1. John C says

    In Billy Wilder’s Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, made in 1970, Robert Stephens’ Holmes refuses the advances of a ballerina–who wants his child–by telling her that he and Watson are lovers. Watson is appalled by the idea but we see Holmes hanging out with some very camp ballet boys later and (IIRC) the film leaves the question of his sexuality in the air.

  2. crispy says

    I’ve been trying to improve my vocabulary, so today I will try to work “him-vestigator” into a sentence at least 3 times.

  3. anon says

    This all sounds a tad pointless given the Victorian mores at work in the setting. The whole point was that Watson was a man who could hang around Holmes all the time because there would Not be the sexual tension of having a female sidekick. Let’s try this: make Holmes gay and Dr. Watson a woman!

  4. AMS says

    The wonderful Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, starring Jeremy Brett, played with this idea. There was even an amazing 2 part episode called The Master Blackmailer, that had several homosexual characters (including the blackmailer himself) and even had a scene set in a Victorian gay bar. At one point, Holmes and Watson intimate to the blackmailer that they are ‘dearest friends’ in order to lure him in. Brett was arguably the best Sherlock Holmes ever to make it to the screen. I love Robert Downey, but Holmes was the role Brett was born to play.

  5. Joekener says

    Well, we LGBT always stand in one line. “We do support each other to get more rights just as equal as others..” said on the forum of Anyway, we will get and learn more from it. Hope the world is beautiful for LGBT too.

  6. J.W. says

    This rumor is out of control. Robert Downey Jr was just kidding. The relationship they are exploring between Holmes and Watson in the movie is their friendship, not something sexual.

  7. Marti says

    Off-topic, Rachel McAdams looks like Helena Bonham Carter here. I have a feeling her character might complicate things between Holmes and Watson…

  8. S. White says

    Extrordinary entertainment! I was charmed by the both Holmes and Watson…. Does anyone know why Watson limps?

    Cant wait to see it again