1. MateoM says

    I had the opportunity, no, privilege, to see this memorial for my own eyes last july, one month before it was vandalized for the first time. It was bad enough that this memorial was tucked away in a a park, behind some trees, adjacent to the larger Holocaust memorial. Its hidden from view, as if its so controversial that its embarrassing or something.

    On the guided tours, the larger Holocaust memorial is referred to as Berlin’s newest monument, when in actuality the Holocaust memorial dedicated to the homosexual victims is actually the newest. In fact, the gay Holocaust memorial isn’t even on most guided tours of Berlin.

    It is such a beautiful monument, and has such a powerful message. It honors the love for which the homosexual victims were slaughtered for, in such a poetic, touching way.

    Apparently monsters still reside in Germany.

  2. Leland Frances says

    To each his own, Mateom.

    I submit neither instance was motivated by hatred of gays but by gays outraged by how much it looks like a large concrete outhouse and the trivialization of our love into two twinks making out.

    Blow the thing up and start over—then put it in a place of respect. [Seconds until someone clocks in saying its placement is appropriate because of the long history of cruising in the Tiergarten….10…9…8…7…

  3. Mr. E says

    I’m with you leland. How does a 1 min video of two contemporary men making out memorialize the homosexual victims in the Holocaust? I’ve done extensive research on the homosexual experience during WWII and I’m actually a bit offended by it. But I have not been to Berlin to see the memorial. So, I guess I can’t really speak of it.

  4. Rowan says

    Agree with the above.

    Apart from titilation from this video, how is representation of those poor gay activists/people brought through with this video??

    How odd.

    But I can see the reason to shock and put it ‘out there’, though it doesn’t do much good in the short term-only rising anger like this…

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