1. Ben says

    I don’t care if he’s gay. I just want him to be gay for [i]me[/i]/ Let Sir Ian worry about the politics of outing.

  2. ggreen says

    Jackman, his wife and all their publicists have been tell the EXACT same ladies room story for years with out any deviation. I guess if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes fact. When you have Barbara Walters proclaiming your sexuality on television you have issues and many hang-ups about it. If Jackman’s sexuality were a non-issue no one would mention it.

  3. Al says

    I LOVE that the screen cap is perhaps the “gayest look” he could have done. The ceiling eyes, the hand, it’s just too much!

  4. Terence says

    I feel bad for his “producing partner” — he’s a human being too and having to keep their romantic relationship in the closet for the sake of Jackman’s career is pretty depressing. Mind you, he gets to ride that hunk of meat on a regular basis, so I guess he can’t complain.

    (Anyone who thinks Jackman is straight is delusional.)

  5. jimmyboyo says

    GGreen and Terence


    On his sexyness, for me not so much. I appreciate my more fem brothers and enjoy my more fem friends but in my personal life I prefer more butch guys so if he didn’t move, talk, sing or dance I would find him attractive BUT

  6. E. says

    You know, Jackman’s never *really* read as gay to me. I think people just can’t believe that he can sing, dance, act, kick to high heaven and then turn around do a butch action role like Wolverine, all while looking that damn good. That, and wishful thinking. I say good for him that he’s not afraid to pursue the variety of roles he wants and to be theatrical and camp, even. He lets the rumors fly.

  7. marq says

    gay or not, it really doesn’t matter. he’s one talented son of a bitch! i’m still bummed that i miss The Boy From Oz here in NYC. I hope he’s going to do another musical soon. In the meantime, there’s Wolverine in the immediate horizon.

  8. freddy says

    His producing partner has been his boyfriend for years. His wife is a notorious Australian fag hag.

    Sign it, seal it, deliver it. Hugh, just shut the fuck up and come out. No one buys you as a romantic leading man anyway (see: “Australia”).

  9. Cj says

    The day society doesn’t care about a persons sexuality is the day equal rights have arrived. I never thought about Hugh Jackman’s personal life and it is a shame that he has to answer questions about something so personal.

  10. Eric says

    I too have never heard anything about him being gay until now, and I’ve never thought of him as the least bit gay. It is pretty hilarious though when people pretend that they know him and what his life is like, and by hilarious I mean offensively stupid. Show some respect to him and his wife.

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    It really doesn’t matter to me if he’s gay or straight. All that I know is he’s not knocking on my door. Sigh!

  12. RainbowPhoenix says

    I we can have so called “straight acting” gay men, I see no reason why we can’t have gay acting straight men.

  13. Ian says

    Any publicity is good publicity. I think his non-denial denial (letting his wife answer) is intended to keep people guessing and interested. It certainly keeps him featured in many online celeb blogs and gossip web sites. Whether he is gay or straight, it’s a clever strategy to fuel this ambiguity and keep people guessing.

  14. RainbowPhoenix says

    By “gay acting,” I’m referring to the performances and mannerisms that sparked the rumors.

  15. Gabe R says

    Sorry, I’ve never noticed them. Just because he isn’t uptight, can carry a tune, and can move well still doesn’t qualify as ‘gay-acting.’

  16. OnePostOnly says

    I agree that it doesn;t matter- but why not find the John Travolta Youttube interview with Rove (Australian chat show)and listen to the very last thing Hugh says…that he has a full day planned for touring with Travolta and the host asks if they are going to go see the giant pineapple (a tourist thing) and Hugh says something along the lines of “I was going to show him the giant banana.” Folks, there is no giant banana and the body language of that entire two part interview speaks volumes.

    I wish he’d be up front about it (pun not intended).

  17. OnePostOnly says

    Not sure what happened to my post- but I think this is a very interesting YouTube, especially the final minute:

  18. Kimberly says

    Just because he played a gay character doesn’t automatically make him gay. He’s just a kickass actor.

  19. Kristy Wins says

    I see… Hugh Jackman has been cleverly hiding his sexuality by playing a flamboyantly gay man in a musical on Broadway! And here I was thinking that he was just non-homophobic and incredibly comfortable in his own skin when it turns out that he’s self-hating and terrified of being discovered as a gay man and his best recourse after X-Men was to play Peter Allen in a musical on Broadway wearing gold sequins. I understand fully now.

    Next you’re going to tell me that Anthony Hopkins is secretly a cannibalistic serial killer.

    I suspect that anyone who thinks Jackman is gay is either homophobic or a wishful thinker.

  20. sophiesminion says

    I love that he didn’t deny it outright like most stars would. I hate it when heterosexual movie stars deny that they are gay with too much vehemence. It comes off as prejudiced because they make it sound like they think being gay is terrible. If they sound too upset, “The lady doth protest too much!” He handled the question with sensitivity and good humor and now I have this crush that’s completely inappropriate for my age. His wife is very lucky. I hope she deserves him.

  21. Midland says

    He has in fact denied he’s gay in the article quoted above. If you read the article that is linked to (in Parade) he talks about his religious belief, which is that everything is essentially the same – finding unity in duality. This would seem to square with his view that denying being gay tends to suggest there is something wrong with being gay.

    Makes perfect sense to me.

    I’m starting to find it embarrassing that this question comes up still. He has a wife and two great kids (adopted after his wife had several miscarriages) and is extremely comfortable around theatre and musicals. These things can co-exist quite happily without there needing to be any dubiety over his honesty about his sexuality.

  22. George Bordovsky says

    Regardless if he’s gay or not, I would suck his balls deep into my rectum and wouldn’t let go!

  23. Mike S says

    Oh, I almost forgot, if you want to see the “queeny” behavior I’m talking about, just watch the Barbara Walters interview clip on this page where Hugh Jackman supposedly “imitates” a gay guy. That’s what he started on me, just because I spoke to him at Tower Records. I still can’t believe that such a fey man is such a good actor (who seems so “manly” in the movies). LOLOLOLOL!!! Classic…

  24. LAWRIE says

    Just a fact update relating to ONEPOSTONLY, FEB 26, there is actually a well known tourist spot in Coffs Harbour, Australia called the BIG BANANA and the giant pineapple near the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is known as the BIG PINEAPPLE. You could probably easily find these on Google Earth if you could be bothered :-) There’s also the BIG SHEEP etc, etc. Just looking at Hugh’s stature, you can see we make a lot of BIG things down here and as he has mentioned himself we rarely make a BIG deal about whether someone is gay or not, which many in the US seem obsessed with. We had our first openly gay TV characters and men kissing on TV (OMG) back in the 70’s, including in the recent past an openly gay footballer, a head of our AMA, a just retired Chief Justice and a currently sitting and well respected Senator. We are very proud of Hugh and have been watching him in movies for many years (try and find Paperback Hero one of his earliest starring movie roles) and find it hilarious when people talk about his rapid rise to fame. He is a great ambassador for Australia and our easy going, non-judgemental way of life. Thanks Hugh!

  25. JJsR says

    You know…personally it seems like ever since the “Equal Rights” movement really started picking up steam around the late nineties, gays and straights are less equal. It was never an issue if you were gay or not 15-20 years ago. You just didn’t ask and didn’t tell. And it really sucks for us straight musical theatre guys that love singing, dancing, and acting, but get labeled gay. Why r only gay people allowed to do theatre? And really, being gay doesn’t hurt your career..please…Look at Elton John and all the other thousands of gay celebs.

  26. Tony V says

    I assumed Hugh jackman was straight because of the X-Men character he plays, until he did the Peter Allen musical and started doing interviews about the show. This man was suddenly a total flame. Then I added up the fact that he is totally hot but married some old Australian cougar actress and seems to have no penchant for playing around on his ugly wife with some young starlet. Let’s see, hoembody, musical theater, Peter Allen, hag wife, gym bunny, and gay pornstar face and body. Gay!!!!

  27. yeah and says

    Yeah all of that plus the omnipresent handsome gay business partner who he met on the set of the first X-men movie in ’99

  28. They gay says

    I had my doubts till I saw his wife’s face. Not only is she fat & fugly as f*ck, she’s also terrifyingly manly. I’m sorry but this man could have any supermodel he wants. Why be with this horror of a woman who looks like a terror on wheels? No way! These closeted gays ought to hire gorgeous porn stars who will do anything for money. At least it would be 90% less obvious. Gay gentlemen celebs: your scary/manly “beard” gives it away. (Have you seen Chris Meloni’s wife? Like Jackman’s wife, she probably shaves her face!!!) Also read his kids are not his, so that settles it: just like Clay Aiken, Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise and Chris Meloni: any guy who doesn’t have his own kids (surrogate or uses in-vitro) it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out he never put it “down there”. Plus they NEVER answer the question! Ricky Martin & Clay Aiken, like Jackman, never denied it, they skirted around the issue. That’s a tale that screams “see fans? I ain’t lying to you. I’m NOT answering the question”. They just can’t bear to add on to the guilt. Not to mention no straight man moves hips like he does. Sorry ladies, he’s gay. Case closed.

  29. s says

    not all actors are gay people make this assumtion that every single actor on brodaway is gay . Why cant people just leave him alone alot of famous actors thast are now dead won tons of awards and are not gay. The only reasons this rumor started is because whoever statrted has nothing better do with there life they are board. I also wouldn;t use the term gay acting others might found it offensive. He needs to be left alone. His kids need to be left along. Leave his family alone

  30. Oscar says

    Hugh Jackman is a True and Genuine Human Being First and Loveing Husband and Ignorant People who should get a F–king life and live peoples private lives alone…They preform and get paid..That’s it the rest off them and there privacey is non of your Dam Bizzness…..So Hugh if you are gay or not ..that’s okay with Me I have always thought you where True Soulmate Material…Oscar in Montreal…