1. sparks says

    I fully support the idea of reassuring communities to continue patronizing gay bars, not letting fear upset their lives or businesses, and reminding them to be careful and watchful (always good advice at bars).

    However, I have reservations about this Pub Crawl idea to throw extra support towards bars, because it will very likely change the volume and flow of traffic into and out of these establishments. With more people coming and going, and less of the “normal” blend of regular faces …. this could actually make it more difficult for employees and regulars to spot someone trying to do something underhanded, while making it easier for such a person to blend into the crowd.

    Much as I don’t want to be negative about an event spawned from good intentions, this one is perhaps not the best approach given the circumstances.

  2. DJ says

    This is just beyond disgusting and its a total cry for help.The amount of sick,hate-filled heteros out there is revolting and devasting.I feel like its the late 60s going into the 70s.I live in NYC and I feel like Ive been taken back to the stonewall era,the NYPD and bloomberg administration consistently shut down gay bars/clubs out here putting these businesses out for no legit reason and the gay adult shops are being disrupted due to this new scam the NYPD developed to set-up gay men for alleged prostitution (the link to the article can explain that better than I can) And all the way across in Washington you have some sick hetero Bastard pulling a stunt like this.Says alot about str8 people.

  3. says

    My best to ALL of the bars in Seattle, but a special ‘shout out’ to the folks (MEN) at The Cuff and CC’s. The Equality Civil War is on; be SMART Q’s, esp. during those gay-bashing hours of Midnight-3 A.M. (or however late you boys stay out these days…sez the ol’ dude).

    Hell, it would NOT be a horrible idea if LATE NIGHT Social Groups dedicated to Self-Defense and Safety; of course we need “designated drivers” (sober), but on foot. Groups walking each other home or to cars. Make it SAFE 1st, but a serious fun. On Capitol Hill (Seattle) I’ve seen bike patrols with such cute pink shirts….”pink patrol” (?), anyhooz, think Stonewall Drag Queens meets PINK PISTOLS/CeaseFear. Being really drunk at 2 a.m. in the wrong place & time can be fatal. Let’s LOVE our community by watching each other’s back; government ain’t.

  4. bhic says

    To DJ-

    Dont just toss around generalisations about “heteros” like that man. IM hetero and I support gay rights. Come on! Thats exactly the kind of behavior you dont want to represent because its ignorant and hypocritical.

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