UW Seattle Students Protest Paper’s Link of Gays to Bestiality


Approximately 100 people attended a rally at the University of Washington late last week protesting the school paper’s use of an image of a man and sheep to illustrate a column taking a stand against same-sex marriage.

The paper’s editor in chief says there will be no apology for the column: “‘That’s not the most productive way of dealing with it,’ said Jeglum. She says the student-run paper is committed to diversity, though the picture wasn’t interpreted the way staff intended. ‘There was a slippery slope argument made in the article about gay marriage leading to other forms of union and that was what illustration was meant to illustrate,’ said Jeglum. She says she’s thankful the column created a discussion about homophobia, but next time, she says she would approve a different picture. The author of the anti-gay opinion piece could not be reached for comment. His article appeared next to another opinion column supporting gay marriage.”

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