1. Tom A. says

    YES, I’m very tired of seeing Ted Haggard every time I look at the gay blogs! I’m sure he has a book coming out or something, but I don’t care. I don’t know why you and others continue to give him free publicity!

  2. ben says

    as shameless as haggard’s appearances may be, i think he has some constructive things to say. i approve of how he’s breaking down binaries and refusing to categorize himself in strictly defined sexual types. sure there’s his lame and easily consumed “heterosexual with complications” soundbyte, but some of what he’s saying may be constructive.

    unlike that glib alan cumming post earlier. what hogwash! surely, we have better things to discuss than the presidential package.

  3. crispy says

    Oh, puh-leeze, Ben! Ted Haggard is as gay as an Easter bonnet.

    End of discussion. There are no binaries being broken down.

  4. GayRepublican says

    Unlike many of my fellow homos, I actually feel bad for this guy. Not because he isn’t arrogant or power-hungry, he most certainly is. But despite all of that, I actually think he believes that he’s just a straight guy with issues. He really has convinced himself that he isn’t gay. That part of it is incredibly sad.

  5. peterparker says

    I saw the Alexandra Pelosi documentary on Ted Haggard. It was a very sympathetic piece on a man who clearly cannot reconcile his belief in The Bible with his sexual orientation, whatever that may be. You come away with the impression that the man simply does not know who he is, or, at the very least, is completely terrified of letting others know. That fear was validated when his peers and his congregation at New Life Church ostracized him for his behavior. I might point out the church seemed far more disturbed that Haggard had engaged in ‘sexual immorality’ than the fact that he may have been using drugs.

    In exchange for a payoff from the church, Haggard agreed to leave his post and move out of the state of Colorado. It was sad to see his family, two sons and a wife who seems very sweet, endure the upheaval in their lives as a result of the intolerance of so called Christians. For months they moved from one ‘safe house’ (their word) to another, literally depending upon the kindness of strangers. Throughout it all, Ted grins and grins with a sunny optimism that simply does not fit the reality of what is happening in his, and his family’s, life. His perpetually grinning mug is so obviously a false self–a facade for an empty building. You get the impression that if he stopped grinning for one second he would simply crumble.

    Don’t get me wrong–Ted Haggard buddied up to Bush, endorsed bans on marriage equality and preached against homosexuality. The man is clearly not a friend to our community. And yet, watching the documentary, it is easy to sympathize with him because he is so incredibly pathetic.

  6. Joel says

    Ted Haggard breaking down binaries? How about still lying to himself and his family? He behaves as if his sexuality were more mysterious than anyone else’s, as if no one has gone through what he is going through. He’s still the selfish center of his own little world, which is no different from his mindset when he was preaching against gays and taking advantage of sexually vulnerable church members.
    I’m all for breaking down limits and labels, but only when it’s done through truth.

  7. Will says

    Didn’t watch it. Won;t watch it.

    Fuck you Haggard and Fuck Oprah, Larry King, HBO and all the other media for trying to humaize the hypocritcal hate mongering closet queen fucker.

    Rant over

  8. JerzeeMike says

    In this whole circus the people I feel sorriest for are Haggard’s wife and children. They clearly are in this surreal world that they don’t feel they have control of so they play the denial game.

    The sad fact is Ted Haggard is a gay man who is now a pariah among the Evangelical Christians of this country. He’s in deep denial over this and I pray that he and his family will find peace and reconcile this fact.

  9. says

    it was a little sad to watch. I come from the same background and knowing how the Christians always kill their wounded, it was par for the course.

    but… he could just be honest with himself. his poor wife and kids – they really need to let him go.

  10. says

    Joel gets it.

    ALL Fundie preachers are liars and hypocrites. Haggard’s simply an example of one whose lies and hypocricies finally caught up with him. Needless to say h’s done his best to turn this into a Big Juicy Peromance for himself on the world’s largest stage.

    I have not an ounce of sympathy for him or the bitch he married. She knew perfectly well what she was getting into — like all women who marry obviously gay men.

    The kids? Most of them are old enough to leave this disaster and make new lives for themsleves. But they’re Fundie zombies too, so to hell with them.

  11. MAJeff says

    ***It was sad to see his family, two sons and a wife who seems very sweet, endure the upheaval in their lives as a result of the intolerance of so called Christians. ***

    Not so-called Christians. Actual Christians. Gene Robinson and Pat Robertson are both actual Christians. Those who are open and accepting and those who are bigoted and judgmental are all Christians. There’s no true or false to it; they may be different kinds of Christians, but that’s what they all are.

  12. GayRepublican says

    “I have not an ounce of sympathy for him or the bitch he married. She knew perfectly well what she was getting into — like all women who marry obviously gay men.”

    Oh, come on now. Yes, she probably deserves some blame for not slapping him upside the head and saying, “Honey, you’re gay” when she found out about his activities (though she’s obviously in as much sad denial as he is, so I feel bad for her in that sense), but I think it’s silly think that all women who marry obvious closet cases know what they’re getting into. I know most women have decent gaydar, but some women are really that clueless.

  13. Tom@NWOH says

    I did see the HBO show. It’s only 45 minutes. While it is sad to see how they were banished and struggling (His Biblical BA degree isn’t even recognized in the secular world) I can’t help but think he made the proverbial bed. That’s some church to ban the man and his family from an entire state. The saddest, most pathetic part is like a previous poster commented. He cannot reconcile his homo person with the hetro he wants to be. I’ve heard him now a couple of times and he is really kidding himself. The dogma of his faith is really screwing with his head. There isn’t one thing he has said that isn’t recognized by every single gay person that struggled with coming to terms with Who They Are. Even Oprah said to him several times “Why can’t you accept that is who you are…why try to change it?”.

  14. David says

    I find it ironic that he is asking for more mercy and forgiveness than he was willing to offer before his “fall”.

  15. ben says

    would it be possible not to presume we fully understand his situation? or is the subject at hand simply too personal and too easily identifiable for us?

    i’m suggesting joel that what if he isn’t lying? you seem to presume that no one else has gone through what he’s dealing with? what if no one has? his situation seems pretty exceptional to me. i’m not suggesting that there’s not something universal about coming to terms with homosexual desire and facing bigotry, but ted haggard’s position seems to me to be pretty unique.

    i’m simply taking him at his word–which, yes, history says may not be the most reliable arbiter of truth. but nonetheless i think it’s interesting and perhaps illuminating to consider ted haggard’s position outside of a binary structure and not dismiss the ways in which religious and cultural behaviours and beliefs intersect and influence sexuality.

    but, admittedly, that doesn’t mean i like the guy. he’s a schmuck and an opportunist. and probably not worth too much effort.

  16. Jay says

    As a proud sinner, I say: Teddy, we didn’t vote you our chief and we want you out of our tribe.

  17. BillinOakland says

    What I find so sad is that because of his religious beliefs, he has been fighting who he is for all of his adult life. Rather than saying, “I’m a heterosexual with issues”, if he could just admit that he’s bisexual (at least) and there is nothing wrong with that, he’d be so much better off. If he chooses not to act on the gay urges, so be it, but he is in such denial and it’s all because of his religious beliefs. So sad. And because of his homophobia, he’s felt compelled to condemn others. That hypocrisy is what bothers me most.

  18. MissNee says

    I watched part of his interview on Oprah and I kept thinking that it would be great if Ted could just get over all the religious BS that was shoved into his head and just be his old gay self.

  19. JR says

    Stopping short of saying I have some sympathy for him, I have known someone who has gone and is STILL going through this kind of struggle, though not on quite so grand a scale. My problem with this joker is that for all is going on about not wanting to be ‘labeled’ anything (which I totally understand), he STILL feels the need to label himself a ‘HETEROSEXUAL with issues’. Someone needs to tell him that he simply has issues. Same sex attraction is a FACT not an issue. It would be one thing to be hetero and be curious, but when you’re caught doing crystal with a male escort (for 3 years) and now the boys are coming out with their stories, I think someone needs to throw the bullshit flag down on good old Teddy and set him ‘straight’ on the definition of heterosexual.

    And though I am in no way a big fan of Oprah, if anyone caught that show, I have to hand it to her for calling his wife on her shit.

  20. says

    “GayRepublican” you have NO IDEA how many women are looking for a “Triumph of the Will & Grace” marriage. NONE! Back in the day they called it a “New York Marriage.” Since then its gone suburban.

    She knew PRECISELY what she was doing.

  21. Daniel says

    The man has an ego, that’s apparent. And it’s taking up a lot of space. One gets the sense that, through it all, Haggard is intent on getting back into the limelight, and back into the pulpit. I grew up fundi, and for Haggard to admit that he is gay or even bi would mean that there would be no going back. Ever. And he’s not ready to do that. He may never be. He’s addicted. But not to drugs or men, but rather to his fundi world-view.

  22. Mike says

    He’s lying to himself to cling to religous beliefs. This is it. This is as far as he’s gonna make it with regard to his sexuality. A “straight man with homosexual attractions.”

    I have no doubt that he enjoys porking his wife. I believe that he’s actually bisexual. Had he allowed himself to explore his same sex attractions openly and honestly when he was young he’d have already accepted the term.

  23. GayRepublican says

    David, I get what you’re saying, but do you really deny that there are clueless women out there? I personally know of at least two women who honestly had no idea that their husbands liked ‘the cock’ when it was obvious to me and others around them.

    BTW, being of a younger generation, I had not heard of a ‘New York Marriage’ (though I’m certainly familiar with the concept and have heard the arrangement called other things).

    Oh, and interesting little tidbit. I googled the following: “new york marriage” slang . Your site came up first, LOL. (If you want to double check, make sure new york marriage is in quotes and that slang is not.)

    Take care, sweetie.

  24. Wayne says

    First, Alexandra Pelosi is the BOMB! Everything she does for HBO is fantastic. Haggard is a menace to everyone including himself. And his wife doesn’t deserve your sympathy… she was right there with him, ignored the signs (and there were plenty of them) and allowed it all to happen around her. She could have left at any time. The entire family is in major denial, although I suspect that at some point the children will “get it” and begin to distance themselves from good ole mom and dad. I have no problem with him continuing to make the rounds on the talk shows and he can speak up as much as he wants because everytime he opens his mouth our cause moves forward another step. This is NOT the man that the right wing wants representing them and that’s the exact position he’s taking on. We should all be grateful to him for his screwed up life and willingness to expose his denial and hypocrisy.

  25. says

    It was his choice to allow himself and his family to be banished from Colorado and to give the church so much power. He continues to choose to allow church dogma run his life and uproot his family. If he ever truly wanted to reconcile his Christian faith with his real self, the theology is out there and the support is abundant. He chooses to remain mired in this mess. His wife has also chosen her path in life. These are adults who have an opportunity to take a different path every day and do not do it. I have absolutely no sympathy for either of them.

  26. Tim says

    I saw it and it was incredibly sad. Faced with the fact that his god won’t turn him straight, he is lost and confused but his long held views. He can’t let go, and he can’t move on and all that he can do is fight to sustain his family the way he used to.
    the sad part is the people he counseled along the way that he messed up along side himself.

  27. Daddy's Little Boy says

    I know it is so wrong of me…but I think Ted Haggard is so sexy. From the self-hating to the dicksucking, chodelicking lips, from the homo jaw to what is likely the hot daddy paunch jutting slightly over his homo dick, I would lick every part of him and let him fuck me three ways from Sunday. Mike Jones was a lucky man (and so was the kid, for not only fucking this hottie DILF but bringin’ home some mad bank because of it).

  28. Contrarian says

    “Sam” has it right. This family would be welcomed with open arms in many mainline Protestant churches. It is their choice to remain as evangelical fundies in an environment opposed to any deviation from Biblical literalism and one steeped in homophobia. I think his sell-buy date is quickly approaching.

  29. nic says

    where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.

    i don’t know who is the more deluded, ms haggard or her haggard wife.

  30. nic says


    i threw up a little in my mouth when i read your comment. then, i threw up a lot by the end. wtf’s wrong with you?

  31. crispy says

    The most disturbing thing about Daddy’s Little Boy’s comment is that his email address is from Vassar. WTF?!

  32. nick vaginitis says

    The karmic sword dealing with hypocrites isn’t just sharp, it’s swift, too:

    Here’s Ted, ready to slither back into the public eye he’s grown so accustomed to. Re-habbed, done his time, paid his debt and ready to re-commit to Jesus (via an HBO doc and some big-ass boosts from King and Winfrey) in the hopes that all the litigious, shell-shocked former Claymates might wander over and buy re-treaded Daddy a new church.

    But – woops! – who’s behind Door #2 but professional victim Grant Haas! Gayer than a purse full of rainbows and waiting his whole life for these deserved 15 minutes, Grant, (in his best unwilling victim persona) tells us “I’m just trying to keep him from hurting others” So original, Mr. Haas…

    So what does Ted do when his new, shiny train of public rehabilitation jumps the tracks? Which emergency vehicle does he jump into?

    Super-Ted, Super Self-Loather!

    “I deserve what I got and what I’m getting.”

    (I’m so sorry – can we stop the interview a moment? my hair’s just awful – perfect! now, Gayle, where were we? – got it. thanks, girlfriend)

    “If people hate me, if people resent me, if people call me names, that’s justice.”

    I say: there are all kinds of addictions: booze, dope, sex – but the one no one talks about is the addiction to attention – I’m talking way beyond ‘life of the party’, it’s an addiction to cameras, opulence and public recognition fueled by a “me me me” self-obsession that, by definition, can never be satisfied. If you think this is bullshit, ask a former child star what happened when they went from being the center of the universe to “you know who you kinda look like, just a lot older?” how about shooting meth, robbing convenience stores and signing on for reality t.v. – whatever it takes to approximate that bright ‘n shine fake love.

    So, where’s Ted headed? Hard to say – could be a full rehab of his career, could be the grand master of Gay Day, 2010 – or could be something unspeakably worse.

    One thing you can count on: It’ll be BIG!

  33. walker says

    haven’t seen any of this – wont – protecting my brain. We are all on our own path. It is odd that, as old as this guy is he is still dragging all those around him down rather than lifting them up.


    again, we are all on our own path. remember how hard it was for you. sad he doesn’t have your courage, but that doesn’t mean we should be dismissive.

  34. djbred18 says

    I don’t understand how everyone can be so critical of this guy. I was always taught in church to forgive. It seems that everyone is so wrapped up in punishing this guy. I mean the guy was kicked out of Colorado for having sex and doing drugs and lying about it. If they did that to everyone one, half of America would be empty. Yeah he screwed up, but it is sickening that no one can get over it and the guy he had sex with is coming out with a book…