1. john says

    Chief of staff for the first lady? Liaison to NASA in these economic times? These are token appointments in his effort to appease every niche. Pastor Warren cancels these out and then some.

  2. Cadence says

    John, that is so offensive to these men and women who have been hired. They were hired not because of their sexual orientation, but because of their ability to do their jobs. There has been no evidence that Obama has made identity hires, as Bill Clinton did, in fact, more than one person has said that Obama learned from Clinton that that doesn’t work.

    Continue to bleat about Warren, but I’m going to judge Obama on his policy, and obvioulsy one thing that his administration won’t do is deny a person a position based on their race, sexual orientation, gender, or religious preference.

  3. noah says

    Damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

    Gays & lesbians will be in Obama’s face all over the White House, as a constant reminder that he needs to make good on his promises. Isn’t that terrible? The more gays folks Obama appoints, the more anger some people feel.


    You’re wrong about NASA. There is a new space race that is part of American strategic defense. The militarization of near Earth space is a growing threat. You should do some research.,8599,1712812,00.html



    I’m sorry you didn’t get the NASA liaison position. You’re a space geek and would have done a fine job. :-)

  4. Yeek says

    Cadence, you are right that John’s comments are offensive, but there is a very significant chance that he is also correct.

    Asserting that these men and women were hired only because of their “ability to do their jobs” and not because they are gay is not the same as proving it. My guess is they were probably hired for both reasons, which is simply politics as it has always been in some form or another.

    Call it cynical, but Obama’s selection of Warren and the appointment of gays to minor posts are all low-risk ventures to appease certain aspects of the electorate. If he wins over 15% of evangelicals and 15% of gays with these moves, he’s made progress. If he fucks it up, it’s not that big a loss.

    Obama’s better than what we’ve had, to be sure, but nobody should expect a pure-hearted saint who would never calculate or manipulate. What a disaster that would be for the country.

  5. Leland Frances says

    “Bill Clinton made hires solely based on identity”??? Thanks, Candace for keeping us up to date on the latest talking points from the Fag Trolls for Obama.

    The blazing hole in your absurd argument—besides the obvious epistemological issue of how does anyone KNOW that Clinton’s hires were not sincere but Obama’s ARE—is that at least three of Obama’s gay appointments were ALSO appointments by Bill Clinton: Fred Hochberg and Brad Kiley, as well as Roberta Achtenberg who’s on the gay branch of Obama’s transition team.

    Dave Noble’s a great man, but what does he know about NASA? John Berry, selected to head the Office of Personnel Management formerly headed THE NATIONAL ZOO? Sure, people can act like animals but come on, Cadence! The obviousness of this crumb throwing is measured by how far they are, except in Hochberg’s case, from anything relative in the nominees’ resumes.

    Now that we’ve revealed Cadence’s claims for what they are—nothing more than OPINION—let’s return to one simple fact:

    to date Obama has selected fewer gays for positions in his administration than Clinton ultimately had and NONE to date for positions of any greater importance than gays had during the Clinton administration.
    [And, as well as I can recall, Clinton didn’t invite anyoone remotely similar to Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inaugural.]

  6. sam says

    Leland Frances, if you have issues with Obama’s appointee’s and their backgrounds why don’t you email Or have you emailed and/or looked into Dave Noble and John Berry’s backgrounds to see their credentials? My guess would be no.

    All you do is bitch and complain and have nothing constructive to say about anything.

    We get it, you don’t like Obama and you spew your same crap every fucking post you make. It’s so easy to criticize and say what you don’t like, but what are you doing to make things better?

    Unlike Bush, Obama is working on things. Is it perfect, no. Can we help him make it better, yes.

    Put up or shut up, Leland Frances!

  7. Cadence says

    Pardon me Leland, where in my statement did I say that Clinton hired people based ONLY ? If you are are going to use qoutation marks, then qoute what I actually said. Many people have pointed out the fact that the Clinton transition team was bogged down by trying to appease various groups based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. and many pundits have pointed out that the Obama team doesn’t seem to be doing this. Even George Stephanopolous, who was involved so he should know, has pointed said that the Clinton administration had a problem with this, and that Obama, who has some Clinton people on board with him, won’t make the same mistakes.

  8. Leland Frances says

    “There has been no evidence that Obama has made identity hires, as Bill Clinton did, in fact, more than one person has said that Obama learned from Clinton that that doesn’t work.”

    The implication of “solely” is there whether or not you intended it. Also, please identify three or four of those “Many people have pointed out” and “many pundits have pointed out.”

    As for Georgie Boy, he, as David Mixner documents in his book, “Stranger Among Friends,” he was never a gay-ally in the Clinton administration and ultimately turned on Clinton, too, so his opinion is not worth the box he stands on to be seen.

    As for you, Sam, I am trying to help Obama do better—by saying, “enough with the token positions, give gays some more ADULT jobs.” And I never implied any disrespect for any of the appointees themselves; merely said that the “stretch” of some of their assignments is indicative of Obama’s tokenism.