1. MAJeff says

    It’ll be interesting when the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs releases its report on anti-gay violence in 2008. I would be willing to put money on there being a sharp increase in anti-gay violence in California during the Sept-Dec time period.

    And, of course, gay people being beaten, assaulted, and harassed will not register as a problem for bigots like Boone, Huckabee, O’Reilly and the hate group that is the LDS Church.

  2. ggreen says

    With his job blogging at Wing Nut Daily Pat Boone doesn’t have to shelp out to the sideshow stages at county fairs in the Deep South to work. Does any one remember the last time Pat Boone drew a crowd?

  3. Disgusted American says

    Hey Pat Boone YOU HAS-BEEN…what an ass this man is…look how these Religious wackos try to turn it around,and make themselves look like the victims…Protesting is a RIGHT in America Mr STFU and go take care of your parapalegic grandson.

  4. JJ says

    Protesting is not “disregard for law and order”, it’s our right as American citizens.
    But what would Pat boone and his churches know about protecting people rights. They are only concerned about it when it affects their right thump bibles. I’m sure they would love nothing more than to now strip us of our right to free speech. And now we are “spewing vitriol”? Hilarious. Churches have been spewing vitriol for centuries. Please.

  5. Arthur says

    Toby – yeah, he’s alive – it’s his career that dead. He’s obviously a media whore trying to boost sales for his “California Christmas Card” CD single among his white blue-haired Christian base, since you can only buy through his website. I’m really not a violent person, but if I see him crossing the road I hope I don’t bump into him while driving my car… Someone really needs to beat him up the same way Beverly R. Sutphin took a telephone receiver to Juror #8 (Patricia Hearst) for wearing white shoes after Labor Day! (yes, he still wears them!)

  6. Nick says

    Pat Boone is an irrelevant, pitiful excuse for a human being. Take your white buck shoes and schlep on out. Just sit quietly and wait for your rapture to carry you “home”-you bigoted mysoginistic dinosaur.

  7. JJH says

    I sent the following to Pat Boone’s email (please do the same to other right-wingers!):


    I hope you realize the effects of your exaggerated hate speech.

    In your glee to portray right-wing Christians like yourself as “persecuted” by the very existence of gay civil rights demonstrators, you have compared us to terrorists.

    These ridiculous comparisons directly contribute to the rising level of violence against gays in the US who, unlike fundamentalists, are bashed and attacked on a daily basis on our streets and in our schools.

    Their attackers are emboldened by people like you who give them a religious justification for their violence. Just this weekend two men were attacked in New York because they looked gay, walking arm in arm after a few drinks. Too much affection for bigots who have digested your message.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for so distorting the love of Christ.


    An Ecuadorean immigrant was in critical condition Monday after being brutally beaten by four attackers who authorities say may have mistaken him and his brother for gay men.

    Police, who were investigating the incident as a hate crime, said one of the attackers used an anti-gay slur when first confronting the brothers, who were walking arm-in-arm down a Brooklyn street early Sunday after a night of drinking. The assailants also used anti-Hispanic insults, city officials said at a news conference.

  8. JerzeeMike says

    Another irrelevant has-been corpse rolled out to spew ideals that are completely out of step with the current feeling of most Americans. Whatever, he’ll be worm dirt soon enough.

  9. Arthur says

    My grandmother asked my sister to buy it for her from her computer. Her computer conveniently “crashed” and she is unable to purchase the CD… thanks sis! No need to send that creep money so he can pay the mortician that does his make-up and hair, I mean wig.

  10. John M says

    “We voted to send that bitch Rosa Parks to the back of the bus and those activist judges in the supreme court overturned the will of the people, we must do something now” – Upcoming rant from Pat Boone.

  11. SFshawn says

    He’s as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. Fuck you Pat for being a hate mongering old closet case and to all those you incite to violence against your fellow human beings in the name of God.

  12. Zeke says

    I CHALLENGE Pat Boone to give me on, just ONE, example of where he has made an unsolicited, public comment condemning ANY act of violence against a gay person. I’m not talking about when a reporter nails him for his lack of speaking up so he then makes some vague comment about how “no one” should be the victim of violence. That seems to be the ONLY time that we get ANY kind of statement about anti-gay violence from these goons.

    I have NEVER heard a single one of these loving Christian homo-haters EVER publicly condemn anti-gay violence without it being in response to a question about why they don’t publicly condemn anti-gay violence.

    Not one of the signatories of the page long NY Times ad “condemning hate” has ever publicly denounce anti-gay violence. In fact, of the few who have actually acknowleged anti-gay violence, I can’t think of a single one who hasn’t lied about it, minimized it, marginalized it or even justified it.

    I would gladly accept reference proof to the contrary.

    Thad? Alex? or any of your other aliases?

  13. Leland Frances says

    Thanks, Zeke, for reminding us of the full-page NY Times Hate Ad, because it reminds me that our side, oh, say, HRC, with its MILLIONS of dollars in the bank, hasn’t responded with a full-page answer. Same old, same old.

    Historical note: Tho Rock Hudson had been raised Catholic, he’d stopped going to Mass long before, and some said he asserted he was an athiest. But his former partner, whom he let take over his life in his last days, was so desperate to save him that he let the Boones and some other whacko Pentecostals in to pray for Hudson. Shirley Boone and one of the women virtually forced their way into his house when they found out he’d died. From “People” magazine’s account [based on his authorized biography]:

    “While paparazzi coagulated outside the house, she climbed to the second-floor bedroom carrying a Bible with her name emblazoned on the cover. Over the corpse in the king-size bed, she chanted, ‘Get the disease out of the body’. Then, grasping Rock Hudson’s thin legs, she began to speak in tongues.”

    After half an hour of this, he was, as you may have heard, still dead.

    The moral of the story: mock these people all you want, but they are as serious as the proverbial heart attack and no amount of Amy Join the Impact’s fantasies about love bombing them is going to convert them from hating us AND our “sin.”

  14. Ted says

    Wow. When a towering intellectual like Pat Boone puts my hatred in that carefully considered light it really makes me question my whole position on Prop 8. The position of someone of Pat Boone’s standing in the tradition of Western thought has just made me reconsider even my sexual orientation.

    Pat, thank you and God bless you for showing me the error of my ways. And for everything you’ve ever done.

  15. Mark says

    Step One…copy Pat Boone Penis pic.
    Step Two…save to desktop
    Step Three…compose broadcast email to every right wingnut organization, church, and holy roller tv/radio station across the planet
    Step four…attach Pat Boone Penis pic.
    Step Five…click “Send”

    Obviously, we know him to be much more of a dick that they do.

  16. FunMe says

    I have only a few things to say to this LEATHER wearing “singer” (yup, even that “gig” didn’t work out so good for him).

    To Pat I say:

    “Bitch please!”

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