1. jeffrey says

    Lance is an excellent candidate to follow in Harvey’s footsteps and be a major leader in the fight for equality. I hope he realizes that he has the power to do that.

  2. Rafael says

    It was very touching to hear Mr. Black say he wanted to pay it forward. That is the spirit we should all embrace.

  3. Anonymous says

    Lance Black is one class act. I wish him all the happiness in the world — hope he meets the husband of his dreams.

  4. Randy says

    Mr. Black and Mr. Penn represent our cause so well, aside from their obvious talent at their day job. For me the Oscars are usually a dull event, but these are some very moving speakers. Mr. Penn is right. The day will come faster than we all think, when it will not be acceptable to run for public office, and say you’re not for same-sex marriage.

  5. DLB fan says

    What happened to the Dustin Lance Black pictures from Vogue Hommes that you posted a week or so ago? The shirtless one, and the one with the cowboy hat. Twink-a-licious.

    Why did you take them down? I thought they were hot.

    Did the producers of Milk pressure websites to remove the Black shirtless pics taken by Gus van Sant? Did they try and pressure you? Why? The backstory would make a great post.

    I have a conspiracy theory that the producers didn’t like the implication that Black was Gus van Sant’s boytoy. From what I can tell, that is not true, but it was some of the speculation when people saw the pictures.