1. wisebear says

    Cute! I’d say good for Pepsi except that I’m sure that Pepsi Max is truly Satan’s beverage sent to destroy Britain and then the world.

  2. Don says

    I liked it! I found it funny while acknowledging natural differences. Straight guys can go “huh, what?” without coming across as homophobic. Simple, sweet, and to the point. A very smart move on Pepsi’s part. This might be why the AFA is so up in arms. The more effective the product the more threatened they feel. Thanks to Pepsi for taking this on. They don’t have to and I appreciate it.

  3. Jonathan says

    Haven’t we seen this before? Doesn’t the punchline lose its interest when this many commercials have already done it?

  4. elg says

    If you liked the commercial, boys, you better let Pepsi hear how much you liked it because you know they’re going to hear from the homophobes.

  5. says

    It’s cute and catchy, but honestly, I am SHOCKED that the brand police at Pepsi didn’t put the kibosh on this right away. It could easily be construed that are saying: “Pepsi makes you gay.”

  6. Aiden Raccoon says

    My mom’s church is one of those big anti-gay church’s but she said that she isn’t going to boycott any Pepsi products and neither is their church who is the type of church who does boycott things. They won’t support any business that sells alcohol and stuff like that, but this isn’t even on their radar.

    Personally, I don’t like Pepsi much anyway but I went out and bought a case and Mountain Dew and some Funyuns (Frito-lay is also pepsi) in honor of the ban.

  7. David D. says

    The AFA? I knew most of them fed Pepsi to their toddlers in their sippy cups, but I didn’t think any of them drank it themselves.

  8. ichabod says

    I think the members of the AFA should stop squealing about what they see on TV and actually pay attention to, you know, raising their family. What kind of care is little Tiffany getting if mama is always out picketing McDonalds?

  9. Trog says

    Let’s not forget how these so-called Christian groups said we gays were mean and intolerant when we boycotted groups that supported Prop 8? Let’s point out this double standard to main stream media and everyone else.

    F*’n hypocrites.

    And yes: Support Pepsi. Buy its products and let the businesses know why. We can’t be silent.

  10. ty says

    Shouldn’t they call themselves the American Homophobe Association? They seem to be doing nothing to eliminate teen pregnancies and divorce, so the word “family” does not really describe their mission statement.
    Does HRC have a lawyer to investigate tax fraud??

  11. robert says

    I’m really glad any time Wildmon is pissed off, but as for the spot…I’m kinda tired of us being the cheap punchline.

  12. robert says

    I’m really glad any time Wildmon is pissed off, but as for the spot…I’m kinda tired of us being the cheap punchline.

  13. Guille says

    Where’s the advert? Has it been removed or blocked? Can’t find it anywhere. At any rate, good for Pepsi!

  14. patrick nyc says

    Pelosi is a scum bag bottom breeder. She makes her mother look classy, not an easy task.

  15. DrTheopolis says

    His straight friends look more horrified/aghast than they do surprised or bewildered by their mate’s choice. As the director, I would have reigned in the face that one het is making or reshot the ending with kind of a “slumping shoulders” gester (as if to say, “whatevs.”)

  16. Bryan says

    Oh look! I’m a target market! Free at last! I’m free at last… to be jerked around by my hormones just like straight guys. Thank you, Pepsi! Thank you for validating my desperate-for-approval cocksucking buttfucking existence. I’ll be sure to serve your vile, tooth-rotting fizz muck in a can at my very own gay wedding.

  17. Angry Mark says

    So what the fcuk is this Wildman idiot doing moaning about what is being shown on UK television. We invented the damn box (a guy called Logie Baird from Scotland). His AFA (first “A” is for America, I believe) has already meddled in the affairs of Mars and Heinz and their ads made for UK television – and their ads were dropped because of “outrage” from a small bunch of Cabury Fruit and Nut cases in USA. Stay the fcuk out of UK, Wildman and let us have what television shows/ads we want. Anyone got the email address of the chief of Pepsi in USA? I wanna write to him/her and say how much I enjoyed the ad and will be switiching to Pepsi.

  18. says

    The AFA posted the following numbers to encourage hateful bigots to call and say they will boycott Pepsi. PLEASE call and tell them you support Pepsi and lodge support AGAINST the AFA boycott. THANKS!!!!


    FRITO LAY: 800-352-4477
    TROPICANA: 800-237-7799
    GATORADE: 800-367-6287

  19. PatrickPatrick says

    Fcuk you Pepsi and your ad agency for this crappy commercial.

    The commercial would have been great if not for the “I’m about to vomit” look on the face of the friend on the right. WTF?

  20. natch says

    have to say i’m in the UK (Scotland) & have never seen that ad aired!

    & i don’t think it’s that respectful or supportive of us gay’s because it’s punchline is the ‘straights’ reaction, not the fact the guy pulled a guy – even then the scenario’s a piss-take, nerd (closet gay) pulls stereotype musclebound t-shirt wearing type gay… yawn.

    it’s fag hag manipulation, yet again.

  21. boomtheearth says

    My problem with the ad is that it doesn’t make any sense. If those two are supposed to be his friends, then they’re already aware that he’s gay, and his hitting on the hunky guy wouldn’t be shocking. If he’s not out to them, he’s not going to come out by hitting on some guy in a bar. I guess it’s possible that they’re all just guys talking in a bar or something and don’t really know each other that well, but that hardly seems likely with the advert being the way it is. I don’t know, I’m kind of disappointed with it, though I appreciate the effort at least.

  22. Dean says

    i agree with marty. it’s ambiguous whether this spot is fully behind the gay issue because of the friend’s frozen expression on the right. the preceding 95% seems pretty fun and gay. and they gave the grrls and str8boys plenty of t!ts!

    i think there should also be a blog collecting more subliminally gay ads by companies that want gays to feel included in the mainstream message — there seem to be more and more each year!

  23. says

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