1. soulbrotha says

    “I love the fact that you have real breasts!”
    “I love that you have real breasts!!!”
    “I love that you have real breasts!!!!!”

    Damn, you would have thought Winslet had turned water to wine the way Okra was acting! Don’t MOST actresses have real breasts?

  2. says

    I wish Oprah would love the fact that she is in her 50s and has the body of a real 50 year old woman, instead of becoming overly conscious of her weight every few years with her yo-yo dieting. If she wants to lose some weight…fine, but don’t make a federal case out of it every time you put on a few pounds. It’s just so tired.

  3. niles says

    As for the weight issue, this is classic Oprah: she’s using it for one last public “struggle” to be played out for her viewers. Expect to have her “triumph” in a few months over her demons. Also expect people to buy it.

  4. says

    As soon as I saw this part of the show yesterday, all I could think is what Joel McHale would do with this classic WTF moment on the Soup this week! It was just surreal!