1. Xander says

    Can I trade all of my rights for donuts? I would definitely trade my right to bear arms for a bear claw, yum.

  2. KFLO says

    wow. What a tool. Water and donuts – Thanks!!!! Totally makes up for what you’ve done to us! BFF’s, k??

  3. Kobe1 says

    Fuck this clown. Obama should toss this chump but won’t. After they get our votes, they shit on us the first second they get.

    I wish we could get phony baloney religion out of or lives once and for all. It’s fucking with my rights as a citizen.

  4. Mike says

    OMG! Fuck this dumb cunt! What is with the media and asshats like this cunt who keep equating AIDS/HIV as a gay disease. Warren is involved with the disease because it’s global. It’s not a gay community issue alone.

  5. Yeek says

    Guess what? For 5,000 years every major religion and major culture said women should be subservient and ruled over by men. And, in fact, they were.

    By Warren’s standard, giving women the right to vote never should have happened. Who are we to challenge millenia of religious and cultural teachings shared by the overwhelming majority of humanity?

    I’m amazed that we keep banging our heads against the wall and comparing gay rights issues to race issues, when by far the clearest parallel is to women’s rights.

  6. Jeff Atwood says

    For 5,000 years, marriage has been defined in a variety of ways, including polygamy (Mormons and Muslims), men being able to initiate divorces but not women, and a woman’s property becoming the man’s. These “tradition” arguments work only selectively; if tradition guides us, why don’t evangelicals pass laws outlawing divorce, adultery and pre-marital sex?

  7. Vu Ugulu says

    I waant gay marriage uber alles. I voted for da one. The rest of my principles? Tchrow in da toilet. Whaaat!I have been threwn under da bus by da Chicagoland tugs? Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Who dat tole me so?

  8. FASTLAD says

    Warren consistently links gay people to the deepest taboos in society: incest, beastility and pedophilia. He’s the worst kind of homophobe.

  9. Dave says

    It’s not just the Mormons (a form of Christianity) and the Muslims who didn’t practice one-man-one-woman marriage.

    He forgot countless indigenous populations that practiced polygamy and polyandry. He forgot most of the cultures the Old Testament rails against. He forgot the Medieval Christian Church.

    He somehow managed to forget that a number of Native American tribes identified a Third Sex, which permitted a biological male – identified at puberty – to marry another biological male.

    He also forgot about a rural Chinese community that doesn’t practice marriage, and continued this practice well into the 20th century, and even now only superficially weds.

    He’s spreading misinformation and by not correcting him when he makes these blatantly false claims, the media is complicit in perpetuating and spreading his lies.

  10. damien says

    I love how Ann Curry cocks her head to the side and looks at him as if to say, “You’re a crazy ass be-otch!”

    I seriously love her. She can’t her thoughts very well. They’re right there on her face.

  11. henry says

    Im an athiest who thinks Warren is a dick, but i’m really having trouble getting worked up over this.

    Obama is doing exactly what he campaigned on…bringing people of differing viewpoints together. If that isn’t what you wanted, you shouldn’t have voted for him.

  12. Vincent says

    Funny he’s on Dateline this week, or is it…is he in the midst of a publicity tour that now includes the inauguration?

  13. ladislao says

    Mr. Warren may not be homophobic – he doesn’t seem to have an irrational hatred of gay people, but he certainly is a bigot in that he demands that his views be taken as law even though they are detrimantal to some of his best friends.

  14. craig says

    What an idiot. I’m sooo tired of this, “I have friends that are Ni…. er ‘colored’ people so I’m not prejudiced I just attend the Klan meetings for the uniform” bs.

    Maybe he does have gay friends. The big question is why in hell they are friends with him! What are they, masochist Log Cabin Republicans that don’t get enough bad treatment in the party, so they go to a wing nut church too?

    Give me a break on this “I’m not prejudiced, I just hate gays” idiocy.

  15. thompsny says

    WOW! Obama stabs us in the back…. Fuck Warren and his bullshit. Anyone who gives this asshole the time of day is just as idiotic as he is.

    “Gay marriage is a moral issue…” Fuck you Warren. If your morals say don’t marry someone of the same sex then don’t period. But the moment you support legislation that intervenes in my life it’s not just a moral issue.

    I tell you, anyone who takes this bullshit and doesn’t write/email/call Obama’s inauguration reps deserves the outcome – another national stage handed over to the religious nutjobs that rule politics in this country.

    …. I am so let down by Obama…

  16. John M says

    As previously stated, you really think water and donuts makes up for stripping us of our rights in some way? Dear, I can afford a trip to Krispy Kreme (Financially that is) and to spend $3 or whatever it costs for a donut and bottle of water, stripping someone of their legal rights isn’t even in the same ball park and it is incredibly insulting that you would even mention them together. The church that I protested at offered us donuts and water too, none of us accepted them. You don’t get to preach hate and think that donuts and water somehow make up for it.

    Statements like that really make me wonder if they really just don’t get it or they are just smug assholes. I’m thinking both.

  17. echovic says

    i’m sorry but i just want to cry. i thought obama was the man for us – and now its clear that he’s just another operator. i understand the ‘people from all sides’ argument, but this guy is beyond the pale – and obama’s endorsement of him and his values puts obama in a category very different from ‘hero’ in my book. I was going to go to DC (from NY) to celebrate, but i don’t think I will be going after all – sure, obama’s better than the other dinosaurs, but he may just be sharper.

    first prop 8 – then this. what’s next – being shackled and burned on pyres to prove that we’re really faggots?

  18. John M says

    Oh, and fat ass, lay off the fucking donuts, God wanted you to have a neck and gluttony is a sin too. It’s funny how you like to ignore your own sins will condemning what you think are ours. Actually, it’s not funny, it’s deplorable.

  19. Bryan says

    How ’bout this Obama: In 2016, the President-Elect chums up to a pastor who thinks blacks are 3/4 human and the Bible justifies slavery. Let’s include that pastor in our big tent of diversity and poo-poo those black folks who protest.

    We should judge Obama on his deeds, not his words. We should consider his judgment, not his promises. He flunks both tests on this one… BIG TIME.

    Audacity of hope… now feels more ironic than true.

    I want my money and my vote back.

  20. Wayne says

    ,Not only is Warren a bigot he is also wrong. Historically several Native American tribes were openly accepting of same sex marriages before they were robbed of their land and their culture. It really freaked the Conquistadores and the Quakers out (still does apparently).

  21. Yeek says

    This is all our fault. If we’d been better at outreach to hostile communities this would never have happened.

  22. Chuck says

    We need to protest this guy everywhere he goes. Seriously.

    One of the purposes that is driving my life is to end bigotry and ignorance.

  23. GregV says

    I was just thinking the same thing, Thomas, If he wants to invite a bigot to do his inauguration, why doesn`t he reach out to the Grand Dragon of the Klan to do the job i.e. someone opposes his own rights. What Obama is doing is no different than if a white president had given a Klan leader such an honor.
    If Obama wants to reach out to all sides, honoring someone who shits on the gay Americans who supported Obama is NOT the way to reach out.

  24. chandler says

    I wonder if my friend who tried valiantly to fight Prop 8 in California is right. Maybe it is time to start finding moderate Republicans who don’t advocate against gays, and start spending our dollars on supporting them. Maybe the Democrats would stop taking us for granted if they thought they might lose our support. Look at how Hispanics are fought over as voting block by both parties courting them.

  25. Joe says

    Anyone who thinks Hillary would have been any better than Obama on gay rights is a fool with a very short memory.

  26. jason says

    The only thing that Obama does is offer token crumbs to the gay community. He has no real use for us now, having safely gained our votes on election day. His Cabinet is a who’s who of the heterosexual boys’ club, with a few token females to keep women happy.

    As for Rick Warren, he looks like a bikie from Boston. With that beard of his, I think he’d need a shower after every meal to stop it from becoming a hirsute, congealed mass.

  27. Kevin says

    I love water and donuts. I’m so glad that even though I can’t get married that I can quench my thirst and fill my tummy.

  28. says

    I’m not getting out my portable cliff and jumping off of it just yet. The proof in Obama’s pudding will come when Congress sends him an act repealing DADT and/or DOMA.

    This Warren thing can be interpreted two different ways. It’s understandable that we gays, after having endured the duplicitousness of Bill Clinton, would expect the worst from Obama now. But Warren’s presence at the inauguration is merely symbolic and does not substantively erode any policies re: gay equality.

    What chaps my ass so much, however, is Warren’s demonstrably false claims about Prop 8 and its relationship to religious freedom. Equally evil is his theology and methodology of ‘helping’ gays struggling with their sexuality at his church.

    He is non-homophobic in much the same way my family is. He probably has genuine love and compassion for individuals he knows and is comfortable with. This gives him the perception that he is open-minded and accepting, and able to “separate the sin from the sinner”. What he (and my own family) are obvlivious to, is that this attitude is rightly viewed by us gays as a rejection of us as equal, just human beings. And we know that they are fooling themselves about their compassion and their love. But they are too self-satisfied and self-righteous to move beyond this position.


  29. says

    The huge unsaid remains…
    why is Christianity celebrated at the Inaugural in the first place ?!
    It is absolutely inappropriate at a function of state.

    If indeed, we decide a religious presence is appropriate under the umbrella of inclusiveness at the state Inaugural proceedings, then all religions must be represented… jewish, mormon, scientologist, satanic, muslim, buddhist, voodoo, etc.

    Obama should swear on the flag to a federal judge, and Aretha Franklin should belt out a NON-gospel hit… “Respect” would be appropriate.

  30. g_whiz says

    Gah. I could care less about his not supporting gay marriage. This does not suprise in the slightest. What I DO take issue with is that this man correlates my life with that of a child molester or someone who practices bestiality. Take your quasi-defensible religious stances until you’re blue in the face, but don’t expect that I’m going to pretend we’re chums when you can’t give simple respect as a courtesey.

    On a side note, I was reading the blog of a nice mormon guy the other night, and felt compelled to respond, primarily because it seemed obvious that his defense of marriage on a philosophical baisis was interesting, but lacking in actual rebuttal from the people he was speaking against. This is when his “I’m not a homophobe” argument fell apart. When talking about his so called “lesbian friend” he tended to interject that he was friends with her IN SPITE of her “lifestyle choice”, and kept coming back to that point. While I was trying very hard to be respectful, I kept thinking “Does your friend enjoy being condescended to like this?” Beyond his belief that his relationships are better than mine, this gives way to the possibility that he simply thinks his “lifestyle” is better than mine. I refuse to consider myself friends with anyone who refuses to see me as an actual person.

  31. says

    i’m so tired of people who spew anti-gay words and then go on to claim that their best friends are gay (cough cough Palin cough). i would never in a million years be friends with someone who didn’t think i was deserving of the same rights as they were. someone needs to call bullshit on these tools.

  32. Jason says

    Well, Rick, why don’t you put down the plate and back away from the table you gluttonous, fat fuck?!

  33. anon says

    Let’s see: gluttony, greed, pride and wrath… any more deadly sins you’d like to reveal, Warren?

  34. Brock says

    I’m so pissed at Obama right now. After all that hard campaigning for him, this is the thanks that I get. Terrific. Way to use me.

  35. Kristoffer says

    Water and doughnuts… at least give them some milk. Who the F wants water with their doughnuts?

  36. dezboi says

    After the interview excerpts were shown on the Today Show this morning the lovely Ms. Curry went into raptures about how “complex” the reverend is and how wonderful his book is and how he gives the vast majority of his income to charity and how he “is so much more than this one issue”. Ann Fuckign Curry can fucking drop dead. She is a bigot sucking asshole.

  37. Reggie says

    What I don’t understand is this. If you follow Obama’s explanation of reaching out to people you do not agree with, did he invite any members of the KKK to share his inauguration? What about Atheists? Skin heads?

  38. Reggie says

    What I don’t understand is this. If you follow Obama’s explanation of reaching out to people you do not agree with, did he invite any members of the KKK to share his inauguration? What about Atheists? Skin heads?

  39. Vi Agara says

    As I have said many times before and because of it had to listen to the hateful shrieks of the leftits obamanoids on here:
    OBAMA OPPOSES GAY MARRIAGE. So picking Rick Warren IS sticking to Obama’s principles.

  40. Chris Catalfamo says

    I agree with Warren that man-woman marriage is a religious/cultural institution of great longevity. I’m against both gay marriage AND heterosexual marriage being validated by the state for that very reason. The state should only recognize and validate contracts for people to live as they please in terms of property and rights and responsibilities to each other. Way too much religion in a secular democracy.

  41. Rick Davis says

    Tell him to shave that lameass goatee while he’s at it. Freaking lemmings with a goatee….