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Portland Group to Rally in Support of Mayor Sam Adams

A Facebook Group with nearly 2,000 members has sprung up in support of Portland Mayor Sam Adams, whose recent confession that he had a consensual sexual relationship with another adult male but lied about it during his campaign appears to have divided the city and has prompted calls for his resignation and a criminal investigation.

Adams_breedloveThere is a rally in support of Adams tonight at Portland City Hall at 5:30, organized by "Sam Adams supporters who feel that his two decades of committed service to the city of Portland by far outweigh his honesty about the details of his (legal and consensual) sex life. Our trust is not broken because he made a mistake when cornered with an inappropriate question."

Adams said yesterday that the public will know 'within days' if he will resign:

"Adams did not appear in public Thursday but told The Oregonian he spent much of the day with his pastor and with his mentor, former Portland Mayor Vera Katz. 'It's important that I learn the lessons that need to be learned regardless of what I decide,' said Adams, who apologized at length to Portlanders Tuesday."

Byron Beck, who has written for Portland's alternative weekly Williamette Week and considers Adams a friend, said on his blog, "It’s unfortunate that gays, women and African Americans have to be held to a different standard than straight, white middle class males." Beck snapped the photo of Adams with Beau Breedlove in 2008.

Breedlove_2Breedlove, the former legislative intern who had the relationship with Adams, released a statement earlier this week (as his MySpace page was being mined for photos like the one at left):

"The past day of news coverage regarding my brief 2005 relationship with Mayor Sam Adams has been stressful, to say the least. I would like to publicly apologize to those who were negatively affected by my mishandling of the situation during the 2007 mayoral campaign. Reflecting back, I regret misleading anyone about the nature of the relationship. When the subject first surfaced during the campaign, I was living out-of-state and I did not anticipate the impact it might have on Portland's mayoral campaign. While my first instinct was to tell the truth, I also wanted to protect Sam Adams' reputation, considering our valuable friendship. Sam Adams has always been a positive influence and friend to me. He has many outstanding qualities to bring to his position as Mayor of the City of Portland and I wish nothing but the best for him. I hope this subject can ultimately be put to rest and I sincerely believe in Sam Adams and what he can do for the city of Portland as Mayor. Again, I truly apologize to those were affected by my mishandling of the situation in 2007. Sincerely, Beau Breedlove."

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  1. I love the fact that it says "no minors" on the sign in the pic. Classic.

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 23, 2009 12:01:28 PM

  2. Byron Beck is not friends with Sam Adams. He's such a fame whore.

    Posted by: Swaim | Jan 23, 2009 12:06:42 PM

  3. While there's definitely merit to the idea that minorites are often held to a different standard, in this case I'd have to say that's not what's at play. I think the stiry would still be playing if it had been a potentially underage female staffer. To me, the big issue is that the mayor failed to realize (or worse, didn't care) about the conflict of interest this creates from a professional and political perspective. Romancing a "subordinate" isn't a good idea. It implies you're willing to abuse position and power to get what you want. Not a good impression for anyone - gay or straight - to make if you want the public's trust.

    Posted by: Jay | Jan 23, 2009 12:08:45 PM

  4. Breedlove was an intern for the state government in Salem. Adams worked for the city government in Portland. That's a common misconception going around. It wasn't worksite related. However, Adams admitted that the "mentoring" the young man was a cover for the relationship.

    Posted by: osu student | Jan 23, 2009 12:21:11 PM

  5. I realize some are coming to the defense of Sam Adams, however I must disagree with statements that this was between two consenting adults (or the ridiculous notion that because heterosexual males in similar positions have done the same thing, that should not give any one a pass, gay or straight).

    Sam Adams met Breedlove while Breedlove was serving as an intern in his office at the age of 17. Adams has admitted to being sexually interested in Breedlove when Breedlove was 17, under the legal age of consent in Oregon. The statement that Adams waited until Breedlove was 18 should hold very little credence, as Adams' intentions were beyond the duties of an intern and provide evidence that Adams made the decision to wait a year before sexually approaching a minor. This reflects very badly on Adams' judgment. It should not matter whether they waited for sexual activity to be mutual and legal, there should have been no sexual misconduct between an intern and his employer for obvious reasons. Further, the act of both parties in covering up this relationship during Adams' campaign is atrocious and suggests that both parties knew what they did was inappropriate, not just possibly illegal.

    All of this is very prudent as Adam's is in a career that deals with legalities and public responsibility. While we as a community may know that homosexuality does not equate sexual perversion and/or pedophilia, the fact that Adams, a homosexual adult male, is in a position of power and public scrutiny places responsibility on his shoulders. As such, Adams should have thought very carefully before making the decision (waiting a year for someone to be legal is appalling, as Adams made the daily conscious decision to wait, thus he made a bad decision every time he entertained the notion of approaching Breedlove).

    I loathe the idea that the first gay mayor of a large city is involved in a stereotypical homosexual controversy. Adams should step down immediately, if not for his own self-respect but for the respect of the community he represents (whether he likes it or not). It should not be relevant that Breedlove consented in any way, Adams' waited for an underage intern to be legal before sexually approaching him, and as a man in power sexually approaching any employee is unacceptable.

    Posted by: CJ | Jan 23, 2009 12:23:12 PM

  6. What kind of name is Breedlove? Sounds like a porn star. Adams should have automatically stayed away from him simply on the merits of the name "Breedlove".

    Posted by: IL voter | Jan 23, 2009 12:31:00 PM

  7. As OSU student stated, Breedlove was an intern for the state government in Salem. Adams worked for the city government in Portland. It wasn't worksite related.

    CJ, you may want to reframe your argument.

    Posted by: David D. | Jan 23, 2009 12:33:46 PM

  8. David B.: Fine, he wasn't HIS intern, Breedlove was someone else's. Having stated such, it does not change the situation. Adams, acting as a city official, should have acted as such and made the decision in not sexually pursuing a minor. Even worse, as Breedlove was not working as his intern how did he meet Adams? Adams met Breedlove outside of a working relationship when Breedlove was 17, meaning Adam's kept in touch with Breedlove with the intent on sexually pursuing him when he was legal. Being in contact on a daily basis in the workplace is one situation but actively pursuing Breedlove when he wasn't even (supposedly) living in the same state is sad.

    You may want to rethink how you view an adult in public service sexually pursuing an out of state minor, I certainly would not want someone as Adams representing me.

    Posted by: Cj | Jan 23, 2009 12:42:47 PM

  9. That should have read "out of city minor"...

    Posted by: Cj | Jan 23, 2009 12:47:13 PM

  10. The fact that Adams and Breedlove did not initiate a sexual relationship until Breedlove was 18 doesn't seem to move a lot of people, but I think it's a significant point. CJ, would you feel better about the entire affair if Adams and Breedlove had met each other when Breedlove was a consenting adult (18 years old in the state of Oregon)? Then, this whole thing would have been just another office romance between two adults (who, as it's been pointed out, did not exist in the same chain of command). What if Breedlove had been 22? 28? 30? In the eyes of the law, an adult is an adult, and Adams - knowing this - waited until Breedlove was an adult before having a sexual relationship with him.

    While some (Mark Foley among them) might argue that there's very little difference between the maturity, psychology, and physiology of a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old, I might agree ... but Adams' actions showed that his respect for the law is greater than his own carnal desires - something you can't say for Foley, Larry Craig, or Eliot Spitzer.

    Posted by: Red Seven | Jan 23, 2009 12:50:59 PM

  11. I didn't realize that he was a state intern and not a direct report to Adams. That is interesting and colors the perspective a bit. The reporting I've read hasn't be crystal clear on that. Thanks for clarifying, OSU Student!

    Posted by: Jay | Jan 23, 2009 12:57:35 PM

  12. I guess gay politicians have to be celibate to serve in office. What a bunch of bullshit.

    Posted by: homer | Jan 23, 2009 12:59:42 PM

  13. CJ, on what do you base your insane decisions . . or, how do you determine your childish "ick" factor? Had the age of consent been one year lower in the state in question would it have been totally fine? Is a person's ability to function in government really directly tied to his dick? It seems your bonnet is a bit tight, even for an American puritan.

    Posted by: curious | Jan 23, 2009 1:05:57 PM

  14. Isn't Mayor David Cicilline known as the first openly elected mayor of a major city.

    Posted by: zeke star | Jan 23, 2009 1:06:20 PM

  15. Red Seven: There is a distinction in Adams' behavior. Adams pursued a minor with the intent of waiting a year until he was legal. First, there has been speculation on whether Adams actually waited, and from what has been written many close to the situation have publicly stated the inaccuracy of such a statement. As a public servant, Adams should have had no interest in a minor from the start, let alone maintaining such an inappropriate relationship.

    Intent is paramount in this situation. The law recognizes intent when discerning between homicide 1, 2 and manslaughter. Adams intentions in pursing a minor is a legal issue. Further covering up said relationship maintains the notion that Adams knew their relationship was inappropriate. Claiming there is no difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old physically, emotionally or otherwise is a decision for the courts. The law in Oregon clearly states that 18 is the age of consent. As not only a private but public citizen Adams should have obeyed that law from the beginning and distanced himself from Breedlove instead of actively pursuing him. This fact goes to Adams' state of mind and ability to make sound decision. Comparing Adams' admission of their relationship AFTER his election does not make him any better than Foley or other individuals in similar situations. What made Adams come forward? Why did Adams cover it up? Based on Adams ability in lying and poor judgment, I highly doubt Adams came forward on his own volition or due to any conscious or remorse. If remorse is the reason, then Adams clearly knows it was inappropriate. What about the fact Adams was in a relationship with another man, and kept his relationship with Breedlove from his partner?

    All these bad judgments are crucial as Adams has been in politics and made GLBT history by becoming the first openly homosexual Mayor of a large US city. With all the battles our community has, is and will face Adams should have realized his past indiscretions would become public knowledge, especially after covering them up by lying to the public he serves.

    When did this become NAMBLA? Seriously, with all do respect, giving Adams a pass because others have committed similar actions or that he is gay is wrong. If we want to make any progress we need to hold our political figures to the same standards as others. Otherwise, we're no better...

    Posted by: CJ | Jan 23, 2009 1:09:09 PM

  16. I don't think he was ever Adam's intern...check the facts. And I think Adams story is that they met a couple of months before B.B's 18th, not a year.If it turns out they had sex when the kid was underage, then Adams obviously has to go...not to mention face prosecution. And since he's already lied about the situation, independent investigation of this point seems reasonable . But if Breedlove was 18, then there should be no issue. That's the meaning of the age of consent law, after all. Adams should not be hounded out of office because some people find, or profess to find, his sex life distasteful. If we don't stand up for that principle, then, as a movement , where are we?.

    Posted by: Hank | Jan 23, 2009 1:14:48 PM

  17. This is ridiculous. He didn't work for him. He waited until he was 18 before he did anything sexual. Spin, spin, spin... Homer had it right... do gay politicians have to be celibate to serve in office?

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 23, 2009 1:16:55 PM

  18. Ok "curious", you have your opinions and I'll respect the law. This is about the law, I don't care what two consenting ADULTS do in the privacy of their own homes. Screw away, fist, skat, whatever gets your rocks off. This is about Adams, an adult working in politics, sexually pursuing an underage intern from another office while Adams kept this relationship not only from the public but his partner at the time. If it were anyone else, I wouldn't waste my time attempting to maturely and respectfully discuss a topic without calling others "insane" or "puritanical" (and if you knew me the last thing any one would state is that I am socially conservative, far from it, faaar from it).

    Truth be told, I'm really pissed that Adams' has just passed a hail mary to the far right. I realize not everyone should be concerned with such issues, but as a prominent homosexual political figure, Adams' relationship, whether truly right or wrong, just plays into the hands of the very people who voted Prop 8 into law. I couldn't give two sh*ts about Adams or Breedlove, I'm pissed as hell that Adams sought this position with such a bomb in his closet. You may state it does or shouldn't matter, but we all know that this is one more nail in our collective coffins.

    Flame away all you want, I've stated my opinion, and maintained a respectful tone to others, I'd appreciate the same in return.

    Posted by: Cj | Jan 23, 2009 1:18:24 PM

  19. CJ, he wasn't twelve, he was 17, when the mayor had interest in him. Moreover, 18 as age of consent is a bit high in comparison to other civilzed countries (are countries with death penalty civilzed? no ...).
    (Of course it's not acceptable if you are a public person.)

    This IS mind police, what you are calling for. There is a considerable difference between intended murder and and intended sexual relationship.
    Do you get that one is waiting until it's legal and the other is never legal?

    This comparison is so bad and stupid I don't have words for it.

    Posted by: Chris | Jan 23, 2009 1:21:17 PM

  20. Lol, I love the "No Minors" sign behind thm

    Posted by: zeke star | Jan 23, 2009 1:23:59 PM

  21. For some who have stated that Adams waited until Breedlove was legal and no law was broken, then why did Adams cover their relationship up from the beginning? Why did Adams lie while campaigning for Mayor? If there was no illegal activity, why the coverup? If the law was respected it should not have been an issue. There are too many discrepancies in their story.

    Posted by: Cj | Jan 23, 2009 1:24:27 PM

  22. hey cj, are you absolutely sure that adams pursued breedlove? i am not. i haven't read anything yet that says anything about who pursued whom.

    i can only say that just because adams is the older guy doesn't necessarily make him the hunter. he's a very attractive man and put in breedlove's shoes, i can honestly say that, at 17, i may have found myself going after adams myself.

    but you may be right, perhaps adams did pursue breedlove. right now, however, you're only providing us conjecture.

    Posted by: alguien | Jan 23, 2009 1:27:09 PM

  23. Jesus, I knew I should not have stated any thing. Forget it. I'm dumb, I don't know any thing, and the team investigating this situation is a laughing stock. Chris, I was simply attempting to state that intent is the issue, of course I realize this is not as serious as homicide, I was merely making the distinction in order to relay that Adams' intentions on sexually pursuing Breedlove when the law he upholds makes such relations illegal. Nothing more. Let's try to refrain from insulting others, this is simply a discussion, and if you believe I am incorrect then state so with some respect. Resorting to personal insults is uncalled for...

    I have been watching this from the sidelines for a while now and have held off making any comments as somehow I knew my comments would incite such vitriol. I guess the law is wrong then, and since other countries have lower ages of consent so should the U.S. In fact, let's lower it to 16, no make it 14. I'm sure parents would love to know that their high school student son or daughter is fair game for the teachers and others who they look up to. I do not care about what opinions others may have regarding the age of consent or what other countries determine such an age. Adams knew that Breedlove was underage, he pursued him and as such disregarded the law he upholds.

    As this discussion is turning ugly, I'll refrain from commenting further. It makes me sad though that others find it necessary in throwing around insults and personal attacks, that speaks more about us than anything...

    Posted by: Cj | Jan 23, 2009 1:34:27 PM

  24. Why did sam Lie? because this is exactly the same reaction people would have had if he had said hey yeah, by the way I had a fling with an 18 year old briefly like, oh, 4 years ago after my divorce.

    I've thought about it and thought about it. Sam Adams confessed to having an
    "affair" with an 18 year old former intern, Beau Breedlove. So what. Breedlove was 18, yes they met when he was 17 but seriously folks we ship off our boys to be mangled and mutilated with shrapnel in Iraq but an 18 year old young MAN is not capable of consensual sex? Give me a fucking break. While I am saddened that Sam chose to lie about the relationship I completely understand why he did. Anytime an older man and a younger man hook up people shout pervert and pedophile. When a heterosexual man does it it's called a " trophy wife/trophy fuck". Heterosexual women now aspire to be "cougars" like Kim Catrell's Samantha on Sex and the City or Demi Moore, in real life. But asymmetrical intergenerational homosexual relationships scream molestation and daddy issues. I've decided despite his lie (which was a bad move, bad Sam!) I will stand by his side and come to his aid anytime. He made a mistake.
    I'm so fucking sick of the ageist bullshit. It's such societal homophobia that pushes this issue. They were two consenting adults. Adults, folks Adults, they are still friends. Just because two men fuck does not mean they are criminals, which is the implication here. In decades past this would not be an issue nor discussed so publicly. I think this issue is an issue of sexuality. How many Senators , congressmen, PRESIDENTS (Bill, I'm looking at you!) fuck younger women, interns ect. , while married in office? This was no adultery, this was a man coming out of an 11 year relationship, a newly divorced man on the dating scene which as a Portlander myself I must say is slim pickings when it comes to good quality guys (sorry it's true!). Beau Breedlove was a hot younger guy who was smart and attractive and clearly an ego boost. We've all dated the ego booster, god knows mine was impetus to move cross country- to get away from him. People should be annoyed he lied but not crucify him for sleeping with another GROWN man. If 18 is not adult enough for Americans the lets recall our service men and women of that age. If they can be sent to take a bullet they should be allowed to make the choice to make love to the person they choose.

    Also Beau was never Sam's intern, he was a legislative intern in Salem, so there is no ethical issue there either folks.

    Posted by: Support SAM ADAMS | Jan 23, 2009 1:37:18 PM

  25. Rally in favor of a lying idiot. Brilliant.

    Posted by: Joe | Jan 23, 2009 1:42:15 PM

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