Amy Winehouse Stalks Table of Cocktails After Hotel Cuts Her Off


Brit tab The Sun reports that Amy Winehouse is on the island of St. Lucia at a spa for a “health kick” and while she starts the day withyoga and exercise, it rapidly goes downhill from there:

“…by lunchtime bikini-clad Amy is relaxing with a drink on the beach or even openly smoking joints by the pool. Come nightfall and she is hitting the bottle with pals — despite the booze ban agreed by her management and staff. The Rehab star also baffles guests with her mood swings. One said: ‘One minute she is very pleasant, saying, ‘All right darlin’ and chatting to people and having photos taken. The next she is throwing things and swearing her head off.’ … She was spotted creeping up behind one woman, asking for a cigarette and then sprinting away with her cocktail. A source at the £200-a-night resort said: ‘We keep catching her crawling past bars, or hiding behind chairs. She grabs guests’ drinks and runs off, like a squirrel with a nut.’ Another guest said: ‘She’s like a child craving attention. It’s embarrassing. She comes in for dinner barefoot and in her bikini, even though the dress code is smart casual. Then she will go and sit on her balcony topless playing the guitar when everyone is trying to sleep.'”


  1. Jay says

    See, that’s just sad. It’s also why resorts should have a policy about segregating noveau riche celebs and the regular folk.

  2. Alex says

    I love Amy’s music, but her crazy antics have been wearing thin. Who knows when the followup to Back to Black will emerge and if it’ll match that album’s brilliance?

    However, reading about Amy’s antics in St. Lucia made me wish John Waters would adapt them into film with Sascha Baron Cohen playing Amy Winehouse.

  3. says

    Did she sprint with that stolen cocktail sans spillage, that’s the question. Amy, Amy, Amy. It’s especially sad when the talented ones can’t pull themselves together, whereas the bimbos seem to manage it.

  4. JeffRob says

    OMG, what a freak.
    But seriously, if she can sprint with a martini glass and not spill a drop, props.

  5. Paul R says

    Most people at her level of fame stay in far more secluded places. If she’s really disturbing the other guests so much, why don’t they kick her out? Or do they, like her, need and enjoy publicity?

  6. Will says

    Only 200 pounds a night?? That’s what, about 300 dollars a night? Hardly an exclusive resort.

  7. Teresa Mase says

    They should kick her out and they should be respecting other guests space. As someone said they have more secluded places for celebrities…she should go some where else

  8. criskross says

    Amy is just Alright with me. If I go on vacation and swipe a couple of drinks off a table I get slapped on the hand and asked to leave. If Amy does it it gets in all the papers. I think she deserves a break, we all love her music and she is an artist. Artists are a wild and wonderful bunch that give our world some color and we love them for it and punish them for it all at the same time. Go pick on Boy George ffs.