1. sparks says

    As sad as it is that right-wingers rely upon misinformation to sway public opinion, it’s even more sad and astonishing that the public is so easily swayed against recognizing basic human rights.

    Religion has kept too many otherwise civilized and enlightened countries from moving forward, and from accepting that human sexuality cannot be defined in narrow terms. Founding fathers of the US had the right idea when they insisted on separation of church and state; but they severely underestimated the lengths brainwashed religious fanatics would go to cross that line.

    Seriously, my wish is for every public religious and political official espousing homophobic regulation to either get busted for anything which exposes their moral hypocrisy, or to have at least one kid on the verge of bursting out of the closet proudly waving his/her rainbow flag.

    I’m gratified to have seen that wish being granted in several cases over the past year. Keeping fingers crossed for 2009.

  2. RB says

    Ok, now she has pissed me off! My next email is to my GA state representative because there are enough crazies here to actually see this happen! I posted yesterday that there was Atlanta and then there was Georgia and they are NOT the same. She is obviously not from Atlanta and will not stop until she gets her way.

    Time to fight and to pick my battle!

  3. jimmyboyo says

    Lesbian PLEASE!

    Those pearls aren’t fooling anyone with rhetoric that is so reminiscent of someone white knuckeling the inside door handle of the closet


    Anyway; a direct corelation between religous “faith” and societal advancment can be made wether xtian, jew, muslim, hindu, etc.

    The more powerful and accepted said religion is the less advanced a society and vs vers. xtianity provides the best example with the rise of xtianity directly coinciding with the rise of the dark ages and the loss of ancient sciences and mathmatics (algebra etc) to the extent of xtian europe turning away from even bathing since xtian shamans considered it a sinful vanity. Then with the purposeful distancing from religion ;/ cutting of religon’s power and the renesance/ age of enlightenment….heck one can connect the creation of the USA with rejecting xtianity.

    With Jews one can see the majority of artists, scientists, nobel laurets, authors, etc tend towards the reform to atheist end of the spectrum with very few conservative and ultra orthedox acomplishing anything more than bringing down their fellow Jews.

    Islam = look at the former byzantine empire with its very loose clinging to religion and its rise as compared to today’s muslim world with the clinging to radical religous islam. Hell look at arab countries. The ones who are less strict embracing of islam are the more advanced ones

    History and reality show that religion = societal stagnation and sometimes even collapse while distancing from religion = cultural advancment

  4. RB says

    My email to my state rep Jill Chambers:

    I hope that you will take strong action against Representative Byrd’s attempts to “purge” the state’s board of regents of what she finds offensive! This is nothing short of the book burnings held in many rural counties, Gwinnett in the 80’s for example, intended to purge our good brothers and sisters in the state of anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

    Using the current economic times as crutch to advance your personal religious views while espousing homophobic regulation is not acceptable in my state! This is what is wrong with our education system today. Elected officials with right wing bias using scare tactics to direct policy have ensured that the state of Georgia continue to languish at the bottom of school systems nation wide. While I respect Ms. Byrd’s right to her opinion, I somehow doubt that she respects mine.

    Again, your help in standing up against Byrd’s attempt at social censorship would be appreciated and expected!

    Thank you for you time and service to Georgia.

  5. says

    Funny thing … her recently enacted Non-discrimination act in the Georgia legislature repealed any special consideration for minority owned businesses. This coming from a woman who is half Chinese! I guess that since she has “made it,” it’s okay to dump on every other disadvantaged or persecuted minority!

  6. Zeke says

    The living, breathing, literal, visual representation of “Pearls before swine”. Or in this case, “Pearls on swine”.

    RB, your letter to State Representative Chambers was spot on! As a resident of GA, and a politically engaged citizen, I know that you’ll keep holding your state’s representatives’ feet to the fire when they pull silly but harmful stunts like this one by State Representative Byrd. Keep up the good work brother!

    Let’s not forget that the current oldest and longest serving U.S. Senator is also a “Byrd” and at one time he was equally as ignorant and hateful a racist as Charlice is a homophobe. Let’s just hope that GA State Senator Byrd will evolve like U.S. Senator Byrd has, but let’s hope that it doesn’t take the hundred years it took Sen. Robert Byrd to do it.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, she’s part Asian. I was wondering what happened to her southern accent. I thought she was a Yankee invader spreading Republicanism…you know, Southern Republicans used to be good people–about 140 years ago….not anymore.

  8. says

    There were so many routes to take if you want to cut funding for a program, but she went down the path of discrimination and hatred. Maybe, do you think, that people might go to this school because they teach those subjects? While taxpayer dollars do help in funding state run Universities they are really paid for by the attending students.

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