1. Jay says

    I wonder if Thomas Lennon is ever going to get tired of playing characters with various degrees of ambigious sexuality. Andy Samberg makes my skin crawl. I just want to smack the smirk of off his face.

  2. says

    I’ve always wonder about Thomas Lennon, his movies or TV shows “with or without him in it” are always full of innuendos, I know he’s married and all, but I wonder if there are such things as… like a secret code for the Bi community that only “they” would know the sub text of who is and or who isn’t?

  3. MarkL says

    This movie is awesome. I watched it for the Nth time not that it’s showing on HBO asia. I was surprised though that this particular scene with Paul Rudd’s man-on-man kiss was cut on TV. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Right after this scene we see him and his fiance kissing in bed 😐

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