If You Can Make It There


“The hipster rent boy would be someone who’s smart and has a lot of other things going on, lots of ambitions, but who realizes upon coming here that living the whole New York lifestyle is going to be hugely expensive. He’s relatively new to New York and has a taste for clothing; wants a better apartment, maybe even a car. He realizes it’s gonna take awhile to get ahead in whatever career he wants to get ahead in, especially if it’s acting or fashion or art. And he figures out that he can supplement his lifestyle based on his looks alone.”

— Sean van Sant, CEO of Rentboy.com, to the New York Observer on the world’s oldest profession, the recession and the Big Apple.


  1. says

    As someone who has spent some time (not sexual and not for a fee) with Jason Preston (pictured with Marc Jacobs) let me assure you that one of the words I would use to describe him would not be “smart”

  2. Wouldn'tyouliketoknow says

    Thanks for writing this. I would invite the writer to delve deeper into the industry to expose another level not yet discussed. Race. As a black rentboy (and 30), there’s a whole different territory out there for us. 90% of my clients have what I call a “mandingo fantasy.” And having caucasian and hispanic friends that are also rentboys opens my eyes to the price difference between all of us as well as treatment.

    I’ve personally been treated much worse by the same client as my white counterpart and we’re about the same build and age. But we traded notes on what place he took us both and how he spoke to both of us. I don’t have an offensive personality, so it’s hard for me to believe it was something that I’d done to warrant him talking to me in an unsavory fashion. My friend on the other hand, was treated very, very well and was given gifts. Our latino friend, who has been doing this far longer than both of us, remarked that as of the last 3 years, he’s noticed that he’s been in more demand and can’t help but wonder if there’s a correlation between the amount (or popularity) of latin men he sees in gay ads to what his clients want.

    Talking about this I feel really reveals how our society works- through this particular vantage.

  3. Joke says

    Thats really interesting WYLTK. If you started a blog, I’d read all of it. I’ve thought about the subject (race and gay escorting) before but never really tried learning anything about it.