1. Grahame Perry says

    Martin Delaney and the organization the he founded and lead for about 20 years. helped people make decisions which saved many of our lives. Even when there was little to feel positive about Delaney helped to bring hope and options to many in the darkest days of the epidemic. His contributions are more than most people realize but his kindness, compassion and intellect were equally noteworthy. He will be missed by many of us who knew him.

  2. peterparker says

    When I tested positive eleven years ago, the information supplied (for free!) by Project Inform helped me get a handle on what I was dealing with. Along with the advice of my doctor, I used Project Inform as a resource to help me make decisions about medications and to stay informed about the always changing landscape of HIV/AIDS. I urge everyone reading this to consider a donation to Project Inform. They are a great support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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