1. taodon says

    It appears as if he’s wearing the same shirts he wore in the 70s – and expecting them to fit.

    Yeah, I have nothing further to say about this man other than a snarky comment.

  2. says

    He never said he was ‘gay’ or that he had any intention of being fixed. Rather, he’s a bisexual who cheated on his wife with just about anything that moved, male or female.

    Personally – if his wife thought they were living in a monogamous relationship, and if he really is bi (and we have no reason to think otherwise) – then it’s a laudable goal.

  3. noah says

    The man was raped and traumatized for years. Isn’t it likely that his statement about being “fixed” refers to his issues with dealing with that rape and the pain it caused him.

  4. john says

    Don’t you just love the resounding support?Could it be he possibly has been through hell & back the last 25 years?If he had a washboard stomach & a pout to die for,i am sure the responses would have been different.Bye Bye Baby.

  5. brandon says

    What is the deal with everyone now getting gay raped. It seems like it is the easy out for people to say rather than say that they are really gay. There recently was a story about a baseball player who might have AIDS and the story talk about how he was raped by some mexican me, implying that that is where he got HIV. Did not Ted Haggard say he was abused too. I am tired of this because I simply do not buy it. This guy sounds bi if not gay. It just reinforces the idea that gays are only gay because they were abused and that they can be fixed.

  6. Sasha says

    Andy, rather than tagging this as both “I’m Gay” and “I’m Not Gay”, why don’t you add a tag for “I’m Bisexual”? I’m sure your many bi readers (including me) would appreciate it.

  7. says

    it would be appropriate to remove those sarcasticquotes from around the date-raped descriptor. in my heavily alcoholic youth it is my shame to admit that i took carnal advantage of a lot of less than willing inebriated men. some of them were using the alcohol to free themselves of sexual inhibition, but a lot more were just taken advantage of, pure and simple, and were often deeply shamed, and no doubt traumatized. i have spent a lot of years making amends for those actions, and would tell mr mckeown so to his face. i wish him well in his emotional recovery and his sobriety.

  8. paul c says

    How could he have gotten “date raped” to find out he liked men unless he had been gay in the first place to go out on a date with a dude? Wtf?

    Even though they’re before my time, I really do love the Bay City Rollers. Check out “you Made Me Believe in Magic” and “Summerlove Sensation” if you think they were one-hit wonders. They have some great stuff.

  9. Sallyjerts says

    we LGBT always stand in one line. “We do support each other to get more rights just as equal as others..” said on the forum of BiMingle .com Anyway, we will get and learn more from it. Hope the world is beautiful for LGBT too.

  10. Trena says

    For One thing he did not say that he had a dozen affairs with other men. Another thing it did not even say anything about his wife being furious. Further more, he never stated anything on Rehab about having affairs with other women to his wife. I watched it, have it, and watched it again. Stop telling stories that are not true.

  11. Long Ago says

    I was going to marry Les when I was a young girl. I loved the BCR’s. It broke my heart to hear that Les is having such horrible turmoil in his life. I pray that God will touch his heart and lead him to the truth that God has offered for ALL people to accept.

  12. Ray Cotter says

    MMmmm very odd you say you were raped! Well why didn’t you go to the police at the time then…No; the truth is you had gay sex & enjoyed it…Open your eyes for goodness sake, except BLEATING-ON about it & no it’s not trendy to be gay…It’s Nature not Nurture!

    Ray Cotter

  13. Barack Obama says

    I told my sister in 1978 he was a homo fag, not that there’s anything wrong with that, IF you’re gay. I’m not.

    I let people do what they feel, whatever. It’s hard for everyone in life, live for yourselves… That said, I do wonder how someone like that could turn his back on on all that nostalgic, harder by nature to get, delicious stranger snatcharoo, I mean, he’d still be ear deep in it had he gotten out there..

    And support gay marraige, and cultural diversity (so long as it’s not destructive) you shit for brains republicans!!!

    Certain Gay people, stop messing with straight peoples heads, you know what I’m talking about. Play victim, befriend, then try to make interested… That’s why people don’t like so many of you. It’s not enticing, it’s just kinda disgusting, & hate provoking…

    Peace and smiles to EVERYONE! We’re all equally entitled to happiness and self respect, so long as we don’t mess with others!!! :)

    Nature is truly designed to drain everyone, isn’t it?!? Let’s just keep that in mind and try to RESPECT each other..

  14. Karen L says

    As an addict (crack cocaine) in recovery for seven years, I wanted you to know that I can see why your revelation on “Rehab” was difficult for you, I was a Rollers fan back in the day and always enjoyed the music and performances I could see on Tv. From one addict to another- it’s not easy. Stick with it and the clean and sober days will add up. You have a beautiful family that loves you a lot. You are blessed. I have seven years clean and sober, and I truly wish you the very best.

  15. Jules says

    I guess my gaydar wasn’t what it is today at age 14…all of this gay/bi stuff aside, I watched the video clip and was amazed that after all these years, drug and alcohol abuse, his voice sounds exactly the same! I’ve always though he had the sexiest singing voice ever!

  16. Faye says

    I know that some times life is hard and we are delt a shittyhand.. BUT THE BAY CITY ROLLERS WERE THE BEST… I STILL LOVE THEM! and wish the guys the very best.
    Love too you guys,

  17. Cassandra says

    It’s his YOUNG voice in the video.. G’zzzzzz Go to his homepage and listen to him now. Sounds like a bad karaoke singer. I guess by admitting he is 90% fixed means the alcohol problem is in the mend? You can’t fix being bi, or gay – baby you were born that way!

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