1. gabe says

    He was all my nieces (and I have 7) talked about during the holidays. And ugh, y’all should’ve seen their looks of disappointment when their gay uncle, had to admit that he hasn’t seen Twilight. It was quite tragic.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, there is something sexy about the scene…unless he’s supposed to be a “special needs” type of rough trade.


    you can be an honorary sistuh anytime you feel like it…as long as you let me be Vivien Leigh.

    You know, when I was a young fool and used to work trade late at night, I used to envision myself as Vivien Leigh, and the trade were all a bunch of Stanley Kowalskis (Brando)–real rough sweet boys, you know.

    Back then most strangers showed kindness…after midnight.

  3. SteveDenver says

    Pattinson wears “has been” all over: TV caliber acting skills, false modesty with tortured hair scream “LOOK AT ME! I NEED YOU TO LOOK AT ME!”

  4. nic says

    i would love to give him a bath… WITH MY TONGUE! parrum-pum.

    derrick, don’t forget that you, jimmyboyo and i have a longstanding date for cocktails. mr. CRISPY, of course can join us.

  5. Chris says

    Anyone else think he has the English curse — cute as hell at 18-21, followed by a rapid deterioration into yuckiness? Prince William has already gone through “the change.” Look out Daniel Radcliffe, you’ve only got a couple of good years left!

  6. chelsea wallace says

    HELLO SEXY BEAST coming through just kiding rob cause i know you dont like tht sort of stuff yeah!! and wats going on plz plz email me back tht would be so kool alright love ya bye!!!

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