Three Arrested for Gang Rape of Lesbian in SF’s East Bay

A man and two teens have been arrested for the gang rape of a lesbian in San Francisco’s East Bay city of Richmond in mid-December. Their victim, who has not been identified was carjacked, and repeatedly raped and assaulted for 45 minutes before she was dumped on the street and sought help from a resident.

Gonzalez“Richmond police on Wednesday arrested a 15-year-old male and 21-year-old Humberto Hernandez Salvadore at their Richmond homes. The 15-year-old was charged with felony counts of sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery, said Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan. Salvadore, who authorities described as the ringleader in the incident, was charged with felony counts of kidnapping to commit a sex crime, carjacking, rape, gang rape, as well as charged associated with probation violation and felonies committed while on probation. The teenager is being held with no bail at a juvenile facility in Martinez; Salvadore is being held in county jail in Martinez with no bail. A sixteen-year-old male from Hercules turned himself in around midnight, was charged with felonies related to the alleged rape and kidnapping and was also being held in a juvenile detention center. The teenager, who was known by the nickname “Blue,” was accompanied by his family, Gagan said. Salvadore ‘had the most involvement and gave orders and directions to the other individuals,’ Gagan said. ‘But they’re all responsible for the crimes that were committed against the victim.'”

Police have a $1 million arrest warrant on a fourth suspect, 21-year-old Josue Gonzalez (pictured) who goes by the name of “Pato”. He is believed to be armed and dangerous.

The assault is being treated as a hate crime because the assailants made remarks about the victim’s sexual orientation. Her car also had rainbow flag stickers on it.

UPDATE: Gonzalez arrested

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  1. Jon says

    I’d love to know what their families have to say about this. They can’t possibly have a defense for them. Especially the women. That’s got to be a good reason to disown.

  2. JerzeeMike says

    More violence perpetrated on the LGBT community by so-called juveniles. I bet by morning there will be posts by bleeding-hearts that will insist that these “youths” not be tried as adults even though they committed an adult crime.

    I’m sorry but this whole notion of treating criminals differently because of their age really pisses me off. That McInerney monster who killed poor Lawrence King had our own “leaders” begging for mercy on his behalf and they’ll probably do the same for these scumbags. When is enough enough! How many of our own people need their lives destroyed or snuffed out until we stop being victims. I say try them as adults and let the punishment fit the crime.

  3. Alex in Boston says

    Given the trauma that this woman endured during that horrific hour!! The fact that she was able to recall names and details about her attackers really cinched this case and with the Intrepid and dedicated police work by the local PD it all brought about their arrests! Goes to show what cooperation and community involvement can achieve!! A tragic event, but at least some justice for the start of the New Year! Now lets make sure the courts do their jobs!!

  4. says

    I for one was most impressed that the poice took this crime seriously from day one. That wouldn’t have been the case in the past. They got the word out and that obviously led to these arrests.

    None of us can imagine what the victim went through, but I do hope she takes some solace in knowing that the perps have been captured, and that a great many people know about this crime and care.

  5. says

    JERZEEMIKE: I’m one of the bleeding hearts who believes that children who commit crimes should be treated differently and separately from adults who commit crime. Most of our correctional system needs improvement anyway, but placing children in adult prisons does nothing to rehabilitate them.

    What they did was simply heinous, and while it might feel good in a vengeful way, treating minors as trash is a mistake for our society.

    It is interesting that the parents of one of the kids went with him when he turned himself in. Hopefully this means that they want to take some responsibility for what their son did.

  6. Vine says

    This is the end result of mainstream gay society who are so liberally minded that they subscribe to a delusional assumption; just because we should be liberal on some social issues (gay rights) that shouldn’t automatically mean we have to be liberal on all fronts (illegal immigration)…recently, there has been an alarming rate of homophobic crimes stemming from the Latino community stemmed from the machismo mentality, and the voting of Prop 8 just further illustrates just because someone else is also in a minority group does not mean they are our friends. I’m not at all suggesting all Latin folks are homophobic or small minded (each group of people, including gays, has inhabitants who ruin it for the rest) my point simply is that illegal immigration has hurt gay rights far more than it has helped us, and it will only get worse.

  7. says

    I agree with Vine and the CONCEPT of “machismo”. I’m no expert in language/cultures, but I did study Spanish 7 years, and also Italian, French, and ethno-music stuff intensely. Point is, there are CONCEPTS that some cultures have that others simple do not have; WORDS other cultures have that we cannot “translate” since we do have HAVE that same concept in our language/thought.

    As Q rights progress in different countries and cultures, it is obvious that not ALL are progressing at the same rate. In our U.S. melting-pot that means we may have more incidents of violence against us from specific ethnic groups. Locally I think of Micah Painter’s story in Seattle; Evangelical Christianity mixed with a young immigrant from Russia, and violence ensued. Those Ruskies ain’t all gay-huggin’ either.

    I also wonder how simple socio-economic factors influence how children are raised regarding attitudes and beliefs about homosexuality. We can’t put race in a box; so many other variables influence each race like it’s particular history and culture.

  8. jason says

    Referring to the victim as “lesbian” is de-humanizing and disrespectful to the woman. Not because “lesbian” is an offensive term, but because it’s confining and narrowing. The humanity of a person cannot and should not be distilled down to the person’s sexual orientation alone. The gay media has a bad habit of doing this.

  9. John in CA says

    I wasn’t even aware the Associated Press, CNN, San Jose Mercury News, and San Francisco Chronicle were all part of “the gay media.” Clearly, we have far more reach than I give us credit for.

    Sensationalism always sells. These news organizations refer to this as a “lesbian” gang rape because it is more scandalous than a regular gang rape. They do the same thing whenever there’s a racial component to a crime. It has nothing to do with the sexual orientation or race of the editor. It is simply business.

  10. MAJeff says

    Hmmm. She was raped, in part, because she was a lesbian. It has been listed as an anti-lesbian hate crime. And yet, her lesbianism is irrelevant? Damn, but you’re an idiot Jason.

  11. Yeek says

    Dudes, I totally called it! Macho teenagers cannot keep their mouth shut – somebody bragged about “teaching that dyke how to be a woman” or something similarly repugnant, and their cover was gone.

    To people who are interested in rehabilitation of these young men…I say fuck that. When you’re sixteen and raping someone over and over as she begs you to stop, you’re too far gone to be helped. Rehab is for teenagers who steal fucking hubcaps, not gang rapists.

  12. noah says

    Why must this topic be hijacked by racist idiots? When a white person engages in violence, where are the Nikkos, Nics, Vines, and others?

    1) The murderer of Lawrence King, who was a biracial American (black father, white mother) a white teenager.

    2) The murderers of Matthew Sheppard were white.

    3) The killer of Michael Sandy were white.

    4) The butchers of Brandon Teena were white.

    This bullshit that seeks to demonize non-whites as the worst homophobic offenders is racist and ignorant.

    What the heck? Why do you bigots ignore the white skin of Rick Warren, James Dobson and the other very white leaders of anti-gay movement?

    Didn’t Towleroad report on the vicious, homophobic murderous attacks in Britain by thugs who are white? Didn’t Towleroad report about the white neo-Nazi recently convicted of homophobic violence?

    Didn’t Towleroad report the anti-gay attacks in Russia, Latvia, Romania and Lithuania?

    Again, why doesn’t the whiteness of those vilains mean anything and the non-whiteness of others mean everything?

    Evil people come in all ethnic groups.


  13. Q says

    Noah, you just saved me a bunch of typing. Thank you. Ethnic criminals also seem to get immediate calls for “hanging”, “lynching” and “frying” that is not seen in comments for white criminals. Remember the Isaiah Washington posts?

    And don’t forget the morons who coo about the white criminals: “Oh it’s such a shame that he is a criminal. He’s so HOT!”

    I suggest not holding your breath for more enlightened, less hypocritical/racist comments on Towleroad during the new year.

  14. Q says

    And by the way, that wasn’t to infer that Isaiah Washington was a criminal. His “crime” was indirectly calling someone a faggot. His suggested punishment by some was hanging.

  15. stan says

    In some Spanish speaking countries, pato is slang for faggot.

    I’m glad they all got caught and I hope they get the max. I also hope some lawyer doesn’t try to use some “boo-hoo” defense for any of them.

  16. Marco says

    I’d also like to thank Noah for saving me some typing. Great post. i don’t care what race this woman’s attackers are. I just hope they are punished severely.

  17. db says

    Jason, referring to the woman as “lesbian” is in no way offensive and the fact that you find it so says a lot about you. That you would find it de-humanizing seems kind of homophobic to me. Aren’t lesbians human?

  18. Paul R says

    I’m not sure the police (through diligence)or the rapists (through bragging) deserve too much credit for these arrests. It was the victim who remembered two of their names/nicknames (which are somewhat unusual) and a lot of details about them. Once that information was made publicly available, it was simply a matter of time before they would essentially be forced to turn themselves in.

    I find it especially disturbing that the 21-year-old ringleader was hanging out with much younger kids and directing them on how to rape. But they turned themselves in, so I don’t think there’s much question about their guilt.

    Oh, and Ousslander? Suburbs of San Francisco are not the same as the city. A lot of comments on here are really disturbingly ignorant.

  19. nic says


    i’m not sure why you need to draw me into the maelstrom of your delusional spite. i did not comment on this thread, nor have i in any other thread condoned violence of any sort or been silent about it, irrespective of the perpetrator’s ethnicity. if you had done your homework, you might have found that i have been equally critical of the white sociopaths as much as the sociopaths in the black and the brown populations.

    i have, in fact, denounced rick warren and obama’s selection of him as i have denounced james dobson.

    listen, stupid! i am not white! i am mexican-american. i cannot understand your churlish obdurateness on this matter.

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