North Carolina Lawmaker Proposes Same-Sex Marriage Ban

A North Carolina Republican packed the state's General Assembly with supporters yesterday as he proposed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage:

"At issue is whether a current statute that says marriage is between a
man and a woman is enough – or if a constitutional amendment on the
matter is needed. 'Moms and dads are not interchangeable,' says state Sen. Jim Forrester, R-Gaston County. Forrester
is the lead sponsor of a proposal that would put this issue on the
ballot for North Carolina voters. Advocates from many associations
support this idea, including the North Carolina Catholic Diocese. 'Throughout
the entirety of sacred scripture, marriage is always and only
recognized as a union between a man and woman,' Bishop Peter Jugis, of
the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, said. Some say this amendment is not protection, but discrimination and that lawmakers should pass over this proposal once again. 'You know that saying what would Jesus do? I think he would be crying right now. I honestly do,' Ana McKee, of Durham, said. McKee's son is gay, and she says she doesn't want his rights limited in North Carolina. Other
opponents of the proposal advise lawmakers not to be fooled by
Tuesday's turnout – they believe the people of North Carolina don't
want this bill."

Forrester's bill has 21 co-sponsors. You can read a PDF HERE.

NC lawmaker proposes ban on gay marriage [news 14 carolina]


  1. CJ says

    These bills should not even get the chance in being heard let alone passed. This is pure and simple discrimination, and I am disgusted that people are allowing this to be news. Why aren’t more people outraged? If this was racism believe me there would be riots, but once again homosexuals are thrown under the bus and passed over. Great world we live in.

  2. James C. says

    No surprise the chief sponsor represents Gaston County. My college is there, backward doesn’t even begin to describe that part of the state. The county was ‘dry’ (no alcohol sales)until early this decade.

  3. Olive Yurdich says

    It is too bad North Carolina does not realize its relatively new surge of lesbian residents is what made it somewhat of a popular resort destination, rather than the podunk, backwoods, inbred, Deliverance type of state it once was. I say give North Carolina back to those toothless christian bastards, and let ’em go back to eating squirrel.

  4. Acolyte says

    I’m not sure what “sacred scripture” Bishop Jurgis has been reading. If it’s the Bible–as one would assume given his Catholicism–he’d have a hard time finding much support for a “one woman, one man” paradigm.

  5. jimmyboyo says

    They have NOTHING else

    People are suffering during the current economic mess and this is just proof positive that they have NOTHING to offer but a return to crazy culture war BS to provide a reason for their remaining in power

  6. Marc says


    Oops, I take that back. Niggers have pride!

    I’m rather starting to like being a bottom feeder! I just hope I don’t get marched into any oven soon. After all, I haven’t responded to all of those Manhunt and M4M Craigslist ads!

  7. Marc says

    POWELL, Please go sit at the back of the bus.

    Writing your legislator? REALLY? The time to act is now though but if GLBTs aren’t willing to make the hard sacrifices, then don’t expect anything more than to see your rights slip further and further from your fingertips.

  8. Sargon Bighorn says

    Here we go again! Will the GLBT leaders of North Carolina have the balls and/or boobs (or both) to call these people Hateful Bigots or will they roll over, expose their plumb little bellies and ask everyone to sing Koombaya?

    I’m not suggesting that calling the Radical Religious Extremists what they are will change any outcome. What I’m suggesting is that LGBT leaders start fighting hard, mean and with anger.

    In a real fight you only get one chance, the opponent does not care how much you want to hold hands and be friends. In a real fight everything is fair as long as you’re the one standing at the end.

    GLBT leaders need to understand this SIMPLE concept and behave accordingly.

  9. latebrosus says

    @Acolyte: you know, that verse about “a man shall leave his parents and cleave unto a woman,” that one. And Genesis, of course. Xians will interpret these verses to mean that marriage can only happen between a man and a woman.

    But the larger issue is, as usual, citing the Bible as a supposed core belief system for every single person who lives in the United States. For some reason, these people just can’t see past the falsity of that assumption.

  10. Sean says

    blah blah blah. when are these dinosaurs going to go away? How can they honestly look in the mirror and call themselves Christians when they immediately go out and spew hate all over the place. I will NEVER understand it. Religion in this country apparently is nothing more than excuse to hate. I didn’t think that was what it was about. But that’s just me.

  11. says

  12. says

    All of these states that feel they must amend their constitutions to ban same-sex marriage are actually admitting that, as originally written, their constitutions do protect such unions. So where is the “conservatism” in respecting the values of their founding fathers?

    As for North Carolina, give them credit for moving from a Jesse Helms RED state to a more progressive BLUE state. At least it’s moving in the right direction. Democrats hold the statehouse & they don’t want to return to their old image. There’s a fighting chance the amendment will be derailed.

  13. says

    We are currently the only southern state not to have such a ridiculous ammendment. This isn’t the first time it has come up and I hope it gets pushed away again. We have a democrat ran house, senate, governor and went blue for the first time since Carter.

  14. bobbyjoe says

    Translation: The North Carolina Republican Party has something they really, really don’t want voters to notice or pay attention to, so they’re tossing up another needless anti-gay marriage bill as a big distraction, even though they already have a law on the books about it.

    Verdict: The same suckers will bite, as they always do. If you meet one of these people, yell, “Look! Something shiny!” then steal their wallet.

  15. M JUGIS says

    EVERYONE would like to put this issue to rest once and for all. The penis & the uterus join to produce life. A SIMPLE FACT. IF and when homosexuals can achieve this, I,LL BE THE FIRST TO GIVE ,MY BLESSING.

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