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Gay Survivor Contestant Spencer Duhm Glad He Doesn't Sound Gay


In an interview with Reality Blurred, gay 19-year-old Survivor Tocantins contestant Spencer Duhm expresses embarrassment over last season's gay contestant Charlie Herschel and the 'bromance' he had with fellow straight contestant Marcus (a friendship which Charlie has claimed the show's producers edited to heighten romantically).

Survivor10Says Spencer of Charlie: "First of all, I'm not crushin on Marcus. I understand, first of all, you can do whatever you want, but, have a little discretion, he's straight. Like, leave the man alone. Ugh. It just baffles me. Every time he opens his mouth it's just like 'I love Marcus, Marcus is great. I feel protective when he's around. I feel nervous when he's not around.' It's kind of like alright you have a serious crush on him. This isn't jokin. Stop. Just stop. I'm embarrassed for him. I know he's gotta be sitting at home embarrassed, red-faced."

In the same interview, Duhm thanks God that he's straight-acting and that his voice doesn't sound like a gay man's:

"I don’t like come across like most of the gay guys but I am, so I’ll probably be like—but then again, JP was gay and nobody knew that on the show; he was about the straightest I’ve ever seen. … But I won’t be Todd, I surely won’t be Coby. I won’t be Charlie. Holy shit. I talked to my parents and I was like, ‘Mom, do I sound like that?’ she was like, ‘Sweetheart, no, I would never let you go out in public if you sounded like that.’ Thank God."

Watch an unrelated clip of Spencer giving straight talk to fellow contestant Sandy from last night's premiere, AFTER THE JUMP...

Spencer Duhm: 'I want to be a follower, because that way they just overlook me'" [reality blurred]

Meet Survivor: Tocantins Gay Competitor, Spencer Duhm [tr]

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  1. all of the gays on survivor were douchebags. jp included. brad was the only one who seemed down to earth and wasn't too annoying

    Posted by: weenus | Feb 14, 2009 1:03:20 AM

  2. Hey I think its great that SPencer is on Survivor. I am sooo sick and tired of when they have a gay contestant, its always someone anyone can pick as gay right off the street. Just like watching the local coverage of the gay pride parade... who do they show... the DRAG QUEENS. Dont get me wrong... I did like Charlie, but all that blubbering over Marcus.. COME ON!

    Posted by: Dave | Feb 14, 2009 8:43:28 AM

  3. OMG! this is my biggest pet peeve ever. if you are gay, however you sound is gay. it can run the gamut. it's just as stupid as when people say someone sounds black when they sound ghetto. if you don't want to be queeny or fem, good for you but don't act superior just because your the gay equivalent to Uncle Tom. if this idiot knew anything about the gay rights struggle he'd know the only reason he's allowed to be out and on TV is because a bunch of screaming queens refused to be second class citizens! this kid certainly lives up to his surname. and btw this is coming from someone who hears fairly regularly "you don't act gay" to which I respond "well you haven't seen me suck a dick"

    Posted by: andy | Feb 14, 2009 11:08:14 AM

  4. To all the Spencer defenders, I don't think anyone is saying it's "wrong" to be a butch gay man. Or at least that's not what I believe.

    I think what bristles me (and some of the other posters here) is the implication that if you are "straight acting" you are therefore superior.

    Look, I am not a flaming queen, but I set off most people's gaydar. Ever since I was a kid, I was sensitive, I loved The Wizard of Oz and Broadway musicals. That is who I am. Now I still love those things and I love other things too (like beer and gadgets ... i.e., traditionally "masculine" things). When I cry at a Broadway musical, I am not being a "stereotype," I am being myself. And if any butch "dude" tells me I am holding back the movement, I say to them "fuck you."

    Posted by: Alex | Feb 14, 2009 11:57:50 AM

  5. Oh, c'mon guys. He's only 19. Weren't many of us like that when we were young? Straight-acting this, straight that. The hunks and underwear models that dominated gay blogs we read didn't help either.

    A few years, a few more real gay friends, some broken hearts later... he's gonna ease on the straight-acting preoccupation. For now at least he had it to come right out of the closet at a young age.

    Posted by: Jedd | Feb 14, 2009 1:41:22 PM

  6. What a duhm bitch.

    Posted by: St. Theresa of Avila | Feb 14, 2009 1:45:36 PM

  7. Yawn. It's a sad commentary about the remarks of a 19 year old survivor contestant can produce this kind of firestorm. He may be as intelligent as a pillowcase full of door knobs, but...

    Posted by: TANK | Feb 14, 2009 2:16:47 PM

  8. What a joke. I'm so appalled at how 'straight acting' has somehow become a status simple. The heterosexual, homosexual binary is so destructive and it's seed it rooted in language like this.

    His mother is a disgrace. And he WILL regret this comment when he's older. He should thank those queer leaders who lead the path so that he could be such a cunt on television.

    Harvey Milk would be ashamed.

    Posted by: James | Feb 14, 2009 6:18:03 PM

  9. I don't think he has the right to bitch about someone from another season just because they're gay. If someone on another season wants to act gay it's nothing to do with him, just because he's gay too it doesn't mean he can decide how other gay people should act.

    Posted by: Hayden | Feb 14, 2009 7:59:49 PM

  10. I am a older woman and I have had gay & lesbian friends all my life. My gaydar is very accurate but even if it were broken I would know this Spencer is gay.

    Posted by: StraightChick | Feb 14, 2009 10:56:35 PM

  11. What a self-loathing immature dumbass. Is this what we have come to? He may not think he sounds "gay" but he sure sounds like a douche.

    Posted by: Clive | Feb 14, 2009 11:03:49 PM

  12. "She was like, ‘Sweetheart, no, I would never let you go out in public if you sounded like that.’"

    What kind of mother is that?!?!

    Posted by: Alex | Feb 15, 2009 12:50:43 AM

  13. It's because of pieces of sh*t like this our community will hardly ever manage to win a battle against Prop 8, so much for overcoming internalized homophobia and self hate for ourselves.

    Ever been on a gay dating site? "Straight acting ONLY"

    Hey guys, guess what? By virtue of liking the're not 'straight' acting. Get the f8ck over it! (and that goes for you Spencer Du-chbag-ham)

    Oh, and tell your mom she's a cunt who raised a tool for a son.

    I'll take Charlie representing us on television being who he is with pride over some insecure, ignorant, backward hick any day!

    Posted by: Brady | Feb 15, 2009 3:44:23 AM

  14. what a twat.

    Posted by: miker | Feb 15, 2009 6:10:15 AM

  15. I hate to say it but...Bitch! Please He is obviously just jealous of what those two contestant had. Is it wrong to think he's kinda cute?

    Posted by: LO | Feb 15, 2009 11:31:09 AM

  16. 1. The kid is 19. Can we stop eating our own if they don't come out of the other world quoting the party line? 2. We all know there IS a "gay voice". We either have it or kid about it or camp it up when with friends. This kid, if he has it, doesn't have it turned on - and IF hadn't noted it, we would have. 3. Survivor has a history of getting gay contestants that fit under one stereotype. Stereotypes come from reality, but only a piece of reality. I for one, am glad they are giving a slightly broader view of what "gay" can mean. 4. Can we love one another? Please.

    Posted by: ikahana | Feb 15, 2009 9:52:11 PM

  17. Kind of...well, sad!

    Posted by: NYSmike | Feb 15, 2009 10:51:12 PM

  18. Straight acting? I look back at photos of myself and talk to people when i was growing up. They all knew I was gay, I was gay, and I always will be no matter. You can't act straight cause you were born gay, dude. I think I saw a gay man doing a hand wave finger snap, oh no, that was you acting straight. Smirk. Your mom's in denial.

    Posted by: Lee | Feb 16, 2009 4:34:32 AM

  19. He's naive, only nineteen. As soon as I saw him I figured he was "the gay one" for this season's show.

    I'm guessing he won't last long so the editors have already played up the gay cyclist from Utah to soften the blow when he goes.

    He worries too much about other people's feelings, and says so, to be straight. Emotionally effeminate, yeah, that's it, that's what gave him away. Cute though.

    Posted by: jessejames | Feb 16, 2009 7:03:49 AM

  20. I agree with him! Charlie was an embarrassment to all gay men last season. "Marcus this and Marcus that". God he made me sick!

    Posted by: Meeshie | Feb 16, 2009 8:58:45 AM

  21. I too thought Charlie was either edited by Survivor to create a virtual gay cartoon character or he simply didn't have a clue that his obvious appearing crush on Marcus was going to be played out as it was - and I think that Marcus's post-Survivor statements about he and Charlie becoming best bud's was a bit naive for a doctor because, as one who as been there, a friendship between a gay and straight man can be very successful and rich but only as long as the gay man doesn't have a major crush on the straight one.

    That said, we've now seen one episode, a total of one hour, of the new Survivor and Spencer is out bragging about not sounding gay? What's that all about? As soon as the new crew arrived I was, like many others avid Survivor fans, curious as to what the mix would be and immediately pegged Spencer as this season's gay guy. And, by the way, exactly what is so wrong with people acting, sounding and being preceived as gay? I personally don't like people who act stupid, not really happy with people who act short and don't like people who act blonde at all but hey, they've got just as much right to their space on the planet as I do. Did it ever occur to Spencer that these people he so quickly dismisses are not "acting" at all but are being true to themselves and exactly the person they are meant to be? I don't see Spencer getting far in this game, not because he's gay but because he's intolerant.

    Posted by: ChrisM | Feb 16, 2009 9:16:47 AM

  22. The only way I can imagine a gay man "acting straight" is if he is having sex with a woman. That to me is the ONLY thing that would truly differentiate between straight & gay. I'm a gay man who played sports through high school, college and semi-pro, I'm a avid hunter and fisherman - love camping and anything out of doors. I do all those so-called manly things as well as many of those considered not so manly (love theatre, can cook and sew, etc). I've never been to a spa, hair stylist or had a manicure but wouldn't hesitate for a minute to go to the ballet. However, I draw the line at acting straight (having sex with a female) as I simply have no physical attraction to even the most beautiful of women. Do I sound gay, look gay or act gay? I honestly haven't a clue but doubt it since I repeatedly have to reaffirm my sexuality to many a female friend who was either interested in me or wanted to fix me up with a friend - I have gay friends who are, and are not, effeminate and would defend their right to be whomever they are as long as they were being honest and true to themself.

    Posted by: ryman | Feb 16, 2009 11:43:55 AM

  23. At 19 immaturity isn't a fault it's a fact of life. Hopefully Spencer will broaden his horizons as well as his attitude as he matures and he'll find that there is much more to life than judging people by what he determines to be acceptable gay behaviour. And, by the way, I'd take the well educated and hot Charlie over Spencer any day. Charlie at least had an honest sense of who he is and wasn't ashamed to be himself.

    Posted by: peter | Feb 16, 2009 12:15:00 PM

  24. Straight acting... gay acting... straight sounding... gay sounding...

    Regardless, the religious zealots abhor you either way because at the end of the day, even if you sound & act straight, you still suck dick (among other non-straight sexual activities).

    Wow, even though we've come so far in acceptance & awareness, there's still such overt self loathing even among young gay men. So sad...

    Posted by: Live4MyHappiness | Feb 16, 2009 1:32:37 PM

  25. Have you ever been embarassed by someone in your family, and spoken to someone else about how it makes you feel? Insecurity and immaturity can cause an individual to say things that sound hurtful. I am sure Spencer didn't mean to put down the obviously more secure and more mature lawyer, Charlie. However, it does appear that way. Give him some time and ripening, and the young man will mellow out. We all went through the same thing. I was no where even close to admitting I was gay at 19, much less understanding other gay people.

    Posted by: michael | Feb 16, 2009 4:52:35 PM

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