1. says

    At least with Jean Claude Van Damme, you get at least ONE gratuitous butt shot per movie.

    Unless it’s “Universal Soldier” then you get several!

    And a nice butt at that!

    Hollywood really does not have anything left in the tank, does it? Wow.

  2. Leland Frances says

    For more of his Oscar-caliber “neck down” talent, see below. Clicking on the expand photo feature and converting to black and white makes the last one all the more enjoyable.

    Actually, he’s pretty classic from the neck up, too, and has had good moments in some films that suggest a good director/coach could bring out greater thespian talents.

    Besides, how many good films by the recognized “good actors” have you seen lately? At least HE gives us something worth looking at in HIS bad films.

  3. vilflor says

    “Straight” boys love these movies where really hot “staight” guys get to take their clothes off and touch one another — albeit, in some brutal manner. (In other words, suffering for their sin.) It’s one reason so many “straight” men have NO idea how to treat women, except of course, in a similarly brutal fashion. Consequently, I believe gay porn should be MANDATORY in all high schools.

  4. Chris says

    @Javier…the ‘boxer’ with his back to the camera is Brian J. White and he’s HOT hotter than Channing. But agree with other posters, this has been done before.

  5. Fes says

    Rad: No, let’s hope Terrence Howard DID try to baby wipe him, someone on the crew caught said wiping on film, and said film finds its way onto towleroad.

  6. terry says

    Why can’t he and Sean Faris be in the same film? At least it will be beefcake heaven. I actually want to see Public Enemies and G.I. Joe. Those should be decent.

  7. my2cents says

  8. Doug says

    If you want to see MORE of Brian, check out the underseen, but surprisingly good Mr. 3000. He plays a hot shot baseball player who needs to learn to be more grounded opposite bernie mac. yes, there is a nice locker room scene, but it is a good movie besides that.

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