Stallone at 62: Ripped and Ready to Roll


This is reportedly a new photo of Sylvester Stallone, who is showing off his veins for a movie called The Expendables. The movie’s reportedly about a mercenary who takes out a South American dictator in the fictional country of Corza. Sly will direct and star alongside Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Forest Whitaker and Randy Couture.

Wonder if his double is making the film with him?

Sly Stallone: Richard Gere Thinks I Started Gerbil Rumor [tr]


  1. Paul R says

    The only thing of interest here is the mention of Dolph Lundgren, who used to be hot as hell. I can’t wait to see what he looks like now. (Yes, I know I could probably look up pics online, but I can wait.)

  2. NoCaDrummer says

    Ick. Looks like a body made out of Silly Putty. Color is all wrong.

    Also, the moron has gone on TV stating that steroids are amino acids (implying that they’re okay to use, just like food.) It’s a really BAD message to send to impressionable teen boys (or those who ACT like teen boys). Speaking of acting, perhaps he should spend some of that steroid money on acting lessons instead.

  3. hoppybeer says

    Ol’ Sly has had a ton of work done on his face that didn’t turn out very flattering so I suspect there won’t be any close ups. Why won’t he just retire? I mean I like/liked seeing movies w/Paul Newman, Eastwood and Harrison Ford as they age, but this dude? He’s always been/always will be Rockie.

  4. Tony in West Hollywood says

    For being in his 60’s, that man looks good. It may be unnatural, but at 60, who cares? I’ve always used natural supplements for fitness, but if HGH is keeping him young and fit, who is to judge?

  5. Paul R says

    PeterParker, you are a lucky man. I also recall that Dolph (supposedly) spoke 7 languages (or something like that), so there were brains as well as beauty.

    Tony in WeHo, he doesn’t look young and fit. He looks gross.

  6. says

    Statham, Lundgren, Li… and Stallone? Wow, he is desperate. :) Was Jean-Claude Van Damme busy, or something? And I bet that actually works to bring in audience, even though it sounds utterly moronic. :)

  7. noah says

    Come on, Stallone is 62. How many 62 year olds have a six-pack? Everyone gets old if he or she is lucky. Compare Stallone to his contemporaries and he looks pretty darn good.

  8. Carl says

    Nice body – brought to you by use of steroids and HGH. Nothing natural about that body. Would like to see what he could of done naturally instead of synthetically.

  9. Yeek says

    The title of this new movie interests me. I remember the key ‘romance line’ from Rambo 2 was “Rambo…you not expendable.” I think love interest said that right before she got machine-gunned for about 45 seconds, after which Sly shot the guy in the head with an exploding arrow.

    AWESOME movie.

  10. Shriveled says

    This guy must have absolutely no testicles left to speak of…nevermind whether his willy still works, which is doubtful.

  11. Marcy says

    Unfortunately, in person and up close, his face looks like a reconstituted mummy’s. The goggles – they do nothing. (He walked down our row at the Staples Center Saturday night – Margarito/Mosley fight to get to Lampley and the HBO telecast crew). I will likely have nightmares the next few weeks. Ahhhhnuld was there as well, sitting next to him. Arnold looked 1,000 times better, and he’s fug.

  12. Lauren says

    all u losers sayin e looks terrible an has been takig steroids are so pathetic!!
    just coz ur 20-21 years olds, an u g a 62 year old man in better shape than u !!

  13. Rhett says

    Guess being a republican and having his wife shill the makeup he is wearing on tv is a good thing for old Sly.

  14. Yeesh says

    I can handle the veins, the odd bulges. Tats, on any person is sure sign of “I’m a public toilet”

  15. DR.FUNK says

    When you’re under the age of 35…you’d be crazy to “juice”.If you’re over the age of 40…you’d be crazy NOT to.I could get the same results on half the dosage…and I’m prettier too.

  16. Just Me says

    Skin discoloration, his short comings and HGH aside, his body is amazing for anyone at any age let alone 62. That’s the most muscle density I’ve ever seen on anybody who wasn’t a professional bodybuilder. He looks like he’s made of solid marble and HGH or not (not that I’m condoning it, especially unsupervised )that still takes a lot of work. I at least have to give it to him for being able to sustain that type of shape at 62.

  17. YeeshYerself says

    YEESH, you’re a grade-A yeesht infection.

    I pity your foolish self and warn you that unless you have x-ray vision to be sure of who you’re around before you publicly pass such idiotic judgment.