1. Eric says


    This is one seriously stupid person…but she’s not alone.

    The YouTube link contains multiple links to videos like “Homosexual Man Finds Jesus”, “Ex-Gay Obama Had Homosexual Affair With Pastor”, “Homosexual Christians???????…”, “A Lesbian’s Deliverance”

    This is the kind of shit we’re up against in life. I’m not certain what the average emotional IQ in the U.S. is, but quite frankly, I’m upset by this kind of ignorance being allowed to run rampant.

    “…why not just have a Stupidity Tax? Just tax the stupid people!” – Edina Margaret Monsoon, Absolutely Fabulous

    “And let them DIE!” – Patsy Stone, Absolutely Fabulous

    Unfortunately, there aren’t laws to protect the stupid from posting videos and mouthing off about religious ideologies. Now you can even PURCHASE stupid.

  2. CJ says

    Bwahahahahaha! Ex-Masturbator?! Ahaha…bwahahahahaha!

    Are they serious?! Who would ever wear “Ex-Masturbator” in public? Ted Haggard? Just… wow…

    I often wonder what the world would be like if everyone truly followed every word of scripture, the world would be an even more unhappy, paranoid, bitter place. Sad.

  3. Keith says

    My, my, my… Who knew that I was in “bondage”??? Aah, such silken cords. Thank all that is good that I’ve got them to set me “straight” as it were… Someone was obviously too busy doing sumpin’ nasty when “judge not” was discussed in bible study…

  4. SFshawn says

    These shirts are creative and surprisingly sexual and would be cool if the underlying message wasn’t one of hatred,judgement,intolerance combined with the insecurity and immaturity with the overzealous Christian wearers “eager” to be “right” with GOD and their families. Anyone with a brain cell in their head KNOWS that men(even priests) can’t stop masturbating and gays can’t become ungay anymore than straights can become unstraight. God save me from your followers!

  5. GayRepublican says

    To my fellow gays who want one, but don’t want to give them money… There are plenty of places that will print up shirts with custom designs, so just give one of those shops your business. OR, if you really want to let out your inner gay, make one yourself by buying a good quality tee and getting iron-on transfer sheets for your printer.

  6. Zeke says

    A few more suggestions:


    I think these dumbasses may have just tipped us onto a lucrative business proposition.

  7. Grego says

    Vile is right. I’d like to witness some mindless former-homo being dragged off a U.S.Air flight for wearing one of these outfits and violating everyone else’s sensibilities. On the backside it should say simply “i’m better than you”

  8. says

    I’m kinda thinkin’ we should buy the shirts and have every gay wear them. We can then call the organization frauds since they are selling to un-exgays. We can make it a fashion statement. Or we could flood the market with knock-offs. Just a thought.

  9. Zeke says

    How about,

    EX-asperated with Hypocrites
    EX-austed from Lies and the Liars who tell them
    EX-Dishonest, Miserable Husband of EX-Wife/NEW Truthful, Happy Husband of NEW Husband

    The possiblities are endless…

  10. says

    Wow – I usually find organised religion off-putting but she seems young and hip and they’ve cut rap music into the video (which the kids listen to) so I feel less defensive about it. If she talks like other people my age AND if they play popular music and show how Christians can use myspace then maybe my defensiveness is unfounded!

    Thanks, American Christian Freak Group. Maybe I’ll go into therapy to fix mysself now.

    Finally, a solution I can believe in.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    JOE, was that a plumbing question? The answer, yes…ugh…I kinda’ know why you asked it. The black girl mentioned homosexality and AIDS in the same sentence during her pathetic plea for prayer support. She seemed pretty young and not much formal education–so, yes, she could make the false assumption that AIDS goes along with homosexuality–no matter what kind of homosexauality it is.

    There are many gay young people like her–in emotional turmoil. They have no where to turn, and their families and communities put tremendous pressure on them to believe that their “gayness” is their problem. That’s why youth oriented programs/projects are so important…well, they should be very important to gay communities all over this country. Yeah, they should be important.

    And JOE, isn’t a black Lesbian statistically LESS likely to get HIV than a male homosexual?

  12. TonyG says

    I think Ted Haggard would get very excited seeing a young man/staffer/volunteer wearing the “EX-homosexual” one…

    But people, hilarious as they may be, please don’t buy any from this group. They’s LOVE to take our money to further their cause and produce more high-quality videos.

  13. TANK says

    You will notice that of most every religious person who posts their religious polemics and diatribes on youtube. The atheists like Pat Condell leave their comments sections open, because they’re actually interested in feedback, and encouraging some sort of debate–though it’s the mob.

  14. Foochy says

    The most disturbing shirt for me in light of the statement by the Passion for Christ movement (“…she’s been led by God to reach out to those still in bondage to that lifestyle…”) is the ex-slave shirt. It is profoundly offensive on so many levels to me as a person (let alone a black one), but in the end I just feel sorry for that woman.

    I used to pray something awful to have my octaroon (1/8 black) grandmother’s aquiline nose probably as much as that woman “prays away her gay” because I had conjured in my mind that a whiter nose would make me “more acceptable, more lovable.” My mother would relentlessly compare my nose to my siblings’, who took after grandma.

    But my nose was what it was — the African luck of the draw in a racially mixed family, just as the lesbian orientation of “Ms. Ex-Homosexual” is part of the spectrum of human sexuality. Yet something that cannot be controlled was made to feel shameful in that soul-destroying, emotionally fucked-up way because someone else made it an issue, and thought hating the disagreeable parts of me was a form of love.

    It took a compliment from that same grandmother with an affectionate kiss planted on that same nose — so representative of the beauty of the diversity of her family to her, yet to me the bane of my existence as the child of a dark skinned person obsessed with looking white — to straighten me out. My grandmother did not tolerate her babies hating themselves in that way — nose, skin color, sexuality, it did not matter: if she loved you, you were going to need to love you too in your entirety.

    I guess Ms. Ex-Homosexual never had a person like that in her life, which is a truly damnable sin — besides deceiving yourself into something you are not and mistaking parochial hatred as spiritual love.

  15. Rouau says

    Oh my goodness, I so wouldn’t even get near a person who wears a ‘Ex-masturbator’ t-shirt. This is definitely my WTF moment of the week, hell make that the month.

  16. Saint Francine the Sissy says

    Just because you can’t get a same-sex date tonight or aren’t in a gay relationship right now doesn’t mean you are an EX-homosexual. It just means you need to probably lose a few pounds, hit the gym or perhaps a few more drinks at the club – everyone looks better after a few, even you. Jesus does not DISCRIMINATE, people do. God Doesn’t Hate Fags – Faux Christians Do.

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