1. Squirt says

    I hope this is going to include an interview with the guy he bought sex from — was it good sex? Did Haggard have any fun fetishes? Did he scream “Oh God” when he shot? I hope that Mike Jones got a lot of money for having sex with Haggard, because it’s not a very appetizing thought.

  2. David D. says

    I expect Haggard was probably a nasty pig-bottom who called out ‘Fuck me Jesus’ over and over at the pace of a metronome. So no, I don’t think Mike Jones was paid enough, or ever could be paid enough.

  3. David B. says

    Christ – another one?

    I’m so tired of the media whore “celebrities” and the producers and their money-grubbing reps who keep shoving these losers onto the public airwaves feigning human feelings and undeserved misfortune for the sole purpose of resurrecting their undeserved careers.

    What ever happened to shunning and a couple decades of humbled penance?

    Boo Hoo – let’s have a pity party for the scumbag hypocrite…

  4. Island Girly says

    I looked at that clip and all I could think of was “big business”. Yep. It’s a huge money making machine. This is exactly why I believe that if these “religious” entities want to be involved in politics, instead of the faith they pretend to practice, they need to start paying taxes. Yes sireeeee… Let’s start with real estate taxes and then work our way up the ladder to income taxes.

  5. Chapeau says

    Add this puke to the list along side Palin as 2 whores that I never want to have to read about or watch any television specials about – ever the fuck again !!

    Go the Fuck Away.

  6. straight says

    sick fucker i grew up with his wife and he should die for misleading people and hiding behind religion, Dont give me the excuse of being molested, that is a bs cop out

  7. mike says

    Tough crowd! At some point, I imagine, Haggard is going to come completely out. He says he still has “sexual conflicts”, which means he cannot get his same-sex genie back into the bottle. I know it’s difficult to feel pity for this guy, but at least show him may just a little of the compassion he never showed us. He’s a sick guy, but it is his “religion” and the “christian” lifestyle that is making him sick, not his queerness. He got sucked into the evangie-fundie world because it brought him fame, power, adulation, and MONEY! Lots and lots of MONEY! If we want to get those evangelical assholes off our backs, it’s time to tax any church that intervenes in the secular, political process under the hypocritical guise of freedom of speech or religion. Freedom of speech–maybe. But claiming that one is exercising their freedom of religion by actively campaigning to support a ballot initiative that strips a group of citizens of their civil equality is that slippery slope down which we slide into fascism and theocratic tyranny. There is no such thing as a “freedom” to spread hate and inflict oppression. Tax the bastards. That’ll shut them up.

  8. Toby Hopkins says

    This lieing termite would still be collecting pans of money and sleeping with homo men in bath houses , snorting speed if he hadn’t got caught. Get a real job you lieing piece of maggot vomit.

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