1. Scott says

    Dayum! He’s the complete package. So talented and committed, hot, sweet, well spoken. Half of me wants to just give him a big hug. The other half of me just wants to…

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    That top photograph is almost exactly like a publicity photo taken of Ramon Navarro, the silent screen star (who had difficulty keeping his sexual orientation a secret). Navarro was beautiful though…well, he was Latin American–like that Lopez boy nowadays…beautiful.

  3. says

    a lovely boy all around… but thank god someone finally did something with his hair and got him when he wasn’t giggling. it is just fine to see him in all his hilarious scruffy glory, but i really did hope to see the athletic beauty presented like this someday.

    best mathew photography yet, reminiscent of andreeson.

  4. anon says

    Interesting attempt at some publicity, but perhaps too overtly sexual for the innocent charm appeal that he normally has. This is not how you sell Wheaties.

  5. Tony says


    he should release that as poster of some kind, CAUSE I WANT ONE…..THAT’S WHY! :-)

    Cheers Matthew!


  6. says

    Holy crap, dude has like negative-percent body fat. …now I know where all my extra body fat is coming from. (The amount of fat in the universe is constant; fat cannot be created or destroyed. Whenever someone somewhere gets skinnier, someone else somewhere else gets fatter.)

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