1. S says

    I really admired this storyline. It was awesome to see really masculine and non glamour-model types of men in love on such a popular show. The whole self-loathing on Vito’s part was unfortunate, but it made sense dramatically.

  2. JamesR says

    So sad. Just sad and horrible. But if it really is something that came on him all of a sudden out of character, I wonder if he’d been trying to stop smoking and was on the new drug “Chantix.” It makes people want to off themselves, even those who were never suicidal before, I have had friends take it and tell me horror stories. Even so it is just so sad, nobody wins here. But if by chance he was on that drug then his death might raise awareness. – I do not want to piggyback a tragedy with personal issue advocacy, but since hearing about Chantix personally I have been more aware of and suspicious of the ‘surprise suicide.’ Just saying.

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