our community. I hope he proves me wrong once he is in office.

  3. says

    This is bullshit.

    The real question is does he get a “pass” from the GLBT community on this.

    So disappointing. Again, if this was someone who spoke with racist or religious bigotry Rick Warren would not be on that stage. Slap in the face Obama. Absolutely disgusted by this and I was a HUGE Obama supporter.

    You have thrown us under the bus.

  4. ccasey says

    I just received an email from “Joe Biden” requesting more money. I considered it a very appropriate time to unsubscribe from the email list. I encourage all of you who receive these emails to do the same; when you unsubscribe, you are asked to tell them why you are unsubscribing. I would bet they pay more attention to a visibly shrinking donor base than your run-of-the-mill complaint email.

  5. says

    Maybe David Duke is free to sing the national anthem.

    Sorry … change is reaching out to those you disagree with, not giving them one of the most prominent roles in the inauguration.

    He’ll pander to the LGBT community just enough to keep the dems happy, but not enough to make any real change.

    Needless to say, the Obama bumper sticker is now off the car.

  6. Stuart says

    Sure their both speaking, but one is giving a blessing the other a sermon, big difference. He says to come together and be inclusive but than slaps californians in the face by inviting the enemy to speak to the united states.

    This just makes me glad I live in Canada

  7. Wayne says

    BIGOTS OF A FEATHER, FLOCK TOGETHER. (Strange it’s only anti-gay views that need to be included. Where are the invitations to the KKK?)

    I wonder if the folks over at jointheimpact have started thinking about a protest of the innaugeration?

  8. MikeinSanJose says

    Why is there a preacher at all? Isn’t this a state-sponsored inaugural event?


  9. Alex Parrish says

    While I respect the President-Elect’s desire for a reasoned public discourse, what he fails to understand or address here is that Warren’s words go beyond discourse. Warren’s words have actually damaged real families and real people. This is not an academic discussion — this is a fight for civil rights. Rhetoric is a fine tool for exercising people’s minds, but meanwhile, real people are suffering because of Warren’s ideas. (Which, by the way, are sometimes factually inaccurate and just plain wrong)

    No less than the New York Times this morning has stated that having Warren deliver this invocation is tantamount to elevating “…Mr. Warren to succeed Billy Graham as the nation’s pre-eminent minister…”

    I am astounded that Mr. Obama doesn’t get this… or maybe he does and just doesn’t care.

  10. Leland Frances says

    This is NOT about differing on “issues” fucking President Elect Moron!

    This is about OUR LIVES! Often LITERALLY!

    Warren equated gay marriages with incest and pedophilia. His wrapping homohatred in pages from the Bible is contributing to antigay discrimination, murders, and suicides.

    Asking us to accept Obama elevating him to a GIGANTIC starring role in his “big tent” is like asking women to accept being at the same party with their invited rapists!

    I call upon EVERY LGBT organization to drop ANY plans they had for inaugural celebratory events. I call upon the LGBT band to refuse to march in the inaugural parade. I call upon every LGBT person in America to send a message to him in every way they can that his ennobling intolerance and elevating a member of the board of directors of the Antigay Industry WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

    FUCK THIS talking out of both sides of his mouth!!!!!


  11. Jeffrey says

    Oh, stop with the “under the bus” metaphor. It’s tired and it’s inaccurate.

    If we ever want the people we currently see as ‘phobes or enemies to begin to understand who we are and what we’re about, then we’d better be ready to listen to them telling us who they are, and what they are about.

    I was peeved at Obama’s choice too, but sitting on the sidelines and pouting isn’t going to get us shit. So maybe we need to work with the opposition to get things done.

    Lord knows the isolationist approach doesn’t work.


    Though I didn’t want to, upon considering things, I can see that this really is a REASONABLE approach. Maybe not the one I’d have chosen, but I believe there is a purpose behind Obama’s choice. I’ve gotten the impression throughout his campaign that he considers things carefully.

  12. ChrisDC says

    “…change is reaching out to those you disagree with, not giving them one of the most prominent roles in the inauguration.” I totally agree with GARRETT IN SF.

    Surely there are other more qualified, less divisive choices.

    I wonder if anyone’s ever been booed at an inauguration?

  13. says

    I just unsubscribed from the Obama donation emails as well – perhaps Rick Warren and his clan want to give up some of that tax exempt money his “church” is taking in. I agree, why is religion such an important part of a national event – it has no place in the public square.

    Maybe Rick and Company want to host a “prayer breakfast” for their moral foot soldiers

  14. Darren says

    Well, he’s not stupid. He’s proven that in debate and outmaneuvering his political opponents.

    He is however either extremely clueless of the message this sends to the LGBT community or he’s doing it to throw a bone to the evangelical conservatives.

    Either way, there are thousands of other people of the cloth he could have chosen who don’t have quite as divisive a history or tone in their religious dogma than this Tartuffian popinjay that he chose.

    Should there be discourse.. sure. Should there be opposing vies… sure.

    And when Mr. Obama practices what he says by inviting, oh say, a Grand Dragon of the KKK to speak at his inauguration, then we’ll know he means it.

    Until then, no pass from me unless major LGBT rights legislation is drafted, approved, passed, AND signed in the next 4 years.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    There are some Black Americans who are disappointed in the political direction of the in-coming Obama Administration–too centrist/too pro-status quo. Also, Rick Warren’s conservative politics are like those of the KKK to many Black Americans; but most of us are not ready to foreshadow four years of betrayal by the new President because Warren’s a right-wing Christian fundamentalist.

    And compared to any other Democrat you could have gotten into the White House, Barack Obama has been a “fierce advocate” of gay peoples’ civil rights. McCain & Palin didn’t even want to mention our existence.

    Why don’t y’all wait until he’s been in office before you gather together your impeachment forces? (a few of you would prefer to use a lynch mob).

  16. says


    What more do you need from Rick Warren to tell us? He’s already stated in several interviews that can be found on YouTube that he likens homosexuality to pedophilia and incest. I think that alone speaks volumes.

    The reason for the outrage is because we know exactly what Rick Warren is about. People are not pouting here they are expressing their outrage and sadness and from that hopefully there will be action. “Pouting or sitting on the sidelines” would not be voicing any opinion at all and accepting this as is.

    And also “working with the opposition to get things done” worked so beautifully in the past. That old school thought is precisely why organizations like HRC, EQCA, GLAAD, and a host of others have seen a significant drop in donations.

  17. John M says

    Difference of opinions my ass, this is a person actively trying to strip of our rights, dignity and perpetuating a culture of homophobia that costs us our livelihoods, safety and even our lives, you might as well allow a KKK member to speak at the inauguration as well.

    I am absolutely disgusted by this move by Obama, I was afraid he was going to show his true colors after getting our votes and he’s doing it now before he is even in office. This speech just made things a hundred times worse.

  18. Roma says

    Wow, Obama is really losing me, which I didn’t think possible. I’m outraged by this move. I recall President Clinton being known for having (poet) Maya Angelou at his inauguration — Obama wants to be known for (pastor) Rick Warren? It’s sick.

  19. Dylan says

    Stop whining people. Nobody cares he has appointed openly gay people to his cabinet and transition teams…… just that he let somebody whos a social conservative speak at his inauguration…forget hes a champion of other social issues.

  20. Rowan says

    @ Derrick from Philly…

    But…OR did you know he would do this? You seem pretty chilled about it all?

    To me he reminds me of Tony Blair and although Blair wasn’t that, THAT bad…he was still not great and an egosit..

    I hate to say it and I’ve been a staunch idealistic supporter but this is a really, really poor choice. Why? Because it smells of politics.

  21. Jay says

    Meh. He’s a politician and wants to appear a centrist. It’s a strategy. Meanwhile., Rick Warren can tell his flock that he has the President’s ear and will try and get the Lord to change his heart. Then he’ll condemn him when Obama makes one too many liberal decisions. Same same same.

  22. Shan says

    I love all the racist and hateful comments. Things have really not changed amongst the white gay community have they?
    Does it matter to anyone that Rev. Joseph Lowery is giving the final benediction? He supports gay marriage and equal right.
    Maybe we should have Palin’s Pastor from the Wasilla Bible Church who is organizing a De-gaying convention this week?

  23. Dennis says

    I think America voted for someone who would try to make peace, who would try to reach out, who would get rid of the “us vs. them” mentality.

    That is what we have.

    He is reaching out to people who disagree with him, reassuring them that he considers them part of America as well, even if he finds their beliefs and their actions unacceptable. And that means giving him a prominent position not just giving them token representation–just like others used to treat Gay Americans.

    It is amazing to me how many people’s reactions to this come down to “you’re either with us or against us.” Didn’t we criticize the last president for taking that very same approach?

    Many people feel that we have suffered enough, but I applaud Obama for the sentiment.

  24. Buster says

    It was just a matter of time.

    Obama is going to be a better president than Bush. But he has never given any indication that he is going to be a particularly strong president for LGTB rights. As with Clinton and most other Democrats, his campaign could comfortably take the LGTB vote (and money) for granted. It’s a triangulation issue — as long as the only other option is the right-wing Republican party, Democrats don’t have to pay more than lip-service to LGTB issues and can walk over us when they want to please other, more fickle voters.

    What I’m afraid of is that until the Greens or some other libertarian group works its way into being a truly viable national party, this is the lot we are left with.

  25. says

    I have said before that I got into politics as a Hillary Clinton supporter. I changed support to Obama after the travesty of the roll call vote in Denver. I felt Hillary sold us out by not allowing the vote to be counted honestly.

    I have worked my ass off for “That One” since leaving Denver. So much so that when he won I got hundreds of calls, texts. and emails congratulating ME on my hard work. While flattering I never thought it was about me. But nice compliments all the same.

    Now this bitch done gone and given a worldwide audience to someone who does everything possible to keep me down all the while smiling all nice into the cameras.

    I am sickened.

    I said during the primaries that there was NO way a black man from Chicago got as far as That One did without being just the same as it ever was. Now, we see I was dreadfully correct in my observation.

    Look around at the boneheaded decisions of the last few days. Caroline Fucking Kennedy to take over Hillary Clintons senate seat!?! What a slap in the face after the way the Kennedys fucked Hill!

    And now this shit.

    Like the way blacks have been treated by the Dems for years, the gays are now in for the same “where are you going to go?” treatment.

    You can bet That One and his imbecilic emails begging for money and time will start up again in two years. We will always be good enough to send him our money, we might even get a few positions in his lower levels, but, we will NEVER be equals at That Ones’ table.

    Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

  26. Brandon says

    It’s like having a member of the Klan speak? Hmm. I thought the Klan was engaged in acts of violence and physical intimidation against minorities. Is Rick Warren doing that?

    Would I have picked Warren? NO!

    But, I am surprised at the hubris of so many gay white men who are consistently ready to tell me (and other black people) what we would feel if x happened. You don’t have any damn idea what “we” feel. Anger that Warren is speaking: fine. You feel betrayed by Obama: fine. But, please let’s just leave it at that and STOP with the racial analogies.

  27. Leland Frances says

    Jeffrey, the best I can say about you is that you’re a mongoloid, but that would insult people who have no control over their retardation.

    Professional pulpit gay bashers like Warren don’t give a flying fuck about “who we are and what we’re about.” Phyllis Schlafly has a gay son and she is still one of the most viscious homohaters in America.

    So was Pete Knight who had both a gay son and a gay brother and still created CA Prop 22, the precursor to Prop H8TE which, since he’s now dead, his widow, the MOTHER of a gay son, the sister-in-law of a gay man, helped pass H8TE.

    Dr. Charles Socarides sired a proud gay son who worked in the Clinton administration, but that didn’t stop Daddy Dearest from continue to promote his hideous antigay psychiatric theories that helped convince thousands of shrinks over the years from treating their gay patients like psychopathic scum, encouraging their guilt, subjecting them to electroshock “therapy.”

    You might not of heard of these famous examples but WHAT do we need to “learn” about the Warrens, Schaflys, Knights, Socarides of the world? Are you from another planet or did you just come out of a post natal coma?

    Brother Derek, we’ve both been knocked around too many blocks not to be able to read the writing on these walls. At least Clinton waited until after he was sworn in to start screwing us.

    But, yes, he still did some good things. But O’s campaign was ALL about being better, being different, “getting it” viscerally, CHANGE.

    Well, what has changed? Dig out transcript of Obama defending campaigning with Donnie “Gays Are Out to Kill Our Children” McClurkin. Erase McClurkin’s name. Insert Rick “gay marriage is the moral equivalent of incest and pedophilia.”

    Yes, O may still do some pro gay things. And, OF COURSE, Barry’s gonna use the G-word in his speech…after bowing his head for Warren. But he is STILL signaling that the teaching and preaching of homohatred is not serious, not an offense to his Christ, not as important as teaching and preaching racism.

    “A glooming peace this morning with it brings. The sun for sorrow will not show his head.” Hope for gay Americans has been smothered in its cradle.

  28. Bruce Monroe says

    I think it would be great for those who will brave the crowds at the inauguration to simply turn their backs during the invocation and deliver a good, old fashioned shunning — something the Pastor will surely recognize. No signs, no shouts and very visually effective! Pass it on!

  29. DONOVAN says

    Wow, what a nice cop-out! It’s just what every gay boy wants for Chrismakkah.

    Congrats Andy, I’m glad to see your bias in favor of him the entire primary/election has finally paid off…?

  30. Leland Frances says

    White Me won’t tell a man of color like you, Brandon, how to feel, how to think about comparing racism with homohatred.

    BUT two great late gay AND black men would:

    Mel Boozer, addressing the DNC Convention years ago said, in short, that he had been called both “nigger” and “faggot” and there was NO DIFFERENCE.

    Civil rights giant Bayard Rustin told a meeting of Black & White Men Together over 20 yrs. ago that “Blacks are no longer the litmus test” of equality; that “Gays are the new “niggers.” That there are laws in place meant to protect blacks where few exist for gays. That there was, by then, a social barrier to politicians and others saying racist things if they expected to be elected, respected, but that anyone could say whatever hideous thing they wanted about gays and get away with it.

    Obama just proved his point.

  31. Eric says

    Obama is trying too hard to please EVERYONE. He keeps nominating Republicans and palling out with right wing evangelicals while at the same time trying to have a progressive administration.

    When he gets voted out of office in four years, he’ll realize it is impossible to please everyone.

  32. Leland Frances says

    Great idea, Bruce….in a different, much smaller situation. There will probably be over a million people in front of the inaugural platform and 90% of them will already be standing and too close together for any TV camera to measure such a shunning unless everyone who did it simultaneousl raised a huge rainbow flag or the like.

    But I do encourage demonstrations during the parade, that the LGBT band BOYCOTT the parade now, and that LGBT groups cancel any plans for a celebration.

    Paging Join the Impact. Red Emergency Phone. Paging Join the Impact.

  33. Eric says

    In regards to all these accusations of racism, why is it that posters such as Brandon and Derek simply assume that the posters who disagree with them are white?

  34. Craig says

    I just saw his response on MSNBC after listening to a liberal talk show host trying to smooth over feelings after a very passionate gay caller on this very topic. Neither was terribly convincing.

    We’ve got four years to decide, he’s got the same period to prove himself. It’s definitely time to send the message by removing ourselves from donor lists for a while. Better than McCain, sure, but this is not a good omen.

    I really don’t understand the Democratic party. If you’ve loyally supported them, be it us, African Americans, Hispanics, labor, you don’t get much tangible in the way of rewards. But, hey, this boob invites Obama to his church, and viola, hey, give the invocation at my inaugural? Huh?

    Is someone from HRC speaking? Labor? African Americans? Hispanics? Anyone that votes consistently for years?

    That was a pretty low key fierceness there supporting lgbt rights. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to live it and do it.

    From a political standpoint, why? After the scandal in Illinois, is THIS what you want on the TV instead of policies and appointments? Bill Clinton talked a good talk too, and look where we are with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, DOMA, and ENDA. Not good at all.

    “Nothing opens the closed mind of a [politician] like the sound of a purse closing tightly shut.” — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

  35. Las Vegas says

    I thought I would to wait till at least 6 months into his adminstration to say this…

    “I told you so”

    Many people on here bashed anyone who questioned Obama during the campaign, got us booted from Towleroad as republican toads, and reviled us for speaking our minds that Obama was not what he appeared to be. Congratualtions to all of you who blindly followed Obama no matter what withough question or pause you are now going to get what you deserve and the rest of us will pay the price for you blindness and arrogance.

    The GLBT community has no one to blame but themselves for once again allowing a Democratic Presidential candidate to merely acknowledge them on the campaign trail, take their money, and appoint a few tokens to the administration to lower level positions to show that they are “gay friendly”.

    Once again congratulations to all you sheeple for electing the “change and hope” we all deserve…whatever the hell that means since no one bothered to ask him.

  36. Leland Frances says

    Here’s another idea. I know that many of you, as I did, donated money to the Obama campaign.

    Don’t just ask them to unsubscribe you from their continuing pitches for money, their premature pats on their own backs for whatever.

    Write them now and DEMAND A REFUND. Seriously! And I seriously understand that we won’t get one. BUT it will tell them how many of us are PISSED, feel BETRAYED, and will NOT be donating to support his run for reelection in 2012.

    Or you can call their toll free number: 877-336-7200.

    Trust me! Money talks louder in politics than anywhere else.

  37. Brandon says

    Leland: does your post have a point? I mean other than getting use the n-word twice.

    Assuming the quotes are accurate, Boozer said epithets hurt. I agree. Rustin says blacks aren’t the litmus test for equality. I agree.

    From the evidence that you cite, neither man contracts my points which were: (a) you aren’t in a position to know what or how I would feel if the positions were “reversed” and (b) comparing Warren to a Klansman is not a precise comparison.

    If you want to rage against his selection, you are welcome to do it, but I think that this can be done without making the gay=black analogy which I do not think is helpful.

    Gay does not equal black. Gay does not equal trans. Black does not equal trans. But, gay, black, trans, people all deserve liberation. Can’t we just call Obama out on the selection and leave it at that without playing the what if game?

  38. John says

    No, it is NOT well known that he is a fierce advocate for the GLBT community. At least with Bush we knew what we got. With Obama, we may have had suspicions. We now know that he is not an advocate at all. He is willing to do us harm to advance his own personal agenda. He is no friend to our community!

  39. Sam says

    So Mr. Obama, can we expect to see a member of the KKK speaking on the platform with you, too? After all, you seem to want to include everyone, regardless of their beliefs. So where is the racist preacher? Where’s the anti-Semitic preacher? Hell, why didn’t you invite Fred Phelps to speak! He hates everyone!

    It’s a line of bullshit, but you don’t need to worry…people will buy it. After all, how can GAYS – of all people – protest inclusion, right?

    And for those of you removing yourselves from the Obama email list…that’s great, but it will really only make an impact if you actually donated money in the first place (which I’m sure some of you did, so don’t jump on me). If not, what are they losing? I’m just saying…

  40. sNOWINlASVEGAS says

    SHITTING ON GAYS and Warren’s hate speech is acceptable and commendable by Obama

    No racist, anti-semitic or anti-ethnic PASTOR is invited — so why is it okay for an anti-gay bigot to be invited.

    This is a slap in the face and a huge insult
    to a huge voting/spedning power

    the gays

  41. CCasey says


    Analogy: a form of reasoning in which one thing is inferred to be similar to another thing in a certain respect, on the basis of the known similarity between the things in other respects.

    Of course “gay does not equal black.” Nevertheless there are useful analogies to be drawn between the black and gay struggles for civil rights. To say otherwise is just silly.

  42. another matt says

    Waaaaaaaaah! My precious Barry did something I don’t agree with! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My precious Barry is trampling on my rights! Waaaaaaaah! I want my precious Barry to give me my donations back! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Why doesn’t he invite the KKK?! Waaaaaaaaaah! My precious Barry is acutally a politician!

    Boo f’ing hoo.

    Grow up and stop being so one-dimensional. So Barry invited some douche to say some prayer that only some mouth-breathers in Kansas are going to pay attention to. Big deal. It’s politics, and he’s smart to reach out to someone who thinks so differently than he does on many issues.

    There’s a big, big world out there, and a lot of other issues besides California gay marriages. Get some perspective and realize how much things have changed in the past 50 years for gays, and you’ll realize that things are moving in the right direction and the momentum we have is going to be sustained much easily under Obama than it would be under McCain.

  43. Jimmyboyo says


    “he has appointed openly gay people to his cabinet ”

    NO he hasn’t.

    Lesbian Mary Beth Maxwell isn’t getting labor.

    Per MSNBC today anti-choice and very vocal anti-gay marriage Rep Solis is getting sec of Labor. which also screws over unions since they loved and wanted Lesbian Maxwell

    dude, I was one of the original Obama supporters on this site from back in the beginning of the primaries.

    I’m pissed and disappointed. My only condolence is that this bull shit is better than we would have gotten under mccain/palin

  44. Mark says


    I actually thought we’d have to wait a year or so…this has to be some sort of land-speed record for disappointment–but NOTHING that Obama said or did indicated he would do other than to this to us. Oh sure, his woman loves to party with us and have us call her girlfriend or whatever hot mess crap that’s about, but he was praise banding with Donnie McClurkin and talking about our civil rights as being floor or ceiling, depending upon where we lived. I thought he was despicable, but he’s not a liar–the worst was all the queers on the net saying “it’s the best we can get” and “maybe we want too much” in the best pussy Stockholm Syndrome voice imaginable.

    Eat it kids. He’s serving it cold.

  45. Jimmyboyo says



    Love by the unions and out proud lesbian Maxwell is out and anti-gay anti choice Solis is sec of labor

    Maybe Dylan was also refering to Napolitano?? She is NOT out as a lesbian

  46. Derrick from Philly says

    ” thought I would to wait till at least 6 months into his adminstration to say this…

    ‘I told you so'”

    Oh, yeah, well you also said that Barack was going to loose the election. What happened to that “I told you so?”

    Go shovel some snow, man

    Y’all act like Barack and Warren just ordered the execution of all homos in the United States.

    It’s an invocaton–a prayer. The symbolism of Warren on that stage only means something to those who know and care who he is. THat’s the idea.

  47. Giovanni says

    While I don’t think it is possible to make everyone happy – sooner or later Obama will have to choose sides – it’s probably a good idea to let the evangelicals have their moment before the real war begins.

    Btw am I the only one who is thrilled to see Joseph Lowery, and all that he represents, give the final benediction?

    Dunno,maybe you have to be a POC to recognize the glory of it all. Come Jan 20 it will be his prayer that moves the country forward by gently reminding us of where we once were.

  48. el polacko says

    so someone who thinks a large percentage of citizens are inherently immoral and, therefore, do not deserve equal treatment under the law is just expressing a ‘diverse’ opinion ?! looks like the gay community got bamboozled just like everybody else who voted for The One.

  49. Nick says

    Who, one day after the inauguration, will even remember what Rick Warren said?

    You guys give gays a bad name. Nothing but a bunch of hysterical drama queens.

    Giovanni, they’ve been to busy losing their shit to even notice Joseph Lowery. Not that they’d notice him in any event, but…

  50. Derrick from Philly says

    Yeah, Jimmy, I just read about the pick of Solis for Secretary of Labor.

    I’m disappointed a very qualified and popular gay woman was not chosen, but I Congresswoman Solis is a Latina, and that’s good. But there should have been atleast one openly gay member of the cabinet.

    It’s a shame. Many Americans do not see the importance of an “openly gay” presence. They’ll look at Secretary Napolitano (or former Attorney Gen. Janet Reno) and say, “what are y’all complaining about?”

  51. Ed says

    From a coldly political viewpoint does Rick Warren’s presence on that stage really communicate Obama’s view on LGBT things. Probably not (except that he doesn’t really understand what it is like to walk a mile in our shoes yet).

    But I will tell you why I Rick Warren bothers me. Maybe it is just me and I’m reading about it more but it seems like anti-gay violence is rising and bashings are increasing. At one point I was tempted to start counting the stories here on Towleroad but I figured it would be just too depressing.

    Rick Warren’s words give spiritual cover to those who engage in violence. They are doing God’s work and trampling out those who he has connected with the strongest taboos in society: pedophilia, incest, bestiality.

    Obama in turn has given those words tacit approval by allowing their author to appear on bully pulpit of the President’s platform.

    If Obama is as smart as is thought then he has connected the dots. He knows the impact of Warren’s words. He knows the impact of approving them.

  52. Dback says

    I knew Obama was good at basktetball; I didn’t know he could tap dance like this as well. (Don’t misread that statement.)

    If he actually nominates that gay guy for secretary of the navy, I’ll feel a little less grumpy about the Warren thing.

  53. says

    Yes, I know, Pastor Rick Warren is there to support President Obama,
    not the other way around. But, why choose someone so divisive? Why
    pander to those who oppose what Obama stands for? This country
    needs spiritual inspiration… not a religious slap in the face!

    In the USA, all religious groups have the “Constitutional Right” to
    determine their own individual belief systems and regulate their
    members. Evangelical and Fundamentalist religious groups specifically
    exclude and denounce gay marriage, abortion rights and their
    supporters. However, many other religious groups do not share the
    same beliefs and support gay marriage and abortion rights.

    Hmmm… Should government mandate and enforce the belief system
    of specific religious groups? Should government honor the belief
    systems of all religious groups?

    Let us hope, this bold move will serve to unite the country on our areas
    of agreement, such as jobs, education and health care.

  54. says

    The apologists are the WORST, if we Let Obama think theres no real consequence for stepping all over us gays, Why wouldn’t he do it again when he needed to eh? Think about it, Obama screwed us with this pick. There are even evangelican preachers out there who oppose gay marriage, that’s fine, but that NEVER compared it to incest and actually show respect while disagreeing unlike Warren. Sickening, and probably a sign of yet another administration where we’ll be ignored. I’m starting to think we won’t get full rights in my lifetime and its probably the most depressing thought i’ve had in years.

  55. Markl says

    Obama and team gladly took our money and our support and served up the obligatory “all Americans” lip service. Obama doesn’t support gay marriage, said very little about prop 8, and now asks Rick Warren to join him on the inauguration stage. Why is anyone surprised?

    Is Obama more of a friend to the LGBT community than Bush or McCain? Of course. Is he a true ally to the LGBT community. It’s obvious that he’s not. If prop 8 taught us anything, it’s that we have to stop asking for respect and rights, and start demanding them. We are going to have to push Obama just as hard as we would have had to push McCain/Palin.

  56. says

    I agree that it’s just an invocation, and that people shouldn’t care about it. But they do. It’s symbolic, and symbolism means something. It speaks volumes about how Mr. Obama thinks about these issues. Asking Rick Warren to open the inauguration shows me that Mr. Obama and I have a fundamental difference in our world-view. I think that when it comes to recognition of equal civil and human rights, there is absolutely no room for discussion, debate, or variability. We are either equal, or we are not. “=” means the same thing in any language. We can agree to disagree on personal religious and moral issues, but when it comes to civil and human rights there is no discussion. Sorry if that makes me intractable… I know some will say I am. I am just steadfast in my assertion that we are all deserving of equal rights, and no amount of rhetoric on Obama’s part will change that. Having someone tell me that he’s “a fierce advocate for gay and lesbian issues” does not make it so… it is ACTION in the face of vocal opposition that characterizes a man’s mettle. And so far, which is admittedly a very short distance, Mr. Obama has not inspired confidence in me. And doing this right after the Prop 8 business really does rub salt into the wound. And this is coming from someone who campaigned for him, supported him, donated to his campaign, and voted for him.

    I have to say that I’m disappointed and more than a little worried, and will look forward to Mr. Obama’s presidency with much more trepidation than I expected when I filled in that little oval in the ballot box.

  57. Leland Frances says

    Joseph Lowery IS a great man. I hosted him for a conference long ago and his humanity and eloquence are second to none.

    But, try O Trolls, TRY to look at the larger picture: Insult to Jesus Warren opening the event with his prayer and Jesuslike Lowery closing it symbolizes to everyone watching that in O’s mind THEY are equals.

    They are NOT…anymore than Matthew Shepard or Gwen Araujo and the men who murdered them are.

    Call Obama Inc. at toll free 877-336-7200 and DEMAND A REFUND of whatever you donated during the campaign. Send the fucking t-shirts back. Over my desk at work is now an Obama-Biden sign torn in two and upside down!

    Seriously! And I seriously understand that we won’t get one. BUT it will tell them how many of us are PISSED, feel BETRAYED, and will NOT be donating to support his run for reelection in 2012.

    Trust me! Money talks louder in politics than anywhere else and it’s clear NOW that only we gay cash cows going dry will heal tone deaf Obama’s hearing.

  58. says

    Why are we expecting a “second coming” messiah type ? Anything we have ever got has been by by blood, sweat and tears…..Stonewall taught us that, Act Up knew that. We will fight for absolute equality, nothing less.

  59. Eric says


    Sure, we have come a long way in the last 50 years, and maybe you are okay with still be denied your rights. But don’t piss on the rest of us who recognize that we should not have to wait for our rights.

    You can go ahead and bow down to the heterosexist norm and try to tell us to stay in our places. That’s what they want. They look at us and say “Stay in your place or we’ll take what we’ve given you away.”

    Well, this faggot isn’t gonna let our politicians walk all over us. It’s great that we’ve come a long way, but we’ve still got a long way to go. And that change must start now.

  60. Brandon says

    ccasey: I appreciate your comment. I understand the definition of analogy which is why I am concerned about the imprecise gay=black analogy. You may leave behind those that may otherwise agree with you or distract them from the core issue.

    You tell me that Warren is a terrible choice and has said hateful things. I’m with you. You show the video of his comments. I’m with you. You tell me it’s the same as picking a KKK member, I start thinking about the accuracy of that analogy. Is advocating violence and burning crosses in the same league as Warren’s comments about gay marriage? If I say no, does that help or hinder my antipathy about his invitation? Is it helpful to invite comparisons about struggles given the historical differences between the American black and gay liberation struggles? I don’t think so.

    There have been a number of analogies about a ban on interracial marriage being analogous to a ban on gay marriage. Most African Americans date other African Americans. Most white people date other white people. I think if you tell the average black person that you’re going to take away their “rights” to date white people, they’d say “whatever” because most don’t date white people anyway. (As someone that HAS dated white guys– among others– the right to date outside my race is not a core issue for me.) HOWEVER, if you say to a black person, I’ll take your rights away to marry black people, i.e., each other, that’s a different framework and a different discussion. Being against gay marriage is, to me, much more akin to that. That argument RESONATES.

    We see strong, documented African American support for hate crime legislation and ENDA which equals and/or surpasses “white” levels of support. I think many African Americans can see the analogy there. You understand Klan style lynching and can readily understand the importance of federal law because states won’t act when you are attacked.

    Bottom line: you cannot make compelling arguments and move public opinion without taking into account your audience and coming up with analogies that resonate with them.

  61. SFshawn says

    “I am a fierce advocate for Gay and Lesbian Americans”. Gavin Newsom is a fierce advocate. Mark Leno is a fierce advocate. Harvey Milk was a fierce advocate. Obama is a fierce advocate for Obama and good luck with that one Mr. Prez. He has ALREADY proven through his ACTIONS and his decision making that he will pretend to tolerate/placate/feign interest in GLBT folks but that is it! Fuck Obama and his lip service. He’s obviously a good cocksucker since his lips are so tightly wrapped around Rick Warren’s tiny dick he can’t see how incredibly wrong this is on so many levels. Definitely will not be watching him get sworn in. Disappointing but not surprising. I knew years ago when he wouldn’t get photographed with Mayor Newsom that he wasn’t sincerely for equal rights for LGBT folks and he’s just proving what I already suspected. The good news is that considering he has consistently disappointed GLBT folks since being elected Prez in November I won’t expect anything but a few crumbs thrown our way over the next few years to pretend his administration really “cares” about equality for ALL americans! Oh well.

  62. says

    I’m very disappointed in this decision, which I think is stupid and self-defeating and unnecessarily inclusive considering civil rights is NOT an issue on which good people can disagree. For now, it’s totally killed my interest in the inauguration.

    But for the people screaming that he’s sold us out, he’s just like the rest, etc., why don’t you wait until he’s had some time in office to see if he is an effective LGBT advocate or not? This is in no way a defining moment.

    I think the people jumping the gun to throw out the baby with the bathwater are just never going to be happy with anything he does, even when he gets things right.

  63. Ian Jehle says

    I don’t think straight folks out there realize how humiliating Obama’s selection of Rev. Warren is to us. You have to understand, no matter how much has changed in the last 20 years, we are still excluded from vast sections of American life (military service, marriage, raising kids, political office, professional sports.) Not the least of these is religious life. Religious leaders, including Rev. Warren, consistantly cite us as an example of the moral decline of the country. Whether you believe that’s true or not, imagine for a moment what it feels like to know that millions of people think of you as the embodiment of what’s wrong. Now imagine what it would feel like to have someone who holds those beliefs stand in front of the nation and invoke his God to come down and bless to the new president.

    Sure, there are a list of laws that most of us would like to see changed, but more than anything, what I would love to hear from the president is that we as a country are blessed to have you gay folks amoung us. You are part or this country and you will always be welcome here. I won’t be hearing that as part of any celebration involving Rev. Warren.

  64. Wayne says

    It’s called extreme buyer’s remorse! Hillary never would’ve let this happen with her innaugural. The Clintons had Maya Angelou speak at thiers, and Obama has this bigot. Sad.

  65. Disgusted American says

    while Im disappointed at this Warren crap….I have faith in Obama….tho I wonder IF he’d allow a anti-black,or anti-Jew person to speak…since ALL points of views are to be represented? hmmmmm

  66. CCasey says


    Thanks for your reasoned response. I can’t say that I agree that there are such marked differences between having a KKK member and Rick Warren speaking, but I do agree that the mental image of a KKK member is one of violence and intolerance, whereas that of Rick Warren is merely one of intolerance (that tends to incite violence).

    The point of any such analogy is to highlight the fact that it is no longer socially acceptable to be overtly racist (or anti-semitic, etc.) in the same way that it is to be overtly homophobic. To my mind, it is very important to shift the social norms to make homophobia socially unacceptable, and Obama inviting this man to his inaugural table is antithetical to that goal.

    However, I think that perhaps this is a situation in which you and I can “disagree without being disagreeable.”

  67. Jeff says

    Though I may disagree with Rick Warren and his views President elect Obama has every right to invite whom he chooses. Not every person on his team will agree nor will any of us agree. But the thing is that he is willing to work with differences and many in the LGBT community need to quit whinning and bitching and wait to see what happens. If nothing really changes in a year then time to act.

    Fact is many people do not agree with gay men and women and nothing we can say or do will change that. Just as I know that some people do not like blacks, negroes, coloreds just because.

    I believe that during Obama’ presidency “don’t ask, don’t tell” will be eliminated as well we will see an EDMA type bill in force, we will see civil unions being the agreed upon way of marriage creating true equality (straight and gay) and if one chooses a wedding in a church so be it. With that will come full federal rights for all couples that are in a civil union. President elect Obama is for us let’s not bite the hand that will help us in the long haul.

  68. Derrick from Philly says

    “…you cannot make compelling arguments and move public opinion without taking into account your audience and coming up with analogies that resonate with them.”


    thanks for posting when the issue of race is raised on this blog. Your thoughtful comments can actually explain ideas and perspectives to people. I resort to cynicism. I’m grateful you speak up.

  69. Derrick from Philly says

    “To my mind, it is very important to shift the social norms to make homophobia socially unacceptable, and Obama inviting this man to his inaugural table is antithetical to that goal.”

    I have to admit, that’s a good & valid point, CCASEY.

    I want the inauguration over with now. Let’s get on with the country’s business…without an openly gay member of the cabinet, damn.

  70. ChrisDC says

    Can we organize a collective”BOO” during Warren’s invocation?Those who are there can meet up as a group to join their voices. For those who can’t be there in the audience of the inauguration, we can yell out our doors, windows, cars, etc.. We can call it, “The Boo Heard Around The World.”

    I wonder if anybody has ever been booed at a presidential inauguration? Would it be unlawful?

    I know it may seem like a silly idea, but I’ve been thinking about it all day, and it would be something easy that anyone, anywhere can participate. It will certainly be news and broacasted.


  71. Ed says

    >> President elect Obama is for us let’s not bite the hand that will help us in the long haul.<<

    Jeff, I agree that there is a good chance that many positive things may still happen under Obama’s administration.

    Obama’s the one that whacked this dog on the nose. A little barking and growling to let him know that this dog has teeth is not a bad thing.

  72. TRINIA says

    what i am not understanding is if we are allowed to have free speech why is it wrong for the pastor to speak on what he believes, and to be honest i don’t believe that he would use this as a chance to even speak on this topic.. this is about a man coming in to power to improve our goverment, yet we can’t even give him a chance to get in office before we start belittling him for a party that is meant to congratulate him on winning, look at the situation that we are in now.. millions of people are losing their jobs and homes but we are sitting worrying about a man that has nothing to do with making our country better all he is doing is speaking at a party, ok so he teaches to his congregation that the bible does not agree with same sex marriage, but we have always known that, there is a scripture in the bible in Romans that says god does not agree with homosexuality thats nothing new… if you really want change get out there and fight for it and stop being mad at a person for having a difference in opinions that they have a right to have.. we have a right not to agree with each other..

  73. Matt says

    Guys, this is unnecessary bitching on our part. I’m sure we’ve all seen Milk and its sparked a need to speak our minds more eloquently compared to what we’ve been doing but Obama never said he supported gay marriage but he does support gay rights. Stop shoving your own views down the man’s throat! Has it worked in the past? No. So calm down and stop acting like queens. The world will go on.

  74. my2cents says

    With one fell swoop, Obama has ignited a national conversation that will continue well beyond the inauguration. over the next several weeks of holiday gatherings, this will incite many conversations around many dinner tables in this country.

    the inauguration could easily become a great a “guess who’s coming to dinner” moment for the nation–my fingers are crossed that in the upcoming days there will be other participants announced that will lend perspective to this.

    are we as a country so jaded and disappointed by the previous administration that the next one is given up on before its even officially started?

  75. Ed says

    >>what i am not understanding is if we are allowed to have free speech why is it wrong for the pastor to speak on what he believes, and to be honest i don’t believe that he would use this as a chance to even speak on this topic..<<

    Trinia, if Obama had selected Rev John Hagee, I am sure that despite his spiritual credentials, more than a few Catholics would be up in arms about having the man who referred to them as the whore of babylon on stage.

    Gay marriage isn’t a topic. Rev. Warren’s doesn’t consider me a person but something evil like a purveyor of child rape and bestiality.

    I guess it just makes it hard to Obama’s vision of change with someone like Rick Warren spitting in my eye.

  76. says

    Trinia, lots of people, many Christians included, don’t give a shit what Romans says. Agreeing to disagree is fine with me, as long as we’re talking about things like budget appropriation, municipal zoning issues, etc. When it comes to equal civil and human rights for all Americans, “agreeing to disagree” is utterly unacceptable. Mr. Warren can say whatever he wants, but that doesn’t mean that his views are any less reprehensible.

    I’m sure you would feel differently if he had been equating YOUR marriage with pedophilia and bestiality.

  77. Bill Perdue says

    Derrick from Philly, you, nic, jimmyboyo and other unthinking Obamadolators and Democrats owe us an apology.

    You knowingly asked people to vote for a bigot like Obama. Obama made a deal with Warren, got introduced to a huge new mainly Euroamerican layer of bigots through his appearance at the southern baptist Saddleback cult center, and won the election while simultaneously torpedoing our right to same sex marriage in three states.

    Obama was elected by bigots and they own him.

    What you own is every fuck up and sell out he makes in the next 4-8 years. When GI’s, Palestinians and other muslims die it on your hands. When Obama panders to bigots and dismisses our agenda that belongs to you. And when the economy fails because Obama’s a lap dog for Wall Street that’s yours too.

  78. FunMe says

    If Obama does not remove the HOMOPHOBE religious bigot from the inaugaral, then we gays/lesbians should boycott his special day.

    Why is it that it is always straight men in power who continue to be insensitive to GLBT human rights?

    I’ve had it with these Democrats. This is EXACTLY why I did not give money to Obama. I helped get him elected, sure, but slowly but surely I will refuse to support with $$ any candidate who refuses to stand up for rights for all, including for GLBT people.

    This was a DISASTROUS move by Obama. Should he not remove the homophobe, then we gays should be protesting Obama.

    No On 8 rally people … when’s the next rally?

  79. TRINIA says


  80. SFshawn says

    Since President-Elect Obama didn’t appoint even one openly gay person to his Senior staff(21 Senior staff positions in the White House) and at this point with only 1 openly gay cabinet appointment(white house council on environmental quality). Gays are as invisible as ever. Thanks for the “change” Obama. It’s so exciting being included under the big tent!

  81. forreal says

    Jesus you vapid queens need to grow the fuck up and stop thinking as a monolith. You are all as evolved as a paper bag. I guess that is what happens when you are isolated within your gay ghettos

  82. forreal says

    Jesus you vapid queens need to grow the fuck up and stop thinking as a monolith. You are all as evolved as a paper bag. I guess that is what happens when you are isolated within your gay ghettos

  83. forreal says

    Jesus you vapid queens need to grow the fuck up and stop thinking as a monolith. You are all as evolved as a paper bag. I guess that is what happens when you are isolated within your gay ghettos

  84. forreal says

    Furthermore, most of you are just as bad – if not worse than the Mormons, African Amer. Churches, etc. That you are all SO vehemently against. Just as bigoted, narrow-minded, hysterical, and anal…….geez, get a Life
    Sorry for the multiple posts Andy – network issues.

  85. Eric says

    Trinia and ForReal,

    The two of you are completely missing the point and misrepresenting what has been said.

    Forreal, you clearly didn’t bother to read the comments if you think people here think and act as a monolith. The lively discussion proves otherwise.

    And Trinia, I don’t think people are saying that Rick Warren doesn’t have a right to say what he wants or believe what he believes. The point is that Obama is giving him a platform on which to speak. No one has a right to speak at the inauguration. That is a privilege given to people.

    Obama claims he supports GLBT rights, but he is giving a vehement anti-gay pastor a platform to speak.

    Obama’s words and actions just do not jibe with one another. We are expressing our disappointment in Obama because what he says and what he does are vastly different. Our problem is with Obama, not with Rick Warren (well it is too but that’s not the issue at hand).

  86. MCnNYC says

    OK lets “Say” Obama is a Fierce Advocate for “gay Rights”….he will do nothing about it.
    He will never get a bill to sign for DOMA (Mormon Sen Reid on 60 votes) all inclusive ENDA (see above minus the mormon comment)
    Whats left…oh right…Hate Crimes…that might make it…so YEAH TEAM!!
    And thank you for being such a “fierce advocate”!!!

    So you couldn’t give us a break on this Warren CRAP?
    You helped them pass Prop 8 with your own voice on robo and radio ads that Rick and his fellow churchmen supported.

  87. George says

    Differing opinions! Gosh! Let’s get some other folks up there invoking their “differing” opionion, hey Mr. Obama?

    How about a Neonazi? (Well, Rick is fairly close.) Or someone fromt he KKK. They can discuss their views on the African American, Latino, Asian, Jewish, Muslim experience. And on their love of Queers too, I’m sure.

    Maybe we can get some of those militia people. Or heck, why not drag Sarah Palin’s nasty, belligerent, psychotic vicious rude ass so he can show how very white he is! I mean, er…that he’s so even-keeled.

    What a steaming pile of shit. Fuck obama. He’s a two-faced lying hypocrite and we will have to fight him EVERY STEP of the way. Look at his dismal cabinet. Assholes like Larry Summers?

    No, this man is just another cheap, corporate loving, fundy pandering politician.

    And that all said? And it’s saying a lot less now–but he’s still better than the dismal horror of McSame/Palindrone.

  88. MP says

    I remember how this site and others promoted Obama over Clinton. Always praising Obama about change, never reflecting on his tenure in the Illinois legislature (voting present more than voting yea or nay on issues), and dismissing his advocacy & friendship with Reverand Wright. We actually have seen support of the gay community from the Clinton’s, but not Obama (just words). Clinton, literally, was the “b” word on this site and other gay sites. Now everyone can see that we got shat upon, just like Prop 8. The gay community continues to lose. Take another step back, lose a turn. The only satisfaction is we didn’t get McCain/Palin in office.

  89. Ed says

    This is so incredibly transparent. Sad truth is, this whole orchestration was probably brainstormed by a gay from his campaign. Obama gets the opportunity to clarify his support for the glbt community while simultaneously sacrificing and denigrating it.

    Boy he must think we’re as dumb as the rest of the country!!!

    I for one will not be fooled.

  90. John in CA says


    Obama sucks. But I doubt Clinton would be much of an improvement.

    She certainly wouldn’t have invited Rick Warren to her inauguration. But it has nothing to do with her respect for us. Hillary is – first and foremost – a staunch partisan. The thought of some fat Republican shill ruining her “special day” would be too much.

    However, if she could find a Democratic pastor who definitely voted for her (and happened to be anti-gay), I don’t think she’d give it a second thought.

  91. GregV says

    “Someone please introduce a referendum measure to have some state vote on interracial marriage. Just to prove a point.“

    There was a vote on interracial marriage in Alabama 8 years ago with the 2OOO Presidential Election. More than 4O% voted for it to be against the law. Conservative church leaders argued that interracial marriage was against Southern values.
    I don`t see what point this would prove. It`s obvious that exactly the same churches that fought against equality for blacks and for women are also against equality on gay issues. The great civil rights leaders have been onside for equality for everyone all along through each struggle.
    The ignorant masses have just barely come across the line on race issues and we should be doing our best to not let them slide back to the other side.

  92. GregV says

    Trinia, that clobber passage from Romans was written by PAUL, who was offering HIS opinion, and he did not mention same sex marriage or homosexual orientation anywhere in it. He described an orgy at a religious service that worshiped reptiles and birds. It has nothing to do with gay people or says anything about ANYONE`S modern day marriage (Maybe it says something about the marriages of the cult members who were using their snake dildos and bird statues for sexual gratification}.
    But all that aside, it really doesn`t seem appropriate for a free country to call on clergymen to make state sponsored religious pronouncements on political leaders. Even the Bible quotes Jesus saying that prayer should be a private act. (Matthew 6:5}, a fact that is ignored by those cafeteria Bible fanatics who want to have their prayers in the public squares.

  93. GregV says

    “It’s like having a member of the Klan speak? Hmm. I thought the Klan was engaged in acts of violence and physical intimidation against minorities.“

    Brandon, is that the Klan itself or misguided individual members (or is there a difference}? I`ve seen Klan members talking on TV, and it seems they make a case that “Oh, we`re not violent at all, every group has had some bad apples. We just know that whites were created superior and that the negro should not have been elevated to the same status we white men have in this country and blah, blah blah…“ Some Klan members would never actually touch you, they just don`t want you to be treated as an equal.
    But that kind of rhetoric, whether uttered by the Klan leaders against blacks or Jews or by Rick Warren against gays, dehumanizes the “other“ and then some of those “bad apples“ feel more justified transfering the dehumanization to more violent methods.

  94. Sense Please says

    1) Warren and Lowery ARE EQUALS – they are both human – the end. I hate Warren and I don’t like the choice but what bothers me more are all you bitter Hillary and “quick to classify black people” gays. You come in all colors.

    2) Lowery has the BENEDICTION – for all of us who remember terms of placement – THAT’S THE LAST WORD!


    I am not happy with the middle road adminisitration – although I do like the Holder and Hillary picks. But I mostly don’t like it b/c it’s not really really left. Just like the conservatives don’t like that LGBTs have input in the picks, whether they were LBGT picks are not.

    This is all about strategy and positioning. Stop looking for Obama to kiss your ass all day as if Hillary or McCain would have had made a rainbow White House – please.

    But for all you doubters and quasi-racists ready to pounce on Obama like some of you who love to drop the n-words as the “new blacks”, Obama is giving voice but not final word to Warren. Warren is there to voice our ignorant brothers and sisters while our man Lowery has the final word after an inclusive speech by Obama. If you wanna be base about it (and some of you definitely are) – that means Bigots 1 – Gays 2.

    3) Yes, let’s compare the black and gay civil rights movement – and I am a black gay man who is full on for marriage and see it coming with our work along with our officials, but mostly us.

    First off, it was called the Civil Rights movement so people wouldn’t just call it “black” & dismiss it, but so many white gays want to make sure they “replace” black struggle with soley “gay rights”. Equality is the lithmus test, cuz there will always be someone who is different and not equal and working to rid that is the test.

    Gay rights is gay rights is human rights is black rights is trans rights! Stop using stupid, monolithic, oversimplified terms like “the new blacks” – so stupid and unncessary – us Gays have a multicultural history that does not need to be justified by piggybacking – that’s not unity it’s lazy. Gay pride can be included without declaring another group “cleared of injustice”.

    MOst importantly, BLACK LEADERS KNEW WE’D HAVE TO LET THE OPPOSITION BE PRESENT AND KNEW THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO SPEAK. Yes I hate this uber religious jargon, BUT I know these people are going to still be speaking when our gay rights come through – it is inevitable.

    Stop acting like Warren is writing legislation for & with Obama – Obama is not going to sign off on any federal BS against us. Stop with the drama. I will be waiting to see if he pushes for DOMA’s repeal as he “suggested”, but that’s exactly how it will happen – we the people, our officials and our pocketbooks must get that Act repealed, making our marriage, American marriage – I cam see it happening and I am going to work for it, not sit here on Towleroad and bitch, mock Obama and then mope like you’re a lynch victim or one of the Birmingham 4. We could be talking to all our white, latino, asian, black, rich, poor Americans & politicians about equal rights laws. F some preacher who is only getting lipservice and then cancelled out by OUR TWO ALLIES.

    I hope this gay community of ours can get together and learn strategic politics to advance our causes, cuz THAT will never CHANGE.

    Hate me for saying this but we could stand to self-reflect and stop expecting that others who disagree with us or even fight against cannot have voice. This is not just civil rights, it is SOCIAL CIVIL WAR (a war black folks and gay folks have always known, and I have seen at our little gay parties when white gays mock black people and laugh, please) and there’s going to be discourse not to the liking of either groups – Obama’s job is to manage it and make sure it’s not out of control.

    You really wanna make some healthy comparisons between black and gay experiences, REALIZE THAT WHITE PRIVILEGE IS JUST THAT – FOR WHITES, NOT GAYS. If you’re both, then you have a great opportunity to see the real deal of the struggle = not just suffering as we have, but working to fix it. Not everything that happens to affect your life is deserving of a pat on the back all the time iN THE PICTURE.

    I don’t play TIT for TAT, cuz we ALL know that many a closeted and out gay person, from back when to right now, have acted purposefully commit hate crimes, to qwell the rights of blacks, latinos, whomever was not in their idea of America – so let’s cut the crap about how everyone, especially blacks hate gays – skin, just like sexuality is genetic and not cognative in base.

    That means people will think how they want regardless of who they love or their pigment.

    So when you access that idea that “how dare he!” remember in true minority fashion that you WILL have to work in the collective and you WILL have to stomach unpleasantries, black or white.

    Like MLK, Jr. told blacks that didn’t like all his decisions and who he met with – GET TO WORK.

    Thanks community – CHANGE doesn’t mean “MY WAY” it means “ANOTHER WAY.

  95. Delvos says

    Just because President Elect Obama is a minority DOES NOT mean that he is going to be the poster child for gay rights. The constant comparison between Black adversaries and Gay adversaries is unfounded because the histories and rights of the groups is completely different. Black civil rights and Gay civil rights are not on the same page and will never be. There are no moral issues (whether there should or should not be) against being Black and there are against being Gay. That’s just how it is. So, to expect the nation (and its President) to agree with being Gay or being a force for Gay issues is irrational because mankind will always stand for what it sees as moral or not. No one should be persecuted, but no one should be forced to stand up for something they do not fully believe in either.

  96. Sense Please says

    I totally agree, Delvos, while hating Warren’s ignorance all the way. I also want to reaffirm that we as Gays don’t need to be on the “same page” as black civil rights – it’s about a different approach for a different but EQUALLY IMPORTANT cause.

    PS Most politicians have no real qualm with gay marriage, it’s having the right platform.

    Focusing on Warren’s 5 minutes is a waste of time well spent on actual steps towards inclusion & our rights as Americans.

    Remember, blacks got to the table to LBJ for the Voter’s Act with not one single gay or ally in the administration, Barack has at least 2 department heads who are gay and an ally. Let’s get to work!

  97. David says

    I think it is completely heinous that so many people are so hateful and racist against Obama for this single decision. Yes, Rick Warren is homophobic and a terrible man. However, Obama is about to lead the ENTIRE nation. Not just gays. Regardless of who he picked, some group would have been pissed.

    It is wasted energy to be spending all your time yelling “FUCK OBAMA!” and complaining about what it’s like under the bus. If you don’t like what Obama’s doing, and you don’t think he’s been a fierce advocate, then get your ass out from “under the bus” and into the streets and let your damn voice be heard. But do not fight fire with fire because it gets us no where.

  98. CCasey says

    I do not believe anyone has exhibited any racism in this thread at all. It is ridiculous to suggest that it is racist to express anger with a decision Obama has made to give a homophobic religious leader a platform at his inauguration. The issue here is homophobia, not racism, and you self-righteous black gay apologists need to get a grip.

    To all of you who would suggest that we are whiners and that rather than complain we should “let [our] damn voice[s] be heard,” umm….what do you think complaining is? I am letting my voice be heard, with my pocketbook, and my refusal to support this decision.

  99. says

    As offensive as it is that Obama chose Warren to participate, it is way worse in an orchestration under a so-called umbrella of inclusiveness that Obama deemed Christianity was the default choice over all the other religions.
    Ultimately, there should be zero religious presence at the Inaugural, it is a state function.

  100. John in CA says

    Race was never a moral issue?

    Gee, then I guess all those white pastors from the 16th – 19th centuries wasted a whole lot of time saying Africans were the descendants of Ham. And thus, they were Biblically destined to live out their days as “a servant of servants.”

    Or that the Tower of Babel story was actually a divine warning against mixing the races.

    Or that missionaries had the duty to spread European values throughout the world because God commands it.

    Nope, no Christian morality there.

  101. GaryJ says

    Politics as usual, I think some people are going to be really disappointed when he does get into the office.

    But he was the better choice than that old dude and carzy chic…

  102. GregV says

    “There are no moral issues (whether there should or should not be) against being Black and there are against being Gay.”

    Of course there were, Delvos. Anyone who was involved in the Civil Rights struggle for blacks can see that the moral objections to race mixing and racial equality vs. the gay struggle (or the Jewish or the women’s struggle) are largely identical save making a switcheroo of a word or two.
    “God did not intend for the Negro to be on par with the white man. The story of Ham, Shem and Japeth shows that his divine plan is for the white man to preside over the inferior Negro forever. To allow the Negro into our white institutions is a slap in the face to the plan laid out in the Bible.”
    Okay, now switch the names to Adam and Eve and switch the word “negro” to “homosexual” and the word “white man” to “heterosexual.” Change “white institutions” to “heterosexual institutions” and, voila, it’s the same argument recycled.
    Abolitionists and later desegregationsists were considered immoral and anti_Christian every bit as much as are those who support equal rights for gay people, and generally by EXACTLY the same religious organizations in both cases.

  103. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, GARYJ:

    Your two sentences make more sense than what many of us have been ranting about over the last two days. I can log out and go home now. Thanks.

    Damn, it’s raining like a typhoon here…I think I’ll go throw myself under a bus.

  104. Krebin says

    Why do we keep comparing the gay equality movement with the civil rights movement?

    I’m black AND gay and I can tell you, feeling like you’re not worthy because of something you can’t help hurts no matter what the reason.

    When blacks were marching and sitting in and getting arrested for peacefully protesting, they did so because it was better than the alternative of sitting back and taking whatever white America gave them, in terms of equality under the law. Imagine being black and gay during that movement: You put your physical safety on the line trying to champion your right to be yourself and be treated the same as whites, then you come home to your black community where you have to hide who you are from your own people. It’s twice as bad, as far as I’m concerned, so quit acting as though gay people never went through all the struggles that black people did.

    The battle is the same: social conservatives fear all sorts of upheaval if a certain minority is given equal status under the law, and that’s why we liken gay equality to the civil rights movement.

    Stop being the angry black long enough to realize that civil rights didn’t suddenly stop with race. Gays can’t help who they are any more than black people can, and just because we can hide it doesn’t mean we should have to. Certainly, the fight over race was a harder one, with more violence and vitriol going around, but that doesn’t make the fight for gays any less important.

  105. Cynthia Spence says

    Okay—you can be mad. But DO NOT compare a man who calls you names to one who calls for the death of Black Americans. Warren is NOT the equivalent of the Grand Dragon of the KKK. He has not lynched you or terrorized you physically. I DO believe that President Obama will invite conversation from those who would deny black people equality through affirmative action. He will listen to them, get them to not fight him, and then do what he thinks is best anyway. Do you honestly believe you can get what you want by being divisive all the time? Get real. Black people have compromised throughout history to make small steps toward gaining equality, and how dare you minimize that? Read our history before you compare how you fight to how we have fought.

  106. Justin says

    As an Australian, it never ceases to amaze me how naive you Americans are in supportingn politicians. Blind Freddy could see that Obama doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the gay community. He even says that he doesn’t support gay marriage. So are we surpised? Not one iota. He is now trying to shore up his support with conservative Christians. You’d best move to a less bigoted country.

  107. Justin says

    Yeah, that’s right, Cynthia, your inequality as a black person is so much more worthy a cause than any other type of inequaility. Yeah, that would be right. That’s the other kind of bullshit we don’t have to put up with here in Australia.

  108. Cynthia Spence says

    Don’t be stupid, Justin. No one said one inequality is more worthy than another. Respond to what is written, not what you just feel like saying even though it has no connection. I talked about comparing your method of fighting for rights to our method of fighting for rights. Be logical. And, how do you know I am not in Australia anyhow?

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