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Portland Oregon's Gay Mayor Sam Adams Admits Sexual Relationship With Teenage Former Staffer In 2005

Sam_adams_2 Portland, Oregon's just-inducted openly gay mayor, Sam Adams, 44, has confessed to having had a sexual relationship with teenage former staffer Beau Breedlove in 2005.  Adams was a county commissioner at the time. Although Adams and Breedlove met when the teen was 17 years old, Adams maintains that he and Breedlove did not have sex until Breedlove was 18.  Adams apologized to the local press today:

Beaubreedlove_3"Until today I have not discussed the true nature of the relationship with anyone. Not my friends, family, staff or colleagues on the council. I have apologized to Beau Breedlove for asking him to lie for me. I want to apologize to my colleagues for my dishonesty and especially to the people of Portland for my dishonesty. I should have been truthful from the beginning,"

Adams had been questioned about his relationship with the then-teen before his November election, but both he and and the young man told the press at the time that their relationship had only been platonic. It not yet clear why Adams has now admitted the relationship or whether he intends to stay in office.  Adams' election in 2008 was hailed by LGBT activists, as Portland had become the largest city in the country with an openly gay mayor.

UPDATE: After the jump is a radio interview that Adams made with a Portland station today. The sound is a bit garbled at times, but Adams says that he doesn't yet know whether he'll be keeping his job. Asked if his apology is enough to satisfy the voters, Adams replies, "That's up to the people of Portland."

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  1. Come on. We all knew what we were doing at 17.

    Posted by: GregNLA | Jan 21, 2009 7:44:24 PM

  2. It's strange: gays are up in arms when hetherosexuals find the idea of two men being sexually close repulsive, sick or worse, but then some of them are ready to moralize about a sexual relationship because of an age difference that they find "inacceptable" and perverted.

    Guess, now the gay community can understand the "hetherosexual community's" moral point of view.

    I personally don't expect other gays to "represent" me and I don't expect a politician to represent me either. I judge a mayor on his work: I would bother if he lied about stealing money, not if he lied about his private love life, straight or gay. It's still obviously not an easy task to talk openly about one own gayness.

    And I am so sick of this calling 17 or 18 olds "children". Do the USA have children soldier like some African country??

    Anyway, every politician lies: were you believing Bush and the CIA when they said Saddam Hussein had mass destruction weapons? This lie had worse consequences for us all than the Lewinsky story.

    As an extra information: the mayor of Berlin, Germany is gay; the mayor of Paris, France is gay; the mayor of Hamburg, Germany is gay. And those are not small cities.

    Posted by: E from M | Jan 21, 2009 7:56:06 PM

  3. I could care less with whom he had sex. The part of the story that is being glossed over is that he made the kid lie. And after the lies had been told, a reporter from a weekly Portland paper had been investigating, abruptly dropped the story and began working for the city in a job she was not qualified for. I would hope that the questionable ethics of these actions would be more forward in the story rather than the whole sex part of the story. Sex is not unethical.

    Posted by: neurot | Jan 21, 2009 9:09:12 PM

  4. Will this person be able to stay in office? I hope not, as many others in my Portland neighborhood feel. Lies, deception, inappropriate behavior and more.......how can he possibly stay in office? The liberal slant that permeates this town with reckless abandon, specializes in ways to allow absolutely poor decisions and conduct to continue. If anyone thinks this type of behavior is acceptable in our supposed leaders, you are condoning weak individuals, low morals and bad behavior as tolerable. Is that the type of message to send to the youth?

    He should apologize for his erroneous thinking and step down without the government spending even more money making the point by investigating him. Good bye Sam!

    Posted by: corey | Jan 21, 2009 9:34:06 PM

  5. as long as the Mayor was not dooing anything "ILLEGAL" and is doing a great job as Mayor who cares!!!!

    he was elected to be mayor if he is performing well, then his PERSONAL life is for him to deal with.

    "morals" are not for any of us to impose on another.

    as long as he does what he is paid to do. then I dont care.

    i dont care if all he does is lie about HIS personal private life..
    as long as it doesnt affect his job..so be it

    all you "perfect" moral people who never lie and are saints should not even be on here.. go back to church and Pray and see what good it does.

    Posted by: MDG | Jan 21, 2009 9:39:50 PM

  6. I am so sick of the lateral hostility & judgmentalism in our community, having been an out political lesbian for almost 40 yrs. The political correctness changes through the years along with what we strive for and what we consider equal rights.
    What doesn't change is the hostility towards those who work hardest for us as leaders, WHY MUST WE EAT OUR OWN??!!

    Sam while City Commissioner had a consensual relationship with another adult male who was NOT his intern but one in the State Legislature. Period. IT IS NO ONE'S BUSINESS WHAT HE DOES IN HIS PERSONAL LIFE.
    Sam was just out of an 11 yr relationship, single. Maybe he didn't make the best choice for politics but I believe they cared about each other and it didn't work out. Then Beau got into a 2 yr relationship with another man some 20 years older. NONE OF THIS IS OUR/YOUR BUSINESS! But the homophobic & church lady responses fly unabated without any verification.

    I have been hit on so many times through the years by younger women, 2 of whom I had relationships with (14 yrs difference). WHO CARES???

    As I came out as a political lesbian in 1968-69 we wanted to smash both marriage & monogamy as a hetero construct.
    Today it's ALL gay marriage (to the detriment of other issues, often) and sex negativity. Quite a progression. And whichever year it is, most of us judge EVERYONE by that month's values.

    And Bob Ball was a neophyte political rival and real estate developer who hoped to become mayor with NO governmental experience (or political smarts or ethics) by publicly branding Sam (the leading candidate with years of experience and vision) as a pedophile long after the consensual relationship had ended. Did he ask Sam or Beau about this? NO.

    Sam lied. Most would in his position. He should've said none of your business but his enemies wouldn't have let it go. And of course they never did.

    Clinton was not convicted and never should've been charged. Did you or Sam's persecutors support his impeachment? I did not, and I certainly don't support crucifying Sam.

    We need Sam to continue his fine job as our mayor, and we need to get our panties untwisted and stand by him.

    Posted by: Millynn | Jan 21, 2009 10:41:01 PM

  7. Attention! He lied! He lied repeatedly and coerced the kid to help him lie. Dishonest, intentionally manipulative and not acceptable. It is not the actual act. It is everything surrounding the coverup. Anyone care about what type of leader their city has? Is this the message you want to sent out to other cities also? I think not!!

    Posted by: corey | Jan 21, 2009 10:52:28 PM

  8. YAY MILLYNN I'm glad someone with some clout behind them supports Mayor Adams. I couldnt agree more with what your saying.

    My Boyfriend (22) is planning a political career. the only challenges he faces so far are his age and my age (35) we have been together 4 years and going strong!

    I told him i would disappear ou of the picture if he felt it would further his goals.

    of course him being the perfect boyfriend wants to be open about everything and have me at his side. ( I soo love you DCS)
    Kisss hugggs im' truly lucky!

    hang in there Mayor Adams!!

    Posted by: MDG | Jan 22, 2009 3:35:53 AM

  9. o BTW if Mayor Adams supports tolling our bridges, making and already miserable trip down town even worse..
    Ill have to re-consider my support and contributions.. hehe

    and if a millage tax ever happens,
    WA state will have a new resident. *wink*

    Posted by: MDG | Jan 22, 2009 3:45:53 AM

  10. Question. How did this all come out? Who gave this information to the press? Who knew about it other than Adams and Breedlove? Were they open about it at the time? My feeling has to do with the fact that this young man was employed, a staffer. For me, thats the problem.

    Posted by: glennmcgahee | Jan 22, 2009 9:00:06 AM

  11. Besides hot sex, what does the mayor get from this? These hot young guys want a place to stay, someone to appreciate them beyond the muscles and the cute young face. What does the mayor get back? Does the risk excite him? Or is he one who actually thinks that the unformed youth is going to morph into a life partner? These do end with drama, always. Oh the shock of finding manhunt.net in your honey's browser history. We keep a few friends for the sure purpose a seeing this show once every few months.

    Posted by: james | Jan 23, 2009 4:47:18 AM

  12. I respect all comments except TODD AND JOEY BENNETT-DALLMAN.
    The only thing that would make sense to all of us is if you admitted your an idiot. We all know it, but it would be cool to have you say it. Get a hobby besides spamming all over the internet. You are what people DO NOT want to hear from. Find a different hobby maybe staying of the internet and keeping your mouth shut.

    Posted by: NU2CITY | Jan 23, 2009 9:29:14 AM

  13. The fact that the young man was an intern definitely shows bad judgement. Other than that, I don't see where it's anyone's business. Two consenting adults.

    I do feel bad for the gay community. The right wingers have got to be living this.

    Posted by: Demon | Jan 23, 2009 7:16:26 PM

  14. I am happy for everyone - gay, straight, young and old. Everyone should accept the relationship as valid and legal. Gay relationships is a life style choice that should be taught in our schools. Its already presented in childrens books in Portland publiv librarys along with books on farting.

    Posted by: Mister CE | Jan 24, 2009 1:27:34 AM

  15. I want the readers of this publication to know that tonight hundreds of people attended a rally in support of Sam Adams, with little notice given, right at the end of the workday. For every one of us who was there, I'm sure there were at least 10 others who also support Sam Adams as our Mayor.

    Sam Adams made a mistake in lying about his relationship, but it shouldn't have been asked about in the first place. In this homophobic, sexphobic culture I don't blame him for lying.

    For the 500 people at the support rally there were about 5-10 people against Adams. Most of them were Jesus freaks who clearly wouldn't support Adams under any circumstance.

    The energy "against" Adams has mostly been a media construction, of giving "equal time" to yahoos who don't like our mayor to begin with.

    I love and support my gay mayor and I think it will be much better for our city and for the gay community at large, if we keep Adams in office and allow him to continue doing the great work he does for Portland.

    We didn't impeach Clinton. We didn't impeach BUSH, who actually lied about things that caused MASS DEATH. We sure as hell shouldn't ask Adams to resign.

    - Jennifer Howell, Portland citizen

    Posted by: Jennifer Howell | Jan 24, 2009 4:57:26 AM

  16. Sam Adams DID NOT break any laws! Also, Sam was not under oath when he answered the questions regarding his PERSONAL LIFE. Geeesh people. Did you vote to appoint Mr. Adams as Portland's Mayor based on his sex life or lack-of? OR DID WE APPOINT HIM TO RUN THE CITY COUNCIL? UGH...WAKE UP. LET HIM DO HIS JOB AND GET OUT OF HIS BEDROOM!

    If you didn't know already...this Beau Breedlove HIMSELF said the following about Sam Adams:

    "Sam Adams has always been a positive influence and friend to me. He has many outstanding qualities to bring to his position as Mayor of the City of Portland and I wish nothing but the best for him. I hope this subject can ultimately be put to rest and I sincerely believe in Sam Adams and what he can do for the city of Portland as Mayor".

    So let it rest!!!


    Posted by: Greg Saunders, Portland Citizen | Jan 24, 2009 8:03:00 PM

  17. Newsflash !
    Sam Adams is no longer Mayor of Portland.
    He is now Dictator of Portland.

    When asked his thoughts of this, An 18 year old man stated
    "This is how it ought to be, Sam's dictate good"

    Posted by: Mike Hunter | Jan 24, 2009 11:44:33 PM

  18. UPDATE, Beax Breedlove did an interview with "The Oregonian," where he states that he and Sam Adams kissed twice before Breedlove was 18, and then had sex two weeks after he was 18.

    Both kisses were after Sam Adams was told by Breedlove that he was still 17, and one lasted a minute in the city hall bathroom at a party.

    Yes, I am another gay Portlander
    horrified by this situation. I was thrilled with Sam was elected.
    Now he cannot resign soon enough,
    and the local gay newspaper agrees:


    ...Why did Just Out make such a quick decision in calling for the mayor to resign?
    Because, following Adams' press conference Jan. 20, it was evident that he had been caught in his own complex and calculated series of lies.
    Let's be clear: These were not "Who ate the last cookie?" type of lies.
    These were manipulative lies intended to deceive every citizen of Portland.
    The desire to be elected mayor was so great that Adams was
    willing to compromise his integrity and his values in the pursuit of the goal.

    There are many who view this as a matter of privacy and the right for everyone, including Adams, to have a personal and private sex life. Everyone does have this right. And Adams had the right to make that clear in September 2007 when called into accountability. He chose a different path. The path chosen led him to where he is today.


    Sam, resign.
    Don't put Portland through six months of this distraction
    from the work that needs to be done.
    Regain some of your dignity.
    You didn't do the right thing when you started going on dates with someone underage. And, let's be really honest, you didn't do the ethical thing having a sexual relationship with him after he was of legal age. Waiting a few months might have made the relationship legal, but it was still inappropriate, which you yourself have stated.
    You didn't do the right thing when you chose to lie and lie and lie to your electorate.
    You didn't do the right thing when you asked Beax Breedlove to lie for you.

    Do the right thing now: resign.

    Posted by: Seth_PDX | Jan 25, 2009 1:44:33 PM

  19. Does anybody have any body fotos of Sam Adams so that we can decide if Beau was fucking him out of lust or out of lust for power???

    Posted by: justmeee | Jan 25, 2009 3:55:57 PM

  20. I'm amused by some of the typical Brit posters ridiculing ALL 300 plus million Americans because of course we all think and act alike, unlike the Euros and Brits LOL.Much of America's so-called puritanical attitude is simply left-over from America's original British evangelical protestant settlers...oh, the irony of being mocked by, of all people, a Brit LOL!

    I have zero problem with 2 consenting adults of any age singing kumbaya; I do think it's un-professional and un-ethical to to bang a dude/chick when there's a power imbalance, especially employee/employer , even worse involving public service. Silly drama, if nothing else, is bad for morale and business.

    The City of Boston back in the late 70's-80's had a long-time corrupt mayor and city hall. During this time, the mayor was frequently out of town, in which time his deputy mayor was the boss; this deputy mayor was a closeted gay man, but people in the know where aware of his tendencies. This deputy mayor for YEARS had a 20 something male bartender/hustler on the city payroll with a classic,no-show job. It eventually came out, and the former deputy mayor served some time, but as I recall (I was in grammar, then H.S., at the time) no big public deal was ever made out of it, and I'd say what he did was far more egregious than Mr. Adams.

    People mention Congressman Studds (who represented a real blue collar fisherman area on the south coast) and he remained very popular even after the paige(sic?) came out....he delivered the bacon from Washington and did a excellent job...B. Frank represents primarily well off suburban area of Boston and gets easily re-elected. I don't know what to say, there must be something in the water here, but most people just don't care about sex scandals the way places like say Oklahoma do...even gay marriage is frankly rarely talked about.

    Posted by: johnnyboy1989 | Jan 25, 2009 9:23:54 PM

  21. Don't miss the point. This was a man in a position of authority and power, taking advantage of a young intern. He then blatantly lied about it when questioned directly about the facts. He appears to be guilty of harassment AND lying to the public. Bill Clinton got away with it, so why not this guy? Maybe the gay so-called community should look at themselves, look at the ageism amongst gay men, and wonder about how this happened. He's just one more typical gay man.

    Posted by: Donald | Jan 29, 2009 8:34:56 PM

  22. On www.kgw.com Breedlove gives an interview in which he DOES say when Sammy boy kissed him in the restroom at age 17 he got sexualy excited which by Oregon State Law could land Sam in jail.

    Looks like Sam also ignored the ethics code of those in high office.

    Posted by: pgm | Feb 5, 2009 5:14:17 PM

  23. What's the big deal? It is that kind of mentality that has kept sex a taboo for so long - the same mentality that has kept us like underdogs. To the person that called this mayor a child molester only because he was 17: age is just a number Don't you remember when you were that age? At what age did you start becoming sexually active (this include masturbation). Also, they didn't do anything until he was 18. If you were in Europe, would you still think that way? It bugs me so much that people in our community can be so judgemental.

    Posted by: Lewis | Feb 20, 2009 12:39:59 AM

  24. PDX mayor is just another belonging to the LGBT (people too incompetent to understand basic plumbing & nature concepts) It's ok, we'll let you think you're going somewhere while those of us who understand the basic concept of plumbing breed you out of existence (Darwin's Law)

    Posted by: buffalo | Feb 27, 2009 2:32:19 AM

  25. We (men) know what men are like, in general, flying fuck at a "rolling donuts" etc. So how bad are men whose soul basis for their lifestyle is their sexuality. GaGa

    Posted by: reidh | May 28, 2010 5:59:48 PM

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