1. alex in boston says

    To better appreciate Michael Pitt – Rent “The Dreamers” – Bernardo Bertolucci’s homage to 60’s radical students in Paris…… You can then enjoy that which you did not see in the above clip!! MP in full blossom!! Trust me it’s worth the rental!!! Enjoy!!

  2. NoSleep4Sam says

    When I first saw the post I first thought “wow, this guy is about as ugly as the guy from Dreamers!” Turns out it is the guy with a face full of fug from Dreamers. Why do they keep acting like this is someone I want to see, let alone see erotically? Bleah.

  3. j says

    There’s something hot about the reversal of gender roles here — the woman narrating (directing events in a way) and the man squirming under her gaze.

    I dunno — maybe I like it because I’m straight and female and grew up on a constant diet of the Traditional Heterosexual Romance Narrative.

    Not saying it’s anything earth-shattering, though.

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