Report: Obama, Not Feinstein or Committee, Made Warren Choice

According to Americablog:

Warren_2“A powerful Democratic friend contacted me this morning to let me know that they talked to the key players yesterday, and Diane Feinstein, chair of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, had nothing to do with the pick of Rick Warren as Obama’s invocation speaker at the inaugural. The decision was made by Obama himself, I’m told, and Feinstein just assumed that he had vetted it with his staff. Difi went along with Obama’s decision, not the other way around. If this is true, then our apologies to Senator Feinstein for suggesting that she was involved. But Jesus. This is rather uncharacteristic of Obama, making some grand gesture from his gut, and not checking it with his brain, or the brains around him. Unless, of course, his brain trust thought this was a brilliant strategic move. I can easily imagine them thinking, what better than to make a nod to the religious right and the religious left, by having Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery, at his inauguration?”

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  1. says

    “…Unless, of course, his brain trust thought this was a brilliant strategic move. I can easily imagine them thinking, what better than to make a nod to the religious right and the religious left, by having Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery, at his inauguration?”

    EXACTLY!!! As Barack said often, “These are not RED states or BLUE states, these are UNITED STATES.” It’s an inauguration, not a cabinet position. I think it’s a brilliant, calculated move. How better to make inroads for tackling larger issues down road of civil rights, than to offer this olive branch now.


  2. Mike says

    “I think it’s a brilliant, calculated move. How better to make inroads for tackling larger issues down road of civil rights, than to offer this olive branch now.”

    At the expense of the gay community. It’s a brilliant, calculated move. He’s letting us taste what his administration has in store for us in the future. Get use to it.

  3. Patrick says

    I have to think that Barack is being smart about this and I think that, as a community, we have a right to be upset. However, we can’t go from emotion A to emotion Z with each disappointment. We are never going to agree with the POTUS on all issues. However, that doesn’t mean he is ‘running the bus over us’ as some bloggers have made it out to be.

    He didn’t become an elected official of the LGBT community or blue or red states. This man is trying to break the cycle of what divides us and I think we should support him in that effort.

    Warren will not get up there and say “I disagree with gays” and a huge majority of the population doesn’t know or care about his stance on LGBT issues. My point is, we need to focus our efforts on decrying real injustices and not cry over every glass of spilled milk.

  4. Jimmyboyo says

    The best way to be inclusive is to do away with all preachers, priests, mullahs, rabbis, etc at the inauguration and definitely NO prayers

    The common ground for all americans is the constitution and that is what he should place his hand on and take the oath. No fairytale books.

    Inclusiveness? No red states no blue states? Then do away with the tooth fairy book and prayers at the inauguration all together

    “…I swear to to uphold and defend the constitution of the Unites states of america against all enemies foreign and domestic……” nothing about upholding, defending, and perpetuating myths, myth books, and shamans of schizo delusions

  5. rudy says

    The ephemeral, barely possible, and unlikely future positive effects of this “olive branch” to the Far Right who did not–and never will–vote for Obama are outweighed by the immediate, more direct, and actual disrespect shown to the gay community who overwhelmingly supported his candidacy. Obama’s advisers were too clever by half and not smart enough by less than half. They have given a highly prized public forum to a homophobe cloaked in semi-religious drag, something that would not be tolerated of any other bigot against any other minority community. We are right to be outraged.

  6. says

    At this moment, I am more concerned about keeping my job, my home and my pension.

    At least this is not Bill Clinton dancing with Melissa Etheridge during his inaugural ball, then signing the DOMA the next day. Barack and Joe have both been up front about their beliefs. I place my own faith in them that, when it comes to the larger issues of civil rights, the rights of every American will prevail.

  7. John M says

    Honestly, I’m not surprise, it’s the same thing that always happens and we never learn. They pander to us but when it comes to really doing something for our community they are just full of empty words and promises. First it was that postcard that went out from Yes on 8 with his quote and face on it, even though his publicist admonished it later he really didn’t take any sort of stand on it. Then it was the complete lack of anything about GLBT rights on his transition website until we got all upset (rightfully so) and some stuff was put up there. Now it is this kick in the balls.

    I hoped Obama would be different but once again actions speak louder than words. Oh and to RAD, you are delusional if you think this is all sort of some master plan to give us our rights, it’s not, this is a man that Obama trusts and respects, more that then rights of GBLTs. I’m tired of hearing of this big master plan that none of us know the details for that explains why its actually a good thing that we’ve been stabbed in the back again, it ticks me off when GBLT people actually try to defend Clinton and DOMA and DADT, again with the idea that it was actually good for our rights.

    Sorry, nothing is going to come from these shallow words when he is unwilling to take a firm stand on them on the public stage and instead make a special guest out of one of our worst enemies, it would be like Rosa Parks sitting one seat closer to the front every week until the bus driver tells her she is getting too close to the front and then she apologizes profusely and moves all the way back to the bus, that’s what happens when you take baby steps and make sure you don’t piss of the bigots too much.

  8. ChasMader says

    This move by Obama deeply saddens me. By having Rev. Warren at h[is inauguration he has set the tone of his presidency, one that we have all seen before:

    Use us gays as an ATM machine during the campaign and then sweep us under the rug in January.

    I had really hoped that he would be bring change instead of more of the same.

  9. nate says

    totally agree with Rad. Doing this will make his inauguration more inclusive.

    how does this hurt the gay community at all?

    to say he never did and never would vote for Obama is stupid. You don’t know him. Warren never public voiced his support of either candidate. He had some ideological differences from Obama, but he very well could have still voted for Obama. So to make that kind of assumption is plain ignorant. and by you definition of a homophobe as being anyone that doesn’t support our marriage rights: more than half the country is homophobic.

  10. Mike says

    “At least this is not Bill Clinton dancing with Melissa Etheridge during his inaugural ball, then signing the DOMA the next day.”

    No, instead it’s Obama holding the baby of gay couples on the campaign trail, preaching the message of inclusion of gay people and taking our donations, then turning on us. First by stating his opposition to gay marriage at every turn, second by including anti-gay religious people in his faith outreach on the campaign trail and now reaching out to the religious right while slapping the gay community.

    Guess what, rad. You can be worried about your job and your finances while giving a shit about your rights as a gay person also.

  11. Mike says

    nate — Obama is making Warren’s anti-gay message legitimate. By including him, at HIS choice, he is saying that he agrees with the message this guy preaches. You don’t have people involved if you don’t agree with them.

  12. John M says

    As far as embracing both sides and bringing us together on a middle ground, it doesn’t work that way. The bigots don’t want us to have our rights, we are demanding them. The middle ground is we don’t get them, plain and simple.

  13. Mike_in_Lancaster says

    I think there’s an opportunity for Obama to clarify his position in a well crafted, inclusive inaugural address.

    Its one thing to express your opinion in a room full of people who agree with you and quite another when there’s someone who doesn’t.

  14. Patrick says

    You guys really need to gain perspective on this.

    Yes, this guy is a bigot.
    Yes, there were probably better alternatives out there.
    Yes, this is a feeling of betrayal.

    However, (and this is a big however), this is not a policy statement. This is not a platform for Warren to express his views. This is nothing more than an invitation to say a prayer for the future of our country and our president.

    We are all turning into the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the gay community!!! Express your disappointment, but making blanket statements about how future policies of this administration will be laid out from this speaking request is not fair.

    No one has ‘used us’ or ‘thrown us under the bus’. You could have Senator McCain and Gov Palin up there instead and then their policy would follow in line with Warren’s thinking. Think about what you HAVE before you gripe about what you don’t have.

    Our time will come but we really have to work on getting public support and acting like Sharpton and Jackson Sr. about every slight is not the way to do it. Strategize, people!!!

  15. Mike says

    MIL – It will go something like this…”There is no two America’s, there is one America. It includes (rattle off list of everybody)…, straight Americans and gay Americans, … (finish list). Hooray!!! He included us in the list!!

  16. Mike says

    Patrick, he doesn’t have to express his views at the event but it is a platform. It has elevated his stature and giving his message a legitimate backing.

    The “either, or” argument doesn’t apply here. We KNOW Obama is more pro-gay than McCain or Palin, that is what makes this worse.

    Plus, look around the site. There are tons of suggestions on how to make yourself heard on the issue. Nobody is saying all we should do is post here about it.

  17. nate says

    i see your perspective on this, but at what point do we not include people that disagree with us? Obama spoke of working with republicans and ending divided politics during his campaign. I think he is filling his cabinet with people who very much agree with him, but is also trying to give a voice to those he disagrees with (as to not block their voice out of the discussion, as Bush and Clinton did). We are no longer in campaign mode, things have changed. Letting Warren speak at the invocation is not an endorsement, it is a friendly and welcoming gesture.

  18. Dawid says

    This is disappointing. It is absurd that this is about a “big tent” philosophy. If the tent is open to everyone, where is the KKK and American Nazi Party? Obama or his team don’t understand that most of the shouts of “kill the n***er” during his campaign was from evangelical wing nuts — so pandering to them will be of no use. Selling out the gay community to gain approval from the evangelicals brings Obama to a new low – and perhaps reveals something about Obama that was previously hidden.

  19. Wayne says

    Looks like the Donnie McClurkin fiasco didn’t teach many people anything! Obama is no friend to the gay community. NEVER has been. I know a lot of gay friends who sang Obama’s praises to the highest and castigated anyone who was critical of Obama during the primary and general election. It seems they now have a lot of egg on their face.

  20. Derek says

    To care so much about something that quite honestly means so damn little is just amazing to me.

    Am I the only reader who really could give two shits about who Obama picks to give his invocation?

    I have far bigger worries in my life like my making up the money I am losing in commisions each month due to the terrible economy, trying to pay my mortgage, making sure I have enough money for meds, etc.

    Some of you guys seriously need a fucking reality check and maybe climb down once in awhile from your ivory towers…

  21. Mark says

    This inauguration will act as a world-wide infomercial for all involved. Obama’s invitation to Warren is in fact and endorsement and an introduction so this “Pastor” and his church can have a world-wide


  22. MAJeff says


    Warren and the rest of the right wing don’t “disagree with us,” they want us gone. Let’s be honest about that. This isn’t only about marriage. Warren’s church doesn’t even think we should exist. He’s Dobson with a happy face.

  23. Martha says

    Hey Wayne — waaaaaa! I can’t make enough money for meds. waaaaaa!

    guess what? The Rick Warrens of the world don’t care if you die. In fact, he has said that since gays cannot reproduce that over time nature would take its courseand we would go away.

    yes, keep waiting for that fat pig pastor.

    and you Wayne — stop being such a miserable self-hating faggot and look at the big picture : Obama got our votes and is choosing an ANTI-gay man to stand on stage next to him at his historic moment.

  24. Mike says

    Nate-you do understand the difference between those that don’t agree with us and those that work against us, right?

    I am agnostic and I don’t agree with some of the views of Christianity, I’m not working to take away their right to practice what they believe. Live and let live. Obama has embraced a person who actively worked at taking away the rights of gay people in CA. Gay Californians had the right, he worked hard to take the right away.

  25. Bill Perdue says

    I’ll save my “I told you so’s” for later. There’s worse to come. Some people are saying this is unbelievable. Well, it’s not. It’s par for the course.

    Obama insured his election by reaffirming his bigot bona fides at Warren’s Saddleback Forum. He did it by saying ‘god’s in the mix’. That brought our bigot voters by the hundreds of thousands who voted for him and for 8, 2, and 102. Obama’s simply returning the favor Warren give him for an opening to a wider bigot vote base. It was probably a deal made at the time.

    Only gullible people or right-wingers, aka Obama voters, are shocked by this. For the rest of us it’s all part of a pattern beginning with Obama’s primary season revival meetings starring bigoted scum like MaryMary and McClurkin. Throughout the campaign his message was the same; “Love the sinner”, i.e., no unnecessary constitutional amendments but “Hate the sinner”, i.e., no right to get married because “god’s in the mix” and ‘he’s’ a bigot too and the law should mimic the bigots.

    Obama and the Democrats are right centrists and will continue to prove that after January 20th. People who support the Democrat Party support a party that panders to bigots, will enlarge the war and gives trillions to the uberrich. That’s a right centrist agenda and those who support it are right centrists.

    We got treated to another look at the undercarriage of the bigot bus and some of us gullibly helped another bigoted Democrat ‘friend’ get elected. So what else is new? But with Democrats like Obama who needs Republicans?


    I love parades, bands and bouncing pom pom bois as much as the next guy but I’m afraid I have to say that in this case they’re being used as a fig leaf to cover the open sore of Obama’s bigotry.

  26. Leland Frances says

    Exactly HOW is this uncharacteristic of Obama? This is McClurkingate all over again but muliplied by a billion. And this time neither Obama nor any of his straight AND gay trolls can claim he didn’t know what the guy stood for before he issued the COVETED, PRECIOUS, WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD invitation as some claimed after McClurkin’s invite to a rally in South Carolina that only a few thousand would actually attend was revealed.

    AND even after Obama was directly told about McClurkin on a conference call with both BLACK and white gay leaders, after the gave him the names of pro gay equality ministers as alternatives, after they BEGGED him to disinvite McClurkin because their association would signal to McClurkin’s fellow homohaters that Obama thought that was AOK regardless of what lip service he paid in other contexts.

    There is clearly a part of O’s “brain” that is saturated in a toxic combination of arrogance, stubborness, and denial. At least in the case of Jeremiah Wright’s case when HE was invited to give the INVOCATION at the rally at which O formally announced his candidacy, someone said, OOPS, bad idea O, he’s too controversial so Wright got DISinvited. BUT as we all know, O couldn’t let go of him even after some of his INSANE pulpit rants were revealed. It wasn’t until Wright said even more shit AND essentially dissed O himself that the Great Black Father publicly condemned him.

    And, Rad, et al., call Vanna White and buy a fucking clue! EVERYTHING sociopolitical is related! Gay job rights, etc., are threatened for ONE reason only: because leaders in the Antigay Industry like Warren keep preaching and teaching homohatred. Your job, home, finances became LESS safe the moment bigots started to read about Warren’s invite, now that Warren’s homohatred [“gay marriage equals incest and pedophilia”] has been de facto blessed by Obama as not that big a deal! And it will become more vulnerable the moment fake pious Warren rises on that podium before hundreds of millions watching in person and on TV around the world, with the soon-to-be-sworn-in President of the United States looking all reverent in full view behind him.

    I don’t give a flying fuck who doesn’t like the analogy but it is EXACTLY the same as were a white president to invite an internationally known racist who had publicly said that blacks are subhuman, cursed by God for being the offspring of Cain, or any of the other once-and-still-in-some-quarters church-endorsed tenets!

    The STUPID part of O’s brain doesn’t get it any more than Rad does! Even if he genuinely intends to fight for a repeal of DADT and DOMA and for ENDA, etc., he just made his own job harder because of those in Congress he just sent the signal “homophobia is ok.”

    Jimmy B—you know my journey questioning O’s sincerity and genuine empathy. Has “the dream” turned into a nightmare so quickly?

  27. Nick says

    It’s disappointing, but as long as he doesn’t make Warren his ‘spiritual advisor’ I really don’t care that the guy is saying a prayer at the inauguration.

  28. Leland Frances says

    And do NOT fucking bend over and take the two-by-four up the ass delusion that if O throws in the G-word to his inaugural speech that that will make it alright!

    I’m not surprised some of the lame brains that troll TRoad don’t get it, but it is WAAAY time Mr. Brilliant Obama gets that life is NOT a goddamn big tent that we can all live in when there are psychopaths running wild in that tent killing our rights with their poison preaching and contributing to our LITERALLY being killed with guns and knives and baseball bats!

    How many MORE Prop H8TEs is it going to take; how many MORE gay and transgender MURDERS is it going to take before you people wake up! Before HE wakes up!!!

  29. says

    Has anyone considered that he may have promised this to Warren long ago in a deal to gain equal time in his church to John McCain. Obama looks to be a great leader, but he is a politician too. Don’t forget that

  30. mike in manhattan says

    time for some of you boys to grow up.

    first, if for every 5 minute prayer given by a Rick Warren, we also get an Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education, a guy who understands that gay kids need to be educated in environments where they will not be harassed, abused, and taunted? Well, that’s a great trade-off for us.

    also, if Obama has any chance of of overturning DOMA and DADT, as well as restoring reproductive rights for women, his greatest success, and therefore our greatest success, will be through coalitions built with Christianist leaders like Warren.

    at the end, it is politics … keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  31. Derrick from Philly says

    When Franklin Roosevelt nominated Hugo Black of Alabama to the Supreme Court, Black Republicans around the country chastised those blacks who’d begun voting Democratic, “see how much this Democrat cares for you? You should stay with the Republican Party!” Well, Hugo Black was not a disaster for black people. Roosevelt’s decision ended up helping BLack Americans, not hurting them. The warnings of disaster & betrayal were premature and proved unecessary.

    When John Kennedy chose white Southerner, Lyndon Johnson, as his running-mate some blacks probably said, “see Kennedy’s throwing us under the bus!” Well, that didn’t happen, did it, now?

    So far, Barack Obama his appointed two openly gay people to (non-cabinet) positions in his administration (I’m hoping for a cabinet position in Secretary of Labor).

    Choosing this evangelist to speak at his inauguration is not a sign that he will not stand for civil rights for gay people. It is ANOTHER one of his attempts to be president of “all the people”.

    Gay people have a right, and maybe a duty, to show their disapproval of Warren’s participation in the inauguration, but this outrage doesn’t need to develop into predictions of a disastrous relationship between President Obama and Gay Americans. THat’s plain silly…talk about gay panic.

  32. Glennmcgahee says

    Suprised? You gotta be kidding me. Just like trying to put the blame on someone else like Diane Feinstein. No, this is Obama. The guy you projected all your inclusive rhetoric on. You never paid attention when Donnie McClurkin fronted for Obama, when he refused to be photographed with the mayor of San Francisco. When he refused interviews with gay media. This is pandering at our expense. Not a peep when he could have texted his masses of supporters urging them to vote against Prop 8 or Amendemnt 2. We now join women’s groups as the where else you gonna go group. Joining hands with Christian Evangelicals was a natural step when he promised to expand Bush’s Faith Based Intiatives. Get these churches out of my government. You chose to overlook all this throughout the Primaries as you got a little attention from his campaign. That and the money bought your adoration. I’ll say it, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

  33. glenn says

    I love people who take the time to comment on a blog and then ridicule others for “making such a big deal” out of things by, you know, commenting on a blog. Hey, no one’s going to slit their wrists over this, we’re just expressing an opinion.

  34. says

    Never forget, it takes a very strange chemistry and suspect motivation for anyone to aspire to and/or choose a position in politics.
    You’d have to be quite fucked-up to want to be President in the first place… so don’t ever expect too much from this man.

  35. JeffRob says

    There is simply no reason for the outrage I’ve seen from the gay community in these comments. I’m proud of the new found fire in our belly, but blind, stubborn passion is not productive in a democracy.

    What do you think, the pastors that gave the invocations at all the other inaugurations were pro-gay?

    What should we do, just not give anyone who disagrees with us any place at the table at all? How un-American is that?

    I pray for unity, and that’s a unity that includes Rick Warren, and everyone who voted yes on Prop 8, and Mormons, and Republicans, and evangelicals. This is America, goddamn it, and just because people disagree with us does not mean we should work to silence them. We should be working to change their hearts, not doing things out of blind passion for our cause that just makes them hate us more.

    It’s not complacency, it’s democracy. I’m proud of Obama, and I’m proud of the decisions he’s made. He will be our most powerful, productive ally to date, and the guy he picks to pray at the inauguration does not change that one bit.

    I realize a lot of the gay community disagrees with me, and I’m okay with that. I’m proud to be gay, but I’m human first.

  36. Jason says

    And when gay rights do progress under an Obama Administration there will be not a peep from you fickle fags.

  37. j says

    Obama is anti-gay, what more does he have to do to convince you?

    I told you so ! You people were so gullible and stupid to fall for this schmuck.

  38. John in CA says


    But African American mistrust of Kennedy and Johnson in 1960 was completely justified. Given what was happening to black people at the time, they had every right to believe the Democrats were going to throw them under the bus.

    And we still don’t know what the party’s intentions actually were in November-December 1960.

    History dictated the course of events. The Democrats had to “react” to black militancy, the nationwide race riots (1963-1968), and the death of Martin Luthur King. In many ways, Johnson had to choose between what was best for the survival of the country and his own political future. He choose the country. Without that exernal pressure to nudge him though, who knows what would’ve happened.

    Perhaps I’m being cynical. But I think folks tend to be selfish. If White America didn’t feel sufficiently threatened by African Americans, then they would’ve never given them equal rights.

  39. says

    The folks over at the wingnutdaily are FURIOUS that Warren is participating in the inauguration (they don’t like him anyway). Top choice on their poll: “Unless Rick Warren plans to publicly call on Obama to repent of his sinful support of infanticide, his prayers will be a mockery.”

    I think we’ll get past this, though of course it was an annoying choice. It may even end up putting MORE pressure on Obama to deliver on DOMA, DADT, and ENDA to make up for it. Frankly I care more about that than about a few minutes of mumbo-jumbo by a fat guy.

  40. Island Girly says

    I’m trying to reserve my judgement on this issue until after his inaguration speech. I feel very uneasy about Obama’s choice. Obama made it clear during his campaign that he was not a supporter of gay “marriage” but does support domestic partnership rights via “civil unions”. I don’t like it but the alternative was McCain and his sidekick >>> Palin.

    I’ve got a wait and see attitude and hope I am not disappointed… again… and again… and again.

  41. says

    Here’s a sample of what the wingnuts think about Warren:

    Rick Warren is an anti Christ, not the anti Christ but an anti Christ. The book of Jude talks about only 1 hereacy and that is perverting the Gospel of Christ. As a previous poster so accurately stated Warren has totally perverted the Gospel of Christ. He agrees with psychics and others who are an abomination to a Holy God. He is a fake and a phony just like Obama which is probably why he has picked him to do the invocation.

    Rick Warren is a figurehead for the ‘Emerging Church’ (which slowly marches towards Universalism) something which all true Christians should want no part of. Many Christians will be about as excited about Rick Warren delivering the invocation, as they are about a homosexual band playing at the inauguration.

    (that’s just a sample)

  42. BC says

    To re-state what has been asked so many times here: Why are we so surprised? This became another case of “anyone but Bush” and the media pushed someone who knows how to talk the talk but falls flat when he tries to walk the walk. I know a lot of gays that knew the “pro-gay” talk in the campaign and on election night was a bunch of political crap to get more votes. Granted, a lot more gays were so caught up in hating republicans that they only listened to words and not messages. Rick Warren’s interview said that he likens gays getting married to marrying an animal or an adult marrying a child or a man having multiple wives. This is really no different than Obama asking Rev. Wright to talk at his crowning…I mean swearing in.

    I am not surprised, therefore I am not disappointed. Obama will be my president under the Constitution and I fully respect that and hope for the best for our country. We will see what happens after January 20th. I never expected gay rights to make a sudden turn just because Obama won. I’m not sure why a lot of gays believed that. I hope that his words of support for the gay community will turn into actions of support for the gay community. I actually have some faith that this will happen. I think he is mostly an honorable person, but always remember, he is a politician.

  43. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, JOHN IN CA:

    ‘preciate your response, and you are right: pressure from the civil rights movement & uncontrollable events caused the Kennedy/Johnson presidencies to NOT be the disaster that some fearful blacks foreshadowed. But it’s this current “foreshadowing of doom and gloom” from Obama by some gay people that is almost silly to me.

    Many of these folks “yelling fire” have been anti-Obama from the gitgo. Their opinions about his opinions and policies on gay civil rights aint worth shit–’cause they never wanted him to begin with.

    I’ve waited 8 years hoping for a Democrat to take the WHite House back in a “big way”. I’ll be damned if I’m going to go in a screaming panic because an anti-gay evangelist is giving the invocation at a Democrat’s inaugural–a damn smart Democrat.

    What? Is Warren going to go into a “cure for homos” sermon that January afternoon? I don’t think so.

  44. Sam says

    We can’t sit back and let this Warren debacle pass without being heard. Most of my straight friends haven’t a clue as to the outrage this has caused in the gay community. Expressing our outrage through petitions and blogs just doesn’t seem to cut it.

    On January 20th, I propose that we get into our cars and start honking the horns the minute “reverend” Warren ascends to the podium. Not “honk-honk-honk”, but one continuous annoying HONK that symbolically shouts down the “reverend” and possibly distracts our neighbors from his speech. The blaring horns should stop the second he leaves the stage.

  45. Foochy says

    It has taken me a couple of days to weigh in on this topic, and the only thing which I can pinpoint as to why I am really bummed out by the choice of Rick Warren were these relentless questions in my mind: “Why I am being asked to be even more accepting of intolerance, when the intolerant are not asked the same thing? Do I just get to ‘kill with kindness’ while right wingers just get to kill? Am I no longer worthy of being courted too, a person who works on correcting the ‘isms’ which have been deeply embedded in me since I was old enough to walk, as well as those visited upon others who do not share my gender/color/etc.? Why is the ecumenical faith of our founding fathers no longer a worthy alternative to Christian extremism? Does the kid who spends every night praying to God to help him/her with ‘becoming normal’ so their loved ones won’t reject them because they are attracted to the same sex really need to hear from a ‘religious authority’ who actually thinks they are defective?” Even Jesus angrily rejected the defilers of his father’s house who sought to profit off faith and the human weakness towards hatred — but I was never one to think of Obama as the Second Coming.

    We have far worse problems facing this country, and I intellectually understand what Obama is trying to do, but Rick Warren goes against my ethics and is a shoddy representation of bridging the divides that threaten the fabric of our democracy and rule of law. That does not detract from my support for the new administration’s initiatives, but it does remind me of something FDR said to progressives when he first was elected to the presidency (which I am roughly paraphrasing here): “You elected me — now you have to make me keep my word.”

  46. Lisa says

    Rick Warren OUTED,
    Look Rick Warren got what he wanted the center stage at the inauguration, while Obama got what he wanted a particular demographic of evangelicals. It’s a symbiotic relationship.
    Not only has Rick Warren likened gays and lesbians to pizza and pedophiles, but he is making up his own reality in Syria and Uganda as well.
    In Addition: Pastor Rick has elected himself the new ambassador to the Middle East and the Muslim world.
    Projecting xenophobic, homophobic, bigotry around the world will not ultimately win the hearts and minds of people in America or around the world. It is incumbant upon you President Elect Obama
    to follow through with the tenents of Martin Luther King Jr. that you so eloquently espoused during and after your campaign. (Loretta Scott King carried the torch for her husband and was adamantley opposed to homophobia)