1. Tex... says

    Why are idiots like this still in “public service”?

    His main endorsements come from the Bush brothers and his organization espouses market deregulation.

    You would think he would slink of under the rock he came out from under.


  2. rudy says

    “[T]hat joker” is already out of elected office. Try to pay attention folks.

    I say let these fools prattle on. I want them in the public arena. Give them a saop box and a bullhorn. The more they exercise their first amendment freedom, the more ridiculous they sound. Such morons make the case for the rest of us. Way to go Ms. Walsh: articulate, composed, funny, and deadly in response.

  3. bboy78 says

    Remember, folks, Dick Armey was the one who referred to Barney Frank as Barney Fag on the floor of the US House. Armey claimed it was a slip, but I guess now everyone’s starting to get a sense of this guy’s true nature.

  4. BRUCE says

    The remark BBOY78 mentions gave rise to one of Barney Frank’s best witticisms: “Well, I don’t think anyone has ever called my mother Mrs. Fag.” As to letting people like Armey talk, I’m all for it, for the reasons Rudy points out.

  5. BRUCE says

    The remark BBOY78 mentions gave rise to one of Barney Frank’s best witticisms: “Well, I don’t think anyone has ever called my mother Mrs. Fag.” As to letting people like Armey talk, I’m all for it, for the reasons Rudy points out.

  6. Clay says

    In fairness, Joan Walsh is a bit of an asshole, and Dick Armey is one of the few leading Republicans to state that GOP needs to stop pandering to “congenital malcontents”(his words) on the Religious Right.

    Of course it’s still a dick thing to say.

  7. bboy8 says

    Thanks for the reminder, Bruce, I’d forgotten that response. As for whether or not Joan Walsh is an “asshole,” I don’t really care one way or another. The character of a person is most tested when under stress–if Walsh was being rude or condescending to Armey (which, from the full clip, did not necessarily seem to be the case), Armey still would have not been justified in any manner in using such outright sexist language. By the way, I’m not jumping on Clay but just trying to put a fine point on why this upsets me so much. As for Armey’s supposed discomfort with the religious right–I don’t really get any sense that he’s doing anything real about that other than making some ill-considered remarks. Remember, guys, this guy became House Majority Leader due to the fundraiser and GOTV of the religious right–it’s a little disengenous to claim now that he’s uncomfortable with their grip on the Republican Party when he was a primary beneficiary of them. Would have been more worthwhile for him to speak out on the religious right’s vise grip on the party prior to retiring, otherwise it’s just sour grapes from a has-been.

  8. says

    Put the wedding dress away, Joan. You won’t be able to marry that Dick after all.

    On a side note, I saw Rush on TV lately, and it looked like he’d had “work” done, making him look even more creepy than ever, like an enormous freak baby.

  9. Aiden Raccoon says

    What happened to Rush. I do remember 15 years or so ago, yes that long ago, hearing him on the radio and I used to like him. He actually made good points and was a good political critic. Now he has an us VS them mentality and anything the fag-enabling Democrats do is immoral, evil and socialist.

  10. Alex Parrish says

    I didn’t see the whole interview –just this clip, but Dick Armey comes-off as a real jerk and a bully. And I have not forgotten his “slip” about Barney Frank, either, so his reputation continues to build with this clip. I agree that, if we give him enough opportunity, he will prove himself to be the jerk we all suspect he is.

    I wonder, however, why he gets any exposure at all? He is retired — from an Repugnican-controlled congress which has bankrupted the country both morally and financially, so why would ANYONE want to know what he thinks? I just wish the networks would give him the attention he deserves — that is, IGNORE him. Why should he be on TV at all? Let him retire into the oblivion he so richly deserves.

  11. nic says

    sexism: the last refuge of an emasculated male. dick armey and his ilk are going to go kicking and screaming to their graves. they know that their time has passed.

    i was struck by how the obamas made the bushes look old and small — passe`, as it were — the last hurrah of conservatism. i am not concerned by the dinosaurs. though i am a cynic at heart, i think we’re on the right track now.

  12. Craig says

    Interesting comments. Actually, it seems that most people forgot he is no longer in congress. That’s good, because the rest of the public probably thinks he’s still there too, and is undoubtedly lumping them in with him. Tie this idiot and Limbaugh to the Republicans all we can. This is wonderful!

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