1. Paul R says

    Her attempts at making bedroom eyes in the first half just make her look stoned.

    It is good to know that Campari is the new It drink. I’m guessing that yellow watch was also product placement.

  2. brian says

    Loathe the bitch. She’s yet another female entertainer who’s using her so-called bisexuality as a marketing ploy. It’s an accommodation of the male bigots who think that girl-girl is “hot” and male-male is “gross”.

    Listen, Ga Ga, we buy your records and yet you still refuse to put male-male action in your videos. Fuck off, bitch.

  3. jason says

    Has anyone else noticed the bisexual double standard in the entertainment industry? From Katy Perry to Madonna to Britney to Lady Ga Ga, there’s a concerted effort to portray girl-girl as hot and socially acceptable, especially in terms of the straight male-accommodating context of female bisexuality. Yet it is still taboo for a male artist to do this in terms of guy-guy and male sexual fluidity.

    This is what happens when liberals are allowed to run riot. Liberals only like girl-girl, especially if it’s portrayed in terms of the sexually fluid female. It’s like porn, really. It’s designed to prop up the fetishes of “straight” men. Lady Ga Ga is reinforcing the bisexual double standard by not allowing male-male action in her videos.

    Lady Ga Ga is not on our side, and that’s why I won’t be buying her records. She’s yet another spoke in the wheel of male heterosexual fantasy.

  4. matthew says

    Lady Ga Ga claims to be pro-gay. Ok, fair enough. But I’m still waiting for her to put some steamy guy-guy action in her videos. Do you think I’ll be waiting forever? Or is she just another hypocrite who is using gay men to build a power base while marketing herself using the very same stereotypes you see in a straight men’s magazine?

    Hot guy-guy action not good enough for your videos, Lady Ga Ga?

  5. frank says

    Note the sleazy little tricks that Lady Ga Ga’s video producer appears to be using to avoid showing male-male action. There’s a shot of two guys close together in the same still, but Lady Ga Ga is between them, thus rendering impossible the presence of any male-male action. Yet the female-female interaction is shown, albeit very briefly.

    Typical double standards from the liberals who are currently controlling the music industry. To them, girl-girl is hot, guy-guy is not-to-be-shown.

    The liberals in the American music industry are currently conducting a war against the male-male interaction, especially in terms of its presentation in mainstream settings. They’re terrified of it, and avoid it at all costs.

    How about we avoid them for a change? Boycott, anyone?

  6. Marc says

    Such deep thoughts about a pop music song and video !

    Some of you must be the type of gay that only shops gay and supports gay?

    Like some guys here in Vancouver and Seattle that will ONLY buy from gay-owned or gay-friendly shops.
    I’ve never understood this, and never will.

    It’s pop music you guys!
    And as such, it’s just fine and will do well. i see Gwen Stephani similarities and that’s about it there is only so much you can do with pop music or music in general, stop getting your knickers in such knots!

    She doesn’t owe YOU or ME anything, why should she?

    It’s so fun to tear people down isn’t it?

    And product placement? So what?

  7. Brandon says

    Christina did show some ample male-male make out action in the Beautiful video.

    The Strokes also had some rather steamy male-male action in the Juicebox video, which was predictably ignored.

    Ga Ga may in fact be pro-gay but she’s not really enforcing this belief. Not that she should be forced to anyway. But I think that this video is the singular vision of the director, not her.

    I’m all for more gay everywhere. Also, Anti-double standard.

  8. Rovex says

    Frankly i dont really care if she is pro gay or not, i wont be buying her music because its shit.
    Take pink, Xtina, 2 tranny prostitutes and put them in a blender, add more fug, remove 50% of the (already low) talent and what flops out is this bitch.

  9. Johnny says

    Hate to break it to you Brion, but you’ve been asleep for the past 6 months and have it all backwards. Christina’s the one who’s been accused of copying Lady GaGa’s look and sound as of late. Her hit “Just Dance” rather unceremoniously doused Aguilera’s latest attempt, “Keep’s Gettin Better”

  10. Johnny says

    Hate to break it to you Brion, but you’ve been asleep for the past 6 months and have it all backwards. Christina’s the one who’s been accused of copying Lady GaGa’s look and sound as of late. Her hit “Just Dance” rather unceremoniously doused Aguilera’s latest attempt, “Keep’s Gettin Better”

  11. gabriel says

    I love it, and her. She is actually extremely knowledgeable about music if you listen to her interviews. She’s also very talented… just listen to that a capella song.

    And all the other posts about man-on-man action are from the same guy who floods just about EVERY thread with the same nonsense. It appears he is now using several aliases to promote his idiotic views

  12. Trog says

    I love the Lady. Why the hate over no male-male action? This ain’t gay porn. And she’s not marketing her bisexuality (a la Kate Perry) in a cynical bid for hip cred. She’s no tween Disney product. Pa-lease.

    GaGa writes her own music, plays instruments, sings, produces, designs, has an interesting worldview that is gay-positive, she’s smart, and she is F-U-N. So is her music. Hello, she performed at Fire Island last summer.

    Come on guys, take a ride on her disco stick.

  13. RP says

    Jason and Frank (although I suspect you are one and the same),

    You need to buy a dictionary and look up “liberal”.

    You are getting it confused with Neo-con.

    Although, I really don’t see what the hell politics has to do with marketing in this case. Record companies are only using whatever tactics they feel will get their artists the widest fan base… they couldn’t give two sh*ts less about the social impact. It’s all about making money and nothing else.

  14. paul c says

    Isn’t this “Lady Gaga” person’s time up yet? She’s a festering pile of crap.

    Check out Roisin Murphy’s “Let Me Know” or “Overpowered” if you want to see what Lady Caca SHOULD be.

  15. EJ says

    Did you ever think that perhaps there’s no guy on guy as it’s Gaga on guy, Gaga on girl… It is after all Gaga’s music vid lol!! Fair enough if it were a room full of random couples making out and they deliberately avoided guy on guy but God! The vid focuses on her… She’s a girl… Thus making guy on guy impossible lol. Anyway relax, it’s a pop video, it’s just meant to be fun/entertainment. You don’t find much more open minded than Gaga – she loves her gays… Embrace her guys, don’t tear her apart unnecessarily. And whilst she may not be everyone’s cup of tea she’s hardless a talentless b*tch although the image induced re: anything flopping out of a blender did make me chuckle…

  16. flucht17 says

    My understanding of GaGa is that before doing her own thing, she was pretty influential in the pop music industry behind the scenes. This, coupled with the surprising talent i’ve seen in her acoustic videos gives me an overall impression of her as an incredibly adept artist who is in full control of her product. She’s using pop to rocket to fame, and it’s working, even if she might be capable of music which has more intrinsic worth. I think that Gaga’s intention is to be ‘everything that has ever been pop’, but all the same, I think the combination of those elements is unique, even if they are horrendously vapid. She certainly blows briney away.

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