1. Mike says

    The way to reach out is to start endorsing inclusive policies – how about repealing DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell… basically, they just want to votes – but could give a rats ass.

  2. Craig says

    Wasn’t this the exact same guy that was saying on Friday that the GOP had exactly the right message and don’t change a thing, especially on abortion and gay rights?

    I seem to remember he was pretty adamant about that.

    What a freak. Mr. Steele, remember how the south felt about Republicans after Reconstruction? Honey, that’s the way gay people think about you and your party now. It was, oh, a hundred years before you managed to elect anyone there, remember sweetie?

  3. Craig says

    Doesn’t this guy look like a black version of the typical banker/manager from the Beverly Hillbillies/Gilligan Island era?

    Attitudes from the ’50’s, why not the look I guess.

  4. Rafael says

    All Mr. Steele needs to do, is to look into his own election as chairman, to see how nothing is changed. Our departure from the Republican party is profound, and only a generational change could ever be sincere enough, for us to believe half of your words.

  5. Jimmyboyo says

    Yet he also said that repubs would not change 1 iota of their platform on gays and abortion

    He also feels that there is nothing wrong with their message rather the problem is the messengers. Overtones of a religion …xtianity can’t fail only xtians can fail…..repulicanism/conservatism can’t fail only so-called repubs

    The repubs are dangerously close to going the way of the wigs. Though I disagree with libertarians a recreated repub party to be libertarian is much more respectable, but that will never ever happen to the strangle hold the social conservatives have on the party.

  6. Repuglican Hair Club for Tokens says

    Steele was picked because he’s whiter than (fellow homophobe) Marie Osmond which is “black enough” for the Republican party.

    High yella, skinny nose, “speaks so well”. Owe’s his appointment to the election of President Obama and Republicans fears of irrelevance.


  7. jmg says

    So, blackness is defined by clothes and political views, not skin color?

    Hmmm…tell that to my black co-worker who was told by her guidance counselor in high school that she wasn’t really black because she didn’t talk “ghetto” and liked “white” music.

    Really enlightened, liberals!

  8. Foochy says

    No one was talking about whether Michael Steele is black or how “black” he is (by the way, Steele is nowhere near “high yella”). And JMG, I have had similar things said to me throughout my lifetime, but I always chalked it up to people’s ignorance about my culture and not their political views. Otherwise I would have to say something silly like “Really enlightened, Liberatians/Republicans.”

  9. says

    I hope he makes some changes and I hope we at least listen to him and meet with him to see what he has to say. The way I see it, he has nothing to lose by “going for it”. The R’s are in such bad shape that he can get away with a lot more than any of his party’s leaders of the past few years.

  10. loki7329 says

    Actually, you should see his whole interview. He thinks the Republican Party should reach out to those who support gay rights (ie. our straight allies, not us, there’s a difference). He also goes on to say that they should support the Republican Party if they can agree with 80% of the policies. That said, the who anti-gay, anti-abortion thing is nen-negotiable. Nothing has changed, folks. Lipstick on a pig.

  11. Mike says

    He said the same exact thing about Latinos and immigrants. Until he and his party endorse and vote for inclusive policies for the LGBT community, Latinos and other immigrant communities, and pro-choice individuals, no one will switch sides to join the GOP or even vote for them. You don’t get something for nothing.

  12. Ted says

    He basically said the Republican Party won’t ever support abortion or gay rights but we should be behind them because of all the other issues. He speaks with forked tongue. Watch out.

  13. Budbud says

    Yes. Steele is hoping they can fool enough socially liberal/fiscally conservative folks to just “overlook” the GOP’s overt hostility to gays and other minorities and abortion rights.

    When the GOP takes hostile positions about gays/abortion OFF of it’s party platform, then MAYBE we’ll think they are at least a little sincere.

    Until then…I don’t think so. So I will continue to ALWAYS VOTE reactionarily for WHATEVER PARTY is NOT THE GOP!…So will my sister and my mother! Good luck GOP. Just pray that you can remain a viable NATIONAL party with only the votes of SOUTHERN WHITE MEN!…Ha,ha.