1. chgohunt says

    And the disappointments keep mounting. Barack has been courting this man aggressively, despite the clear indications that he is no less onerous than other evangelicals. It is a reminder that we still know so little about our president and what he truly believes. I remain cautious and underwhelmed.

  2. chgohunt says

    And the disappointments keep mounting. Barack has been courting this man aggressively, despite the clear indications that he is no less onerous than other evangelicals. It is a reminder that we still know so little about our president and what he truly believes. I remain cautious and underwhelmed.

  3. Chris says

    You shouldn’t start a fight with such a big group of people at the first day. Of course, many of them have already fighting him.

    And this guy is really disgusting. (Lies about history of marriage, cites personal interview with God for his view etc.)

  4. Dan says

    EVERY(!) culture and EVERY(!) religion..!? Really? My intro to anthropology prof would speak against that – with counter example to boot.

    To solve this marriage boohaha, I propose this: “Marriage” should be deemed as a religious terminology. The religious right, evangelical/ fanatics – they can claim that term – take it, run with it.

    But, all state institutions should change the terminology to civil partnership (separation of church and state!)- so all current instances, where “marriage” is referred in the law, should now be call civil partnership. (e.g. Marriage License to Civil Partnership License; Boxes on form: Husband/Wives to Companion) So however this relationship consists of (hetero/homo) – it’s treated equally under the law.

    The point is – call or label the relationship whatever you want in private, among your friends, or shout it out off the mountain top. But legally speaking – no relationship like this would be discriminated. – No more using marriage as some kind of religious banner in the state institution.

    oh yeah – if we still want to protect marriages – ban divorces!

  5. Jack M says

    Warren pushes pablum-style Christianity and then follows it up with a shot of good old-fashioned hate. Let’s hope all the bluntly honest people Obama wants to surround himself with will have a chat with him about this guy.

  6. JeffRob says

    Oh boy, I can hear the panties bunching already.

    I have no problem with this. A religious leader is supposed to give the invocation.

    Also, this is America. And all of us, Dem and Rep, homophobic jesusfreak and proud out gay man, are Americans, and we should be able to come together to celebrate our new American President.

    So, there.

    Oh, boy.

  7. excy says

    Very disappointing choice….and a warning to those who strive for equal rights in the USA. Why in the world would Obama select a traditional conservative pastor for this symbolic duty? Why not someone more inclusive, accepting and modern? I just can’t understand this move and I think it is a grave error. Rise-up!

  8. SFshawn says

    Millions of so-called “religious leaders” in this country and they choose this asshole? Did GOD tell him that 2% of the population is gay or did he conclude that with his own fragile mind? Wake the fuck up Obama and your transition team.

  9. Michael says

    Religion has no place in politics. Why even have some crackpot preacher at the inauguration anyway? Obama is going to be much less of a disappointment than Bush, but disappointing nonetheless if this is the way he wants to start his career in the White House. His presence isn’t going to change much for us gays, and that’s the honest truth.

  10. Jimmyboyo says

    I’ll be preaching to the converted, BUT this asshat has some facts wrong

    – During the height of the Roman Empire gay marriage between men was allowed and it was during the long drawn out fall of Rome that it was specifically outlawed in the law by xtian emperors Constantius II and Constans.

    – legally binding pederast (older male with younger male)relationships were legal in ancient Greece and Japan till the xtian myth and its missionaries popped onto the scene

    – Homosexual marriage was practiced in ancient Egypt when it was a glorious power and is even depicted on the walls of burial tombs

    – etc etc etc

    History shows that most cultures pre xtian invasion accepted some sort of legally binding gay nuptial arrangement, and generally during their greatest achievements.

    Their falls generally coincide with the xtians showing up and turning against gays. Is there a correlation between the rise of homophobia = the fall of civilization?

  11. Mike_in_Lancaster says

    Scroll down further on the page folks…

    The benediction will be given by Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery.

    He’s definitely one of the good guys.

    See you in DC on January 20!

  12. Josh says

    I just fired off a letter to Dianne Feinstein, who has the honor of introducing this poor excuse of a spiritual leader on Obama’s big day. Maybe she can have a word with the Inaugural Planning Committee. This just stinks!

  13. says

    Why is anyone surprised at this? Obama himself is vocally against gay marriage. He has said this time and again.

    Get ready to be thrown under the bus, folks. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  14. Nick says

    Why is anyone shocked? Progressives knew all along that Obama was not their candidate of choice and he is certainly not a friend to progressive ideals, including equality for all. He will be no champion for gay rights whatsoever. Allowing this bigoted man to give the innvocation is a slap in the face to anyone who appreciates church/state separation and other tenets forward thinking people hold dear. It is profoundly disappointing.

  15. Dan says

    Can someone publish some email addresses about who to contact to voice my disgust with the choice.
    Idiotic choice – they could have picked an inclusive clergy member and it wouldn’t have been a big deal either way – the right would have expected that and not caused a fuss.
    Now even if every gay stands up against it they can’t disinvite this guy without causing a huge stink. Dumb dumb tranistion team person who called this shot!
    Horrible way for Obama to start his first day. So much for any hope of change I can believe in.
    Email addresses anyone? Thanks!

  16. says

    “There is no conflict here for Obama. Obama is anti-gay marriage and so is Warren.”

    Well, except Obama didn’t support Prop 8 and Warren did, so it’s not quite that simple. There’s no reason to believe that Obama shares Warren’s views on everything. Obama has made it a point not to surround himself with people who only think the way he does. That said, Warren is a poor and uncreative choice, one Obama deserves criticism for. Warren also looks way too much like the late and despicable Jerry Falwell for comfort. I’d have preferred Rev. Wright!

  17. realitythink says


    Very, very disappointing. Obama is really starting to piss me off and he isn’t even President yet. How can he put this hateful bastard on the podium with him?

  18. Jimmyboyo says

    Time to take it down a peg people


    “……..the decision to get involved with Saddleback was actually not Obama’s. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, run by the House and Senate, put together the program for the swearing-in ceremony. Congress, not Obama, invited Warren”

    Turns out the incoming president isn’t in charge of their own inaguration.

  19. Hank says

    We should really make waves about this; it’s unacceptable Remember Donny Mcclurkin, the hate-mongering “ex-gay” pastor/singer who was the MC and point man for an Obama campaign tour in the south?
    I think that in his heart Obama is not really a friend to the gays– he’s not going to be there for us. I voted for him because there were even bigger issues at stake, but we probably should not imagine that we will have an ally or advocate in the white house.

  20. Jimmyboyo says

    The milkman

    probably true, but does he even know yet?

    This is done by the comittee. We have better luck contacting Feinstein the comittee chair then getting through to the Obama transition team.

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, please. He’s inviting religious leaders of various political views to participate.

    Some of y’all need to be thrown over a damn bus….and a taxi too.

  22. Mark says

    Obama and his committee should invite Obama’s old father figure Rev Wright too.

    though, Wright’s “different beliefs” almost cost Barry O the election

    racist comments from pulpit = wrong

    homophobia and anti civil right comments from pulpit = perfectly acceptable and commendable by our new leader

    go fuck yerself Derrick from Philly
    you pussified bitch

  23. MAJeff says

    I remember sitting in my dorm room at Iowa State during Clinton’s first inaugural. ( Just a week later, I would become the first resident assistant at Iowa State to come out of the closet and live as openly gay in the residence halls.) I burst into tears during Maya Angelou’s reading of “On the Pulse of Morning,” when she read the lines about gay and straight being part of the nation together. After a dozen years of Reaganite rule, of the nation and administration telling us to “go die already,” I finally felt like we had an administration that would value us as humans and citizens. Of course, Bill threw us under the bus shortly after that, and several times, but he also was the first to include a White House LGBT liaison, introduced non-discrimination policies into Federal employment and the lot. But for once, I felt like a citizen.

    this action does feel like a slap in the face, particularly after this fuckwitted bigot came out so strongly in support of stripping us of our rights, lying throughout the process. Then again, with the efforts of Democratic leadership over the past couple of years to kiss up to evangelicals–driven on by non-progressive anti-choice authors like Jim Wallis and Amy Sullivan–it isn’t really surprising.

  24. John in CA says

    It feels strangely like the end of 1992, doesn’t it?

    An unpopular Bush is leaving the White House. There’s a young Democratic president taking office. Democrats control both houses of Congress by a wide margin. Lots of promises for renewal and change have been made.

    If this were a scripted event, we’d all know what’s supposed to happen next…

    (ominous music here)

    Now, I’m not saying that’s what the outcome will be. I’ll wait and see, as it is way too soon to make any definitive judgments. At this point, however, it seems like we’re entering into the “deja vu” period with these new / old Democrats.

  25. mike says


  26. Jeff Hall says

    For anyone outside of the state of CA, you will recive an autoreply from that says the following:

    Thank you for sending me your electronic mail message. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

    Because of the volume of e-mail that is received by my office, we can only respond to email that includes a California postal address. Please resend the text of your e-mail message, including your postal address, and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

    Should you need additional information about the Congress, or my offices in Washington and California, please visit my homepage on the World Wide Web. The address is

    Thank you again for contacting me, and I hope you will continue to do so in the future.


    Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senator

  27. mike says

    I think we should have a pro-gay religious representation at the inaug like Bishop Gene Robinson. The GLBT community includes religious people as well and it is time to show our true diversity and not allow the evangelicals frame the issues. Request Feistein to invite Robinson to give a religious blessing as well!

  28. Sam says

    The writing was on the wall when Obama allowed “ex-gay” Donny McClurkin to perform at those gospel events during his campaign. Obama didn’t respect gays then and he doesn’t respect gays now. Gays put on blinders and voted for him anyway, thinking he’d be different if elected. Why? If he treated gays like shit during the “romancing” stage – when he was trying to win us over – why do people think he’d treat us better AFTER he won the election??

  29. richard s says

    He could also have stated for the past 5000 or so years we have practiced genocide, almost continously. Does that make it right? or is it just the nature of the human beast.

  30. Tim says

    Are you still on Obama’s email list? UNSUBSCRIBE and encourage all your friends to as well.

    1. Open any email from the Obama campaign/website and scroll to the bottom.
    2. Click on “unsubscribe.” In the “reason” section type “Pastor Rick Warren” and paste the link to this article.

  31. Leland Frances says

    I am speechless AND enraged!

    Coincidentally, I have been reading David Mixner’s “Strangers Among Friends” which, among other things, details how homophobic the majority of those involved in Bill Clinton’s campaign and transition were, and wrote and did things in his name that clearly did not represent what he would have wanted [regardless of the ways he would later fail us himself].

    SO much of that time is being echoed by the approaching Obama regime, from making EXACTLY the same mistake Clinton’s people did re gays in the military: “trust us; it’ll be okay” and “I want to work with the Pentagon.”

    And now this. Ordinarily, I might be willing to believe that Obama is unaware of the TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE choice of Warren but after Wrightgate is there ANYONE with influence around him that isn’t still on hyperalert about the damage that can be caused by tuning out the extremes of religious “giants”?

    No, save for the gays, I don’t think ANYONE around O gives a damn about McClurkingate, which leads me to what ultimately troubles me about this: the fear that Obama’s hide will harden in response to condemnations fo this choice, too, and his stubborness will result in our witnessing him effectively annointing everything that Warren believes. And this time, O WILL be on the same stage. And do not fucking believe that O can veto whatever the hell he wants.

    Shameful, no matter how one looks at it, and a terrible sign for what is to come.

  32. says

    I think this hints at how SLOWLY we will progress (crawl) to equality during the next 30 years. Those under 40 may see FULL Equality within their lifetime; those over 40 are fucked. That’s why I’m 100% behind tax revolt and refusing to be fucked (legally).

  33. dennie says

    From Huffington Post

    But the part that people here seem to be missing is this:

    “I can’t read the transition team’s mind,” said one progressive religious figure, “but my guess here is that they’re crafting an inauguration meant to appeal to voters who voted against Obama as well as his supporters.”

    Indeed, lost in the hubbub about Warren, is the fact that the man tasked with overseeing the benediction is a icon within progressive politics. Rev. Joe Lowry, a hero of the civil rights movement and co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King famously called out President George W. Bush during Coretta Scott King’s funeral. He also is a supporter of same-sex marriage. But he is not garnering the same attention as Warren for his inauguration role.

  34. Eric says

    I’m proud to say that I did not vote for Obama.

    He does not support us. Despite all his promises, he has done nothing for us and continues to back away from his camapaign promises.

  35. John says

    I wondered how long it would take before Obama showed his true feeling for the GLBT community. Apparently not long at all. He is no friend and he never has been!

  36. John says

    I wondered how long it would take before Obama showed his true feeling for the GLBT community. Apparently not long at all. He is no friend and he never has been!

  37. jmg says

    “That said, Warren is a poor and uncreative choice, one Obama deserves criticism for.”

    Don’t kill yourself in your attempt to be measured in your criticism. What exactly is an “uncreative choice”? One that doesn’t have purple wings and a horn coming out of its head? How about “totally infuriating”????

  38. says

    You mean you weren’t proud to be a Racist for Obama, Kumbaya? How shocking! Of course the McCain/Palin inauguration would have been pro-gay start to finish. Go back to your racist’s den and stew in your own bitter, slimy juices.

    And, thanks, Dennie and others for giving a more complete take on the festivities. Not that it makes Warren a good choice, but it adds some perspective.

  39. The Realist says

    for those defending this as Obama’s ability to reach across party lines, remember; civil rights should not be compromised. It is not a states issue. It is not a religious issue. It is a Moral, human issue.

    I am not comfortable bring a man to the table that has made no mistake about his contempt for LGBT (prop 8)rights, and womens rights.

    What is there to compromise about, here?

  40. says

    JMG, since you asked: “Uncreative” means someone who will appeal to a lot of people because he’s a well known figure. It’s a predictable and bad choice. I’m hardly applauding it. Warren sucks and gives me the creeps.

    Of course some of the (faux) fury here is coming from those who hated Obama all along and wouldn’t have voted for him in a million years, yet never once criticized McCain during his thoroughly anti-gay campaign.

    The inauguration is less important to me than what Obama does afterwards. On that, the jury is still out.

  41. Allan says

    Email and voice your displeasure at the choice. But it’s not enough to complain about Warren, propose an alternative.

    I propose a Draft Gene Robinson for the Inaugruation movement.

    Wouldn’t seeing the openly gay Episcopal Bishop selected to replace jowly homophobe Rick Warren be a sweet solution?

  42. niles says

    One can only imagine the words that will spew from this guy’s mouth when given such a once in a lifetime chance before a huge audience. No matter what the submitted script may be, there will be no stopping him if he decides to espouse his hateful views to the world. Nice way to start off things off, folks.

  43. Webster says

    Business as usual. To paraphrase Getrude Stein: A politician is a politician is a politician. Warren is a slap in the face to all the GLBT people who worked for and donated to his campaign. And ONCE MORE we’ll be told to wait–the time is not right for our equal rights.

    That’s right, Miz Parks, you just keep on sittin’ at the back of the bus there. Just be patient, you be getting your rights someday. You just keep sittin’ there.

  44. Chris says

    As much as this sucks, does it actually change what Obama is going to do? Did he not make a point to mention our rights when he accepted the nomination and when he won even though he didn’t have to? That tells us more about where we are I think. Let the religious rightwingers have this fig leaf.

  45. Patrick M says

    Message emailed to Obama’s LBGT liaison:

    Dear Parag

    I am a longtime proud supporter and donor to the Obama campaign (one of the first 100,000 donors), and have a cherished email from the day after the Iowa caucuses when I predicted joyfully that he would win the presidency.

    That is why I am completely disgusted by the choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation on Inauguration Day. I will not be thrown under the bus by Obama or any other politician on the core human rights issue of equality, and I will not stand idly by when a bigot is given such a national platform. I will support any campaign, join any fight, to protest this attack, EVEN ON INAUGURATION DAY if I have to.

    You may have thought that bestowing this honor is an outreach to religious conservatives but instead it is a tremendous assault on the dignity of gay people like me – it is a complete slap in the face that will not be accepted placidly.

    Times have changed – the irony of the election of Obama means that institutional discrimination is actually no longer possible in this country, and the inclusion of bigots like Rick Warren cannot pass muster on a day of national celebration.

    I will join any fight, any campaign, in protest against this horrific assault on the dignity of gay people on Inauguration Day. I do not want to have to protest Obama on the day of his inauguration but make no mistake I will if necessary, and will organize with others to fight against displays of discrimination by the incoming administration, even to the point of campaigning against Obama in 2012 if I have to.

    Yes we can !

  46. Scott B. says

    Warren is an evil, mean person, and this is nothing less than a horrifying decision by Obama.

    So….Let’s make this (not that we have a choice) a blessing in disguise situation, like we’ve made Prop 8. Let’s protest, protest, protest. Assertively, creatively, and effectively. Letters to the editor, YouTube vids, pointed satires (like Marc Shaiman’s Prop 8 musical), etc. I imagine both Olbermann and Stewart, as well as Hollywood celebs, would be happy to chime in, too. Let’s convert this debacle into the beginning of the end of religion-based gay-bashing.

    Let’s also make this the beginning of the end of people like Warren being “legitimate.” (It remains shocking to me that Warren was even *considered* as invocation speaker. How many respected, apolitical pastors are there out there???!?!)

    How about, for one, continual protests at Saddleback Church? Do they not have open attendance there?

    I wonder how protests (legal and peaceful of course) can be conducted during the invocation and/or inauguration generally?

    I think this is going to change noticeably the flavor of the inauguration. A lot of us are going to be much less happy and excited.

  47. niles says

    Why not invite David Duke to counter-balance the presence of civil rights leaders? But really, what are you complaining about? We still have the gay band – even if it is as carefully concealed as I’m sure it will be.

  48. daisy says

    We are always thrown under the bus… ALWAYS… sometimes it takes longer than other times, but it ALWAYS happens. Obama is only for civil unions for gays… a discriminatory crumb tossed our way.

  49. Jon says

    The national denomination that Obama is a member of (UCC, the United Church of Christ), has been a leader in affirming the rights of gays, including gay marriage, Rev. Wright notwithstanding. So why didn’t he ask one of their national leaders to do the invocation? Huh, why???

  50. Leland Frances says

    Clearly a few don’t get how HUGE this is. It makes McClurkingate look like a pimple on a gnat.

    There will probably be well over a million people actually there watching the swearing in. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS MORE will be watching on TV from all around the world.

    To give Warren this exalted, coveted, platinum platform is to legitimize EVERYTHING he stands for, everything he has said, e.g., equating gay marriage equality with incest and child abuse. It is to CROWN HIM a religious giant before this sure to be recordbreaking audience, an honored prophet who represents not just Obama but the US.

    This is the kind of thing that BUSH would have done or McSHAME! It literally boggles my mind.

    Closing with the magnificent and pro gay equality Rev. Joseph Lowery, whom I’ve met, does NOT wash away this insult, this STUPIDITY that imagines that throwing the American Taliban this golden bone will get them to embrace Obama. It will not.

  51. Patrick M says

    Yes Scott B, completely agree. Protests are required on a continuous, rolling, creative basis. This assault can’t be ignored as it will only become worse going forward.

    The Prop. 8 grassroot campaigns need to join in here too and recognize the importance of this fight in the long battle.

    I remember Larry Kramer’s words that there is no politician who is worthy of the gay community’s vote – I had hoped he was wrong, but will fight to make sure they are made worthy.

  52. UnionStayshyn says

    What world do you people live in? Seriously, wow. Obama appoints a pro-gay person as the Sec. of Education and you get all worked up about an Invocation?

    Maybe you should put the Harry Potter books away since some of you seem to think an ‘invocation’ has the power to MAKE THE GOVERNMENT HATE GAY PEOPLE. It’s not a policy position. Work the grass-roots orgs if you want to change things and stop bitchin’ on Towleroad about every little afront since it just makes you look like children. This douche-bag represents Americans just as much as gay (and proud) people do and it’s time you faced that fact.

    You people need a WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHmbulance.

    (oh and to the person that left the comment above, if you’re racist and gay you’re less than human – seriously – fuck off and die since you’re WORSE than a dumb poor str8 homophobe since you should know better).

  53. Patrick M says

    Unionstayshyn, you seem to have gone off the rails.

    > This douche-bag represents Americans just as much as gay (and proud) people do and it’s time you faced that fact

    Bigotry is part of the dark side of America – always has and always will be. But we do not celebrate the dark side on Inauguration Day, just the opposite. Bigots do not get a platform on a day of national honor.

  54. Steven says

    I’m very disappointed in the choice of Pastor Rick Warren. I’m really thinking about writing something to the senator. In a way I can see why they chose him, since he is such a large figure, but that doesn’t mean they were right in choosing him.

  55. Leland Frances says

    RE “stand and turn your back” at Warren. Check out the link below to a picture that will remind everyone what the crowd at an inauguration looks like. 90% will ALREADY BE STANDING because the organizers don’t provide CHAIRS for anyone but VIPS.

    There’s every reason to believe that there will be twice as many there as Clinton’s huge crowd. They’ll be standing together as close as possible not just to hear/see better but for warmth. DC is typically FREEZING in January.

    The only way any gay protestors would stand out in such a sea of people is if each held aloft a rainbow flag or huge balloon which few are likely willing to do [assuming Security would let them].


  56. Scott B. says

    Yes, let’s get creative, and get going on protests, big time. (I’m working on thinking of ideas myself…)

    I hope Cleve Jones’ connects and synergizes on this issue. It’s entirely fitting.


    Rick Warren hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as the Mormons, but he was vocal about, and definitely a factor in, Prop. 8’s passage. He should be dogged with (legal and peaceful) protests everywhere he goes.

    I think I would make the protests against Obama’s incredibly stupid and offensive decision secondary to protests directly against and about Warren. Warren needs to be more recognized by the public at large as a truly offensive figure (his “purpose-driven”(R) brand sounds innocuous enough, doesn’t it?) …while Obama needs to become hugely embarrassed by the decision, and do a boatload of disavowing of Warren’s homophobia.

  57. Zeke says

    I think the thing that upsets me most about this is reading the comments in response to the story on Huffington Post. It seems like most people there don’t know what the problem is. It seems that every time there is an issue about homophobia/homophobes the apologists come out of the woodwork. It seems that homophobia just isn’t that big a deal with many/most so called liberals/progressives. They will accept homophobia and will defend homophobes when they would NEVER do the same for a racist, anti-Semite, xenophobe etc. It’s very disappointing to see just how little support we have even among liberals. I’m starting to think that it’s not so much the conservatives that we have to educate in order to move gay rights forward. It seems clear to me now that if we could just get our fellow liberals to drop willingness to accept, ignore or justify homophobia we could move forward without having to waste any time or effort trying to convert right-wingers and fundamentalists.

    Obama should have had John Thomas, president of the United Church of Christ, a fully gay supportive pastor from a fully gay supportive MAINLINE denomination and coincidently OBAMA’S denomination.

  58. Mike says

    Whatever…. like getting all upset about this is going to make him change his mind – Not gonna happen. As smart as the Obama campaign was, he absolutely knew what would happen if he did this… he obviously thinks whatever gain he will get from it will outweigh the disadvantage. I guess he’s trying to tell the bigots he’s their president also. That’s nice.

  59. says

    I worked my ass off for Obama. I resent this. However, when I was on Team Hillary as a delegate I knew then that Gays weren’t hearing the man. He has always been anti-Gay marriage. He never hid it.

    No candidate was for us. We let it go because we needed a change.

    Now, when he could have just done the right thing, Obama didn’t. He doesn’t need us. He needs the right wing to get his agenda passed. Like Blacks and the Democrats, we got nowhere else to go. That’s reality. Ugly but real.

    When I tried to pass out Obama Pride stickers at the Ride for Change rally I was told, “that’s not really the image we’re trying to push here.” I knew then what I was up against. I still gave them out but got major stinkeye from campaign workers.

    Folks, we can’t wait on “the man” to give us anything. We are going to have to fight with him as well. And we will.

    Same as it ever was.

  60. KFLO says

    WTF, Obama? Are you going to pull a Bill Clinton too? Promise us acceptance and rights then throw us under the bus? I worked for Obama and campaigned for him for over 6 months and I am NOT happy right now.

  61. jason says

    Quelle surprise!!! Of course, I’ve been saying that Obama would throw us under the bus all along. He, like many self-described “straight” Democratic males, is only into “hot lesbians” and “hot bi babes”.

    You see, these hypocritical males reserve the right to ogle “two hot chicks” but not to give rights to gays in general. I’ve said this all along. Don’t say I didn’t inform you.

  62. brian says

    Obama is a vociferous panderer, pure and simple. If he thinks there’s a greater gain in employing Rick Warren than in not employing Rick Warren, he’ll employ him. Obama is the latest in a long line of Democratic male phonies who treat us with contempt. We must love the punishment, that’s all I can say.

  63. jason says

    I’ve been saying for ages that Democrats and liberals in general are phonies in their attitude to homosexuality. Their acceptance of us is conditional. It’s conditional on gay and bi men remaining isolated and segregated. It’s also conditional on us accepting their fetish for “girl-girl” action as being somewhat “special” and a privilege, much like a harem.

    Let me assert again for those who failed to read my posts in the past: liberalism is based on the bisexual double standard. Its aim is to make bisexuality socially acceptable for women but not for men. This double standard is designed to accommodate the fetishes (desire for girl-girl action) and phobias (fear of male-male action) of sleazy straight guys. It’s a double standard which is custom-carved to suit sleazy straight guys who don’t give a rat’s about our basic civil rights.

    Wake up to yourselves and realize what is going on here.

  64. anon says

    There will be several other pro-gay religious leaders in attendance and this was a political deal made a long time ago after Warren hosted a debate between McCain and Obama. I imagine both had to make this promise were they to be elected. The way to get around this is to demand that because of his invite our agenda must be moved up, with the repeal of DOMA first and foremost.

  65. jason says

    Obama will NOT repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell without a compromise which seriously waters down the intent. He is like Clinton in this regard. Obama speaks with a forked tongue: one prong begs for our votes, the other prong panders to the Right.

  66. Q says

    If Obama has always said that he doesn’t believe in gay marriage, then WHY is this such a shock? And how does it automatically equate to a denouncement of gays in general? And who is it that has a Ouiji board that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama is going to (god, I am so SICK of this phrase!) “throw gays under the bus?”

    What exactly does his choice for the Invocation have to do with his running the country? What affect does this have on his ability to lead fairly or intelligently? Isn’t this the same “guilt by association” stuff that folks used with Ayers and Wright and McClurkin? If that’s the case, shouldn’t there have been less Katrina victims since Bush appointed two Blacks to high office? I guess that theory is shot to hell.

    Why is it that when Obama makes good choices, the comments are few, but when he makes a poor choice people become fickle? After hearing nothing from them for weeks about any other issues that actually AFFECT gays, the same cretins come out of hiding to lament the future torment of gays under Obama. And very few people seem to be keeping this in proper perspective.

    Is every single thing that Obama does going to be scrutinized and judged against him? Is that fair? Is he not allowed to chose a friend to say a simple prayer? Is EVERY choice he makes supposed to be symbolic or “PC” or please all the people all the time? If that’s the case then shouldn’t Blacks, Asians, Latinos, women and the handicapped be angry too?

    For most gays, including myself, this is a disappointing choice. But to me, that’s ALL it is; a disappointing choice. I don’t think he is going to be consulting Warren on domestic or foreign policies.

    Now I am sure that one of the lazy cretins will say “what if he chose a minister who was bigoted against Blacks?!” Ugh. Yes Virginia, I would be upset and wonder why. But I would stop short of predicting disaster or spewing character assassinations. And as someone else pointed out, the actual blessing (which I would think is much more important than a general prayer) is being given by Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, who is, get this, a pro-gay BLACK minister! Well whaddaya know! So then the accusations of Obama “pandering to the right” seem a tad bit off. Seems to me that Obama is doing exactly what he has said all along: he is finding common ground to bring all people together. But I am sure that a cretin will soon set me straight (no pun intended).

    Finally this from Daily Kos:

  67. YouLose says

    What I love about all the anti-obama kids is that they keep talking about gay people as if we’re a unified community. Please. Most openly gay people are to the left and thats where our cultural/political similarity ends.

    BTW: Gay doesn’t mean white male and middleclass.

  68. MammaB says

    Disappointing and painful, but not surprising.

    Maybe a good political move, hope so for Obama’s sake. Given what he endured in terms of being “tarred” as a muslim, non-Christian (gasp), and who knows what else, it makes sense for him to make it clear that he is onside with the faithful, whatever that means.

    The relationship of faith communities to government and governance continues to be troubling. One man’s faith is another man’s fantasy.

  69. JOHN NORMILE says

    Well so much for change…It’s not even January 20th and the great Obama is beginning to be seen hiding behind the curtain…..I”m just surprised such a hateful preacher was chosen…maybe all the inclusion promises were just a dream

  70. Arthur Penfield Tremblay says

    There are bigger issues to get all worked up about. Religion is horse-hockey. As much pain as the fraud of it has caused over the centuries upsetting this most important SO FAR in our national history in this new century is just plain silly. protesting this just gives it credibility. His five minutes of verbiage is not worth the tons of discord on our part.


  71. jim says

    How about throwing a shoe at Barack????

    Anyone have a video, barack ducking the shoe we all want to throw at him?

    Or maybe we all mail a shoe to him in Chicago.

    He has our money, our vote, our sweat and our dreams and like the rest of them, he quickly trades us in for a bigger group (that really hates him).

    We have been sold out, again.

  72. Alex Parrish says

    To all of you who think yourselves ‘voices of reason’ and who seem to want to say that this is not significant, I offer this lead paragraph from this morning’s N.Y. Times:

    “Barack Obama has selected the Rev. Rick Warren, the evangelical pastor and author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” to deliver the invocation at his inauguration, a role that positions Mr. Warren to succeed Billy Graham as the nation’s pre-eminent minister and reflects the generational changes in the evangelical Christian movement.”

    “…the Nations pre-eminent minister…” So, it’s ‘just an invocation,’ huh?

    I am deeply disappointed — but not surprised. At least Bill Clinton waited until AFTER the inauguration o throw his GLBT supporters under the bus.

  73. says

    It is appalling that President-elect Barack Obama would invite California Pastor Rev. Rick Warren, an ardent supporter of Prop 8 and someone who is opposed to the equality of LGBT Americans, to give the invocation at his inauguration.
    Demand President-elect Obama to immediately rescind this invitation.
    Would President-elect Obama invite someone to give the invocation who supported eliminating the civil rights of a minority other than the LGBT community? Of course he wouldn’t!

    This is a slap in the face to the millions of LGBT Americans who supported his historic candidacy.
    TAKE ACTION: Sign EQCA’s petition to President-elect Obama. Ask him to immediately rescind this despicable invitation.

  74. Christopher Babick says

    I have fought for lesbian and gay civil rights for 40 years. And, this is the most important reason why I do it: 65% of teens that attempt or commit suicide are lesbian or gay. They believe God hates them. Rick Warren propagates that belief.
    Lesbian and Gay Rights IS a life and death issue.

    I am incensed that Mr. Obama chose Rick Warren to give the invocation at the Inauguration. It is a kick in the gut. It is the highest form of disconnect with, and disrespect to our community. I voted for Mr. Obama in the primary, and in the general election. I donated to his campaign several times. I will give NO more money, and I shall encourage my friends and family to follow suit. Shame on you Mr. Obama. How could you? This is a brutal disappointment.

  75. Tommy says

    I listened to his clip. He is not a mental giant. He uses muslims, hindus, buddhists claiming that their purported views of marriage support his argument. This is news to me that all muslim teachings support Rick Warren’s idealogy. I guess he agrees with all Mormon teachings, too.

    Can I be really petty? This man is also obese. In Christian circles, that is a total lack of self control — a fruit of the spirit that comes from a true faith and closeness to God. So, doesn’t Rick’s lack of self control at Krispy Kreme make him no different than Ted Haggard (sp?) in God’s eyes. Remember, there are no degrees of sin. Why hasnt his church ousted him from the pulpit? I know of what I speak — I was raised by Evangelicals and I love my donuts!

  76. Mark says

    I fully agree with the suggestion of activily promoting the large scale non-violent guesture of people “turning their back on hate”. Let people joke about the protestors “turning the other cheek” (it’s enevitable), but the guesture is universally understood, very photogenic, easy to imitate, hard to counter and easy to encourage even the most timid to participate in such a large crowd.

  77. Jack says

    Obama’s selection of Rev. Rick Warren is a deliberate insult to our community. Obama may “tolerate” our community, but he certainly doesn’t respect us. Don’t worry though, Obama is “thinking” of appointing a gay Assistant Secretary of the Navy”—big fucking deal. We are not sitting at the table–we are under it.

    I think we should write our elected representatives at every level of government and demand that they speak out publicly to denouce Warren’s choice now. Those in California should start with Senators Feinstein and Boxwer. You can get their email addresses off Google.

    It’s time to find out which elected officials truly respect and support our community.

    Also, if you are going to the inauguration parade, I suggest your bring a whistle and use it.

  78. rick says

    lets call this big milky mess out! surely we can find some of his hundreds of gay freinds to speak out. i am betting there are none who will say he is a freind.

  79. Sean says

    I agree with passionately insisting that our elected leaders not take our LGBT votes for granted. I’m simply not ready to issue a failing grade to the President-Elect, at least not until he’s been in office for a few months. We could choose to bullet-point our lists of correct positions, the better political party and/or the proper company to keep, and we could defend these lists without compromise. Still, I’m for giving Obama some room in which to perform a supremely difficult duty: Rallying together millions of Americans who rarely agree on any list of ideals or identities, during a time when history will probably show that we had no practical choice but to work together. I’ve never met anyone from the Saddleback Church, but I don’t think it’s a giant stretch to imagine that some of the flock might prove more open-minded than their misleading shepherd.

  80. says

    Look Rick Warren has a message of exclusionism that America needs to hear. Degenerate baby boomer culture has repackaged religion in a new shrink wrap that reaffirms their own degenerate lifestyles in the eyes of God. Its a con job. The hippie love as God’s love message is a biblical distortion meant to sanctify the degeneration of culture itself under the watch of baby boomers.

    >>His views are far outside the religious mainstream and his credentials are steeped in an “Old Time Religion” of narrow exclusionism that ill prepares us for the challenges of the 21st century.

    Clearly liberal leaners and gays want to rewrite the bible to patently affirm the vulgar, materialistic and sexually promiscuous society that has evolved in the last 30 years. Furthermore, how does his stance on evolution make him less of a candidate to speak?

    For a country that professes tolerance, it is anything but. And it will be a fight to the finish.

    The gospel states clearly that people do have to discriminate. Love that causes growth is sometimes painful. Using the gospel to make the case for political correctness and multiculturalism is wrong, and the Episcopal church is deeply involved in this.

    Chane’s message, if it were to reflect her hippie love message, should support Mr. Warren speaking. I love the way how we humans – no matter whose in power, always soil ourselves.

  81. says

    Look Rick Warren has a message of exclusionism that America needs to hear. Degenerate baby boomer culture has repackaged religion in a new shrink wrap that reaffirms their own degenerate lifestyles in the eyes of God. Its a con job. The hippie love as God’s love message is a biblical distortion meant to sanctify the degeneration of culture itself under the watch of baby boomers.

    >>His views are far outside the religious mainstream and his credentials are steeped in an “Old Time Religion” of narrow exclusionism that ill prepares us for the challenges of the 21st century.

    Clearly liberal leaners and gays want to rewrite the bible to patently affirm the vulgar, materialistic and sexually promiscuous society that has evolved in the last 30 years. Furthermore, how does his stance on evolution make him less of a candidate to speak?

    For a country that professes tolerance, it is anything but. And it will be a fight to the finish.

    The gospel states clearly that people do have to discriminate. Love that causes growth is sometimes painful. Using the gospel to make the case for political correctness and multiculturalism is wrong, and the Episcopal church is deeply involved in this.

    Chane’s message, if it were to reflect her hippie love message, should support Mr. Warren speaking. I love the way how we humans – no matter whose in power, always soil ourselves.

  82. Donald says

    The gays are a bunch of desperate suckers that will take whatever scraps they think they might get. You fought for Obama to be your president, now you’ve got it. Enjoy.

  83. mike says

    What’s irksome about Obama’s choice of Warren to give the Invocation is that this will give Warren even more national prominence and basically will re-legitimize and re-empower the evangie-fundie fascists, whose influence was starting to wane after eight years of Bush the Born-Again Bozo. To the poster who thinks “we’re all Americans”, I’d say this: I never have tried nor would I try to take away anyone’s civil equality like the evangie-fundies just did in AZ, FL, AS and CA. Neither would I promote those Americans I disagree with as “un-American” or “anti-God, anti-christian” simply because they are gay, like the evangie-fundies do. Their pathology is that they need “enemies”, people that make them feel threatened so they can justify their “faith” and ignite their “bases” (or asses), whatever. Marriage is a phony social construct that patriarchal societies have used to control women and make them dependent upon men. Marriage was always about dowrys, and property acquisition and dynastic survival. It had very little to do with love or romance. The poster who mentions the historical FACTS about past societies who did permit same-sex unions does a service for the argument that full marriage equality and full civil equality for gays and lesbians is THE civil rights issue for our time. To base legal discrimination on “religious” traditions is evil. Religious beliefs are subjective. They are not absolute. Any jerk–whether its Rick Warren, Jimmy Swaggert, Paul/Saul, Joseph Smith or Mohammed–who claims that they “talk” with “God” are full of sh*t.

  84. says

    Oh their god.
    That is so infuriating and stupid. Simply despicable. I have loved Obama since 2006, but this is disgusting. I couldn’t vote (To young >_<) but I may have voted for the good ol libertarians had known this would happen.

  85. Lisa says

    Surely, we can all find some love in our hearts for Rick Warren. Wake up America. Not only has Pastor Rick likened gays to pizza and pedophiles, but he is making up his own reality in Syria and Uganda as well. Please enlighten yourselves with the following articles:

    I think we are now in need of a PR campaign from Sir Elton John who is one that really understands how to deal with the AIDS epidemic. Perhaps he can appear on Larry King Live again and elighten everyone out of their Rick Warren disillusionment.

    I am afraid it only gets worse. He has deemed himself America’s new ambassador to the Middle East and Muslim world. For one, he would like to assassinate world leaders like Ahmadinejad who was elected by the Iranian people. Read the article:

    Right now, Pastor Rick is taking a break from blamming the media for his grand faux pas,while Obama orchestrates a new red herring for the sake of his (Lincoln politics). Yes, that’s right folks enter the gay Bishop Gene Robinson to speak at the last minute at the inaugural ceremonies. That ought to fix things, and he’s not asking Bishop Robinson at the last minute he planned to ask him all along it just happens that the timing coincides with pissing off the gay and lesbian community. Hummm. Gosh I feel alot like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz going to see the wizard (Obama) on inauguration day. Wasn’t that during the great depression too, and that’s right the Wizard turned out to be a fraud. Why on earth in the geopolitical climate we live in (especially after the Bush Adminstration) would Obama choose a xenophobic, homophobic, bigot to pray over him at the inauguration. I know, so he can bring us all together, and its working right?

  86. 4 Years of Entitlement says

    Who was the bigot after all? The black preacher with his racist rhyme at the end of his prayer… yellow, mellow; red man, ahead man; PLEASE. Dr. King would not have voted for Obama and Dr. King would not have prayed the type of prayer that ignorant, “let’s blame whitie”, “gives me my reparations” so-called minister prayed.


    GAY PEOPLE SUCK, and you know what I’m talking about

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