1. alguien says

    i remember in the 80s they had so many wrecks in a fairly short period of time they were known as “us scareways.”

    i’m happy to see that everyone got out alive.

  2. Paul R says

    Well, I guess this kills Airbus’ efforts to get Obama on its plane. Though what an amazing story. I’ll be curious to see how they remove it from the river.

  3. Anonymous says

    Yikes.. I must have landed at LGA just minutes before this happened..

    Yes, I think everyone calls it US Scare-ways now… so the name change didn’t help. I never fly them unless I have to go to Pittsburgh.

    Does anyone have any sympathy for the birds that got ground up in the engines? :-) (I can joke only because noone was hurt here! The birds were the only casualty.)

  4. Gary says

    I wish I were Walt Whitman so I could write a song to competence. And lucky breaks. A majority of folks acting wisely and making the most of what they’ve got. Congratulations and best wishes to all involved.

  5. Bob Conti says

    While the captain deserves kudos, so does the First Officer whom nobody seems to acknowledge. Under such circumstances, it takes both pilots to deal with the situation. The first officer deserves an atta boy as well.

  6. says

    Both pilots, and the flight crew, deserve a promotion and a raise! A fantastic job by all involved. Special recognition should go to NY Waterway Ferry, which sent 14 ships to the scene to get the passengers safely off the plane. NY Waterway is in financial trouble, and probaby could not afford to suspend its regular service even for one afternoon. But they did the right thing anyway.

    It was truly a magnificent demonstration of airmanship, and I hope everyone involved gets their due praise.

  7. Beef and Fur says

    And before they were US Air and US Airways, they were Allegheny Airlines….and they were called “Agony Airlines” then – just another part of Pittsburgh, PA history….

    Good job to the pilots and crew in this incident!

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