1. Alex in Boston says

    That’s typical GOP ramblings! Piss on those freedoms which they do not like! If Joe keeps this up he can join Palin in 2012 and they can Piss there way to the White House!
    What is it with these people? Sarah wants to be the GOP candidate in 2012 and she has yet to accept any responsibility for her campaign other then blaming everyone and every thing BUT herself for the McCain/Palin loss!

    You would think that the first presidential quality you would want in a candidate is “Personal Responsibility”!

  2. Mike says

    When will this clueless, uneducated, unlicensed plumber go away? Between him and Palin, I blame the media for all this attention they keep getting, and, then there is the spouting off of right wing talking points that only the brain dead can understand.

  3. Gianpiero says

    One hopes that after the Inauguration, these pathetic sideshows (e.g., Joe, Palin, Coulter) will face the obscurity and media disinterest that their irrelevance warrants.

  4. Strepsi says

    What a heartfelt letter of resignation. We whole-heartedly accept it. Sorry to see you leave the media permanently, and we do not expect to see you back.
    Happy Plumbing.
    Best Regards,
    The World.

  5. says

    Maybe while Joe is in Israel as a war correspondent who doesn’t believe in reporting war, the real war correspondents should go tackle some plumbing problems in Ohio. Are there really people besides Sean Hannity who don’t want this man to disappear forever?

  6. mike in manhattan says

    come on guys, cheer up! The Republicans have put this idiot up as a “real” American … they’ll have a rough time undoing the damage his stupidity is causing them …

  7. Zinc Alloy says

    I say give the man all the media attention he can handle. The Palin/Joe The (Not Really A) Plumber axis has done more for the Democratic party than…well, anyone.

    Bait him and let him rip!

  8. AzBearin says

    This idiot has a lot of nerve!! He bitches and moans about the media YET he puts his ugly mug on and spouts off his BS…I say we give him a gun with 5 bullets, blind fold him and drop him in the middle of Basra or somewhere just as “safe”. Lets see how he handles it….freakin idiot!

  9. BC says

    Really guys? Death threats? Come on!! Remove “Joe the Plumber” from the situation and doesn’t he make a good point? The USA won wars outright when the media wasn’t involved, actively TRYING to find things that the military was doing that were questionable. The media gets involved and propoganda starts. The media tells us every single move the military makes, therefore telling the opponents the moves as well.

    He is absolutely right – what gives a reporter the right to make judgements on what people who are facing death every day do to stay alive and to keep their people safe? Reporters USED TO BE OBJECTIVE. Now so many of them think that they know a better military strategy or a better diplomatic strategy. If they know it so well then join the freeking military and help us!

    Also, if we quit putting stories like this on websites, Joe will go away quicker as well. If this website is billed as news stories of interest to gay men, how the hell does what this guy says have any impact on my life. I could give two shits what Joe says or does. Why do you?

  10. says

    Hmmmm. So basically, Joe the not-a-plumber says that American newspapers should have never covered the Blitz? Is this guy on his 17th minute of fame or what?

    More importantly, what does it say of any news outfit that would send him in a any capacity as a reporter? Perhaps I missed the part about Joe going to j school while he was not getting his plumbing license…

  11. Ben says

    What annoys me most about Joe the Plumber is that the mainstream media has COMPLETELY ignored his connections to the Keating family. He’s the nephew of Charles Keating’s brother who lives in suburban Cincinnati. Our local press reported on this connection…but the Big Media ignored it. Joe was supposed to be the McCain campaign’s big October surprise…we see how well that worked. Still – he’s complete theatre. A show that’s run well past its closing date.

  12. DCPoster says

    It is hilarious to hear so-called Republicans advocating reducing freedom of the press. It’s the only thing that has ever kept our government even remotely honest. If you doubt that, go see Frost/Nixon (which is excellent) and try to imagine what our country would have been like without the Washington Post’s pursuit of Nixon and his crimes.

  13. Alex Parrish says

    This guy is about as bright as one of his plumber’s wrenches. Oh, Wait! He’s not really a plumber EITHER! What a ‘tool.’ If ever there was a person for whom this phrase was coined… “Get a life!”

  14. says

    “He is absolutely right – what gives a reporter the right to make judgements on what people who are facing death every day do to stay alive and to keep their people safe? Reporters USED TO BE OBJECTIVE.”

    Let me get this straight, BC. You think that all the reporters out there risking their lives in war zones, some embedded with the troops, to bring you an accurate picture of what is happening are incapable of being objective and perform no useful service? Perhaps we should eliminate the press altogether and simply depend upon the word of government officials and the military and right-wing unlicensed plumbers because, god knows, they’re always correct and objective in their assessment of world happenings. But, since Joe is an expert, let’s take his word on things and ditch the analysis of people who’ve like been doing this for years and have a fundamental understanding of world history.

  15. MAJeff says

    “Reporters USED TO BE OBJECTIVE.”


    I wonder if any of the people complaining about news and “objectivity” have ever actually studied the history of journalism.

  16. Aiden Raccoon says

    I love it when Republicans bitch about Democrats taking freedoms away and controlling their lives and then they call for the media to shut up even though we have 1st Amendment speech protections in this country. Just like the fundies who like to pick and choose what Leviticus rules they want to follow.

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