1. Paul R says

    >> ‘Make some contributions to the tens of millions of single males [in China],’ this person wrote

    Translation: I haven’t gotten laid in many years, if ever.

    That guy should be happy to see this. There are far more gay men than lesbians in any culture, so LGBT openness improves his odds.

  2. says

    “Make some contributions to the tens of millions of single males [in China],’ this person wrote, alluding to China’s current gender imbalance”

    This would not be the case if the Chinese people hadn’t waged genocide on female newborns.

  3. AllenKids says


    But CCP Government don’t at all promote sex selection. It’s Chinese people, the uneducated ones especially, choose to do so, for they think female is somehow inferior than male coz girls don’t carry family names. Some of these Chinese equivalent of Rednecks insist on popping out babies till they get a son or two, some of them just kill the baby girls to skip all the burdens.

    I’m Chinese myself, guess I can afford a little political incorrectness. So there.

  4. says

    It is still kind of staggering to see the degree of openness in social debate in China when you consider how recent it is. The government seems to tolerate a lot as long as the discussion isn’t about the government and what they are doing.

  5. says

    care? Why DO you care? And why do you think that separate-but-equal is just plain good enough for us, but only you are good enough for marriage? If I were married and hetero, and killed my wife and children today, I could legally marry any consenting woman tomorrow. There might be some outcry, but no one could legally prevent it.

    Yet my friends Dan and Kevin, together for twenty years and who just saw each other through a heart attack and cancer,– well, civil unions are good enough.

    and second– and very related to #1– I notice you did not comment on the obvious: this video really has nothing at all to do, except peripherally with marriage, family, children, civil unions or religion. It is about one thing, and one thing only: HATE. Gay people are going to get you and your family

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