News: Pedro Zamora, Kentucky, Jesus Luz, Kate Moss, Twitter

Road Pedro Zamora's life to be brought to the big screen: "Pedro learned he was HIV-Positive at age seventeen, and spent the rest of his life trying to educate young people about the disease. His appearance on MTV's The Real World: San Francisco in 1994 was groundbreaking, and when he died the day after the final episode aired, it was a shock to all of us who had become enamored of his sweet smile and gentle personality."

Madonna to arrive at Vanity Fair Oscar party with golden boy of her own.

NYC: Couple gay bashed at Regal Union Square theater.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams won't be distracted by Breedlove scandal: "There are things that have affected city business, there’s no question. But the work still needs to be done. There are issues that I care about."

Gays to rally in Frankfort, Kentucky over adoption bill.

North Dakota senate approves sexual orientation anti-discrimination bill: "North Dakota's Senate agreed on Wednesday, voting 27-19 to include sexual orientation in a list of categories protected by the state's human rights law. The bill now moves to the state House."

Road Buzzed Hartnett topples Champagne flutes at fashion week.

Panic ensues as questionable Oscar winner list leaks

Peter Facinelli presents Costume Design Guild Awards in his undies.

Utah Showdown: Equality Utah faces off against conservative Sutherland Institute in debate. "Both sides rehashed arguments about whether being gay is a choice and whether gay and lesbian couples ought to be allowed to marry.But Will Carlson, Equality Utah's public policy manager, pushed for common ground: his group's campaign for rights — short of same-sex marriage — for gay and transgender Utahns.'Does disagreeing on one thing mean there's no agreeing on anything?' he asked. 'This is appealing to the better angels of our nature. … Most people agree that basic protections involving health care, fair housing and employment, and basic security for all couples are places where we can find common ground.'Neither side was declared the winner, but the debaters lobbed a few barbs back and forth."

Six Banksy Kate Moss prints expected to fetch big bucks next week at auction.

Suburban Chicago high school sees first gay dance. Teacher: "This is the first time they've gotten to actually plan a dance explicitly for their interests. That seems like a small thing, and it's not."

Gay George Washington University student dismissed from ROTC over 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': "As a gay man, Belok said he understood how difficult it could be to conceal his homosexuality while serving in the armed forces.
'I had done a report on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ in 12th grade,' he explained in an interview with The Hoya. 'I knew what it meant to be gay in the military.' Nonetheless, he planned to keep his sexual orientation under wraps for the time being. Last fall, however, Belok’s boyfriend visited him at GWU and the two attended a fraternity party where other NROTC members saw them together…Belok was removed from the NROTC despite a GWU policy which protects students in school-sponsored clubs from discrimination based on sexual orientation."

Gyllenhaal goes green.

South Beach gears up for annual Winter Party.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey interviewed: "I feel that it's something new. I think it's a new way to communicate. It has a new take on the address book. It's a new way to interact with people. And at the same time, it does a very good job of exposing what's happening in the world right now: You can see what's trending globally, you can limit that locally and figure out what's trending within a five-mile radius of you, or you can use it socially and figure out what's trending within your own social network. That's where the newness is. I just haven't seen anything like that before."

Japan loves babyfaced gay adult movie remixes.

Boy Culture on Kathy Griffin's latest show.

British high court orders Home Secretary to find gay asylum seeker who was deported and bring him back, ruling his expulsion unlawful: "In a written statement, Mr X said that, last September, he was deceived into thinking he was being taken from Tinsley House immigration removal centre, on the perimeter of Gatwick airport, for an interview with an immigration officer. Instead, without warning, he was taken in a van by four security men to a plane. He said that, when he resisted leaving the van, he was handcuffed, and punched in his private parts to make him straighten his legs so they could be belted together. Crying, he was lifted on to the aeroplane and flown out of the country."


  1. says

    I hope to GOD IN HEAVEN that the Oscar list is correct, because it would mean that Martin McDonagh’s script for IN BRUGES wins Best Screenplay and I WANT IT TO WIN I WANT IT TO WIN I WANT IT TO WIN!!!!

  2. Alex says

    I hope that Oscar list is bogus. I cannot imagine Hollywood not making a big statement about Proposition 8 and giving MILK AT LEAST Best Screenplay (which is often the consolation prize for not winning Best Picture).

  3. Cj says

    As an ex frequenter of circuit parties (went to most of them for a year about 9 years ago) I can honestly state I am disturbed by the overall lack of responsibility I witnessed from lots of people. What disturbs me is that some of the events are intended to raise money for AIDS and other important causes, yet a good deal of the attendees engage is risky drug and sexual behavior that may result in the spread of HIV. “Party n’ Play” is not an uncommon activity and it’s very troubling that attendees do not even realize the reason for such events as the “Winter Party”, but instead go to get loaded/high. It very much defeats the purpose of the event.

  4. Alex says

    And that gay bashing in the East Village?

    That is descpicable of the movie theater management.

    I suddenly don’t feel so safe. :(

  5. Leland Frances says

    Actually, CJ, there is research to support your observation about the counterproductive results of circuit parties…and it’s worse than you think. It showed that a disproportionate number of attendees are ALREADY HIV+ and, thus, there is a higher possibility…versus, for example, picking someone up at your favorite bar….of those HIV- to become affected as the result of having unprotected sex after their judgment is impaired from all the drugs.

    2. I hope you’re right, Alex, but if Hollywood’s behavior [with a FEW notable exceptions] before the P8 vote is any indication, they WON’T be “making a big statement about Proposition 8.”

    There’s likely to be one presenter violating the goddamn DO NOT VEER FROM TELEPROMPTED SCRIPT/DO NOT TALK ABOUT POLITICS RULE and say something, and if there are any “Milk” wins we’ll hear something, but, otherwise, look for another vacuous vacation from the real world.

  6. says


    Thnaks for the link about the Action Against the Anti Gay Adoption Bill in KY.

    If you guys get a chance check it out and make a call to one of the Legislators and tell them how much you are against it. We REALLY WANT TO SLAM THEM with calls and messages to show show we are no longer stanbd for shit like this. In ANY STATE!

  7. says

    Thank you for finally posting that the ND Senate passed a sexual orientation discrimination bill!
    I feel like we are forgotten about sometimes…
    …which brings me to mentioning this, you might want to note in a future post that the ND House passed a bill that could bring about a challenge to Roe v. Wade. If you look at the Grand Forks Herald website or The Fargo Forum you should be able to locate a story to link to.

  8. says

    I know that those of you who say to “slam” different folks with calls mean well. However in forum after forum with politicians that I have attended, without fail, they say that faxes and HANDWRITTEN letters have the most effect.

    No matter what, keep on applying the heat where it is needed.

  9. satori says

    About the GWU NROTC kid that was discharged, was he on scholarship? If yes, the Navy may try to make him pay it back. It’s not a medical or similar dismissal but a “character” issue so they may try to fault him. I hope those butterbars to be that ratted on him are proud of themselves.

  10. CK says

    I hope those fucking thugs are apprehended soon that assaulted the two men at the Regal Theaters! I have written to the chain’s head office blasting them and asking them for an official response… I can’t say I will hold my breath waiting for an answer, but let’s see.

    If you want to write too, here is the link:

    I hope that Brandon and his partner are recovering well! Sorry about what happened to you guys, it is appalling that the theater management were such utter pricks to you. I hope the manager and the employee that let the underage thugs in, get fired. They don’t deserve to be employed there if they treat patrons like that!

  11. Swailly says

    Oh my dear God, Jesus Luz!? Not that is a man. I’m so looking forward to see your sexy self at the oscars party.