Jamie Bamber Gets Naked for Bears


Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber goes bare for bears in the latest ad for PETA, meant to help save black bears who die for their fur. Canadian Black Bears are apparently used to make the fur caps for the Queen's Guard.

Says Bamber: "The obvious alternative is to make caps out of faux fur. You know, use
synthetic materials to avoid killing a beautiful animal. They're not to
keep warm. It's not particularly freezing outside Buckingham Palace.
You could wear something else. And you could certainly wear faux fur."

The Sexiest Man Alive is… [tr]
Bathhouse Galactica? [tr]


  1. says

    I’m all for bare skin vs. bearskin, but faux fur? Oh, right, the stuff made from petroleum products. That’ll really help things out. We’ve got lots of that. Drill, baby drill! (isn’t that how it goes?)

    Perhaps wool or hemp would be a better alternative. Or bare skin!

  2. jimmyboyo says

    I so wanted him to be one of the final 5 despite being Adama’s son. Somehow someway a final 5r so we could see him pop up naked in a jelly amniotic resurrection bath

    oh well, I’m a sci-fi geek and if you have no clue what I’m talking about then watch BSG

  3. JR says

    Making the bearskin caps from anything else won’t stop the killing of a single bear.

    The bears are culled each year because the population is exploding. There are now over 200,000 bears in Ontario and Quebec alone.

  4. Darrell says

    While I appreciate, Mr Bambers take on it, they do not make that many fur hats a year and that there are over 500,000 black bears in Canada alone. Also the fur used comes from road kills, licsened hunters or local population culls, they are NOT endangered. Still great pose.

  5. Nonplussed says

    @ NIC
    Calm down NIC. I’m not really going to club a baby seal. Truly.
    It’s a reaction to the hectoring, lumpenly literal, nature of zealots who want to nag, badger and threaten me into living my life their way…
    You know, the usual, intolerance.

  6. says

    Traffick: I like your thinking!
    Jimmyboyo: I’m beginning to think they’re ALL Cylons.

    PETA is pointless: they’ve never really done anything except get notice for themselves. Black Bear fur? Really? There’s a big market out there for that? Seriously? ASPCA does something, PETA just goes for the photo op.

    That said, I’m digging the photo op of Apollo shirtless! Woof!

  7. AntBee says

    @Traffick: LOL!!

    I never have liked him as Apollo on BSG. He’s too pretty, too cute. I couldn’t take him seriously as a tough-guy military officer. On top of that, he was attractive to Starbuck, a woman who probably has a bigger dick than him!
    I did watch the first episode of L&O-UK, and it was OK. It was kinda weird hearing his real British accent after hearing his American one for so long.
    As far as this picture here, does nothing for me.

  8. Damarez says

    London is swirling with rumours regarding why Jamie Bamber, lately of Battlestar Galactica, was suddenly dropped from the BBC’s new sci-fi drama, Outcasts.

    Bamber was originally advertised as one of the leading characters in the new drama series, set to premier next month in the US and UK. Bamber’s publicists trumpeted the role at the time and he featured prominently in BBC publicity. The web was full of news of Bamber’s “major new role”.

    Filming began in South Africa in May but within the space of just a few weeks Bamber was history. His name has been conspicuously missing from all recent BBC publicity and his co-stars have refused to comment. The story Bamber has peddled ever since was that it was always intended that he only have a “limited arc” role but industry observers say that that simply isn’t the case and that it was always intended that he play a major supporting role in the much-hyped TV series.

    Recent leaks from the BBC and from sources in the South Africa suggest that Bamber was indeed suddenly dropped from the show last summer. BBC insiders have been unusually tight-lipped but it is said that Bamber’s sudden exit followed “certain information” coming to the attention of BBC execs.

    The BBC refuses to comment citing “privacy” and confidentiality issues. It has however confirmed that Bamber has “no association” with the BBC or any BBC productions.

    As one source at BAFTA put it, “for whatever reason, Jamie Bamber has become The Outcast.

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