Towleroad Guide to the Tube #425

RNC CHAIR MICHAEL STEELE: “Let’s get this notion out of our heads that the government creates jobs. Not in the history of mankind has the government ever created a job. Small business owners do, small enterprises do. Not the government.” Huh?

JUDD GREGG: Rachel Maddow’s take on the Secretary of Commerce nominee.

FIRST DENTIST TRIP: Is this real life?

ANNISE PARKER: Openly gay candidate for mayor of Houston.


  1. davefromtampa says

    That kid reminds me of me after a few shots of jack daniels and a few beers. You know, the good stuff.

  2. rex says

    Wow..that Dentist Video is …just WOW….what a lucky man to have such a precious video of thier child…absolutely adorable,a keeper…a Great Memory to have.

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    Steele has been sniffing too much glue or the magic markers in his office

    All one needs is 1 example to disprove a hypthesis so……

    FDR CCC Civilian Conservation corps

    1933-1942 the most popular New Deal program due to putting unemployed american men to work building trails, roads, etc in our parks etc. Camps set up where american men worked with a tent roof over their heads (later military like barracks), food, beer, and a small check that the majority sent back home to their families to buy food and heating coal to get through the depression. The majority of americans from that time can credit the CCC to saving them from starvation! Many elederly american REPUBS still talk glowingly about the CCC providing food money for their mothers to feed them when kids

    Jobs, money, and infrastructure!!!!

    Just 1 of a multitude of examples.

    Hell, the millitary provides jobs and unless the USA millitary is owned by Bob Gates then that is government creating jobs. The majority of our tech in some way was either discovered in a military lab (later sold to the public) or got a boost of sponsorship by the military for development. HELL’s BELLs, super glue for example was a military invention of in field instant temp stitching for wounds. One can to this day still use superglue as an emergency stitch to seal a wound till one gets to a hospital.

  4. Jimmyboyo says


    FDR PWA created jobs by building buildings in DC and low income housing around the nation

    All you need is but 1 example to disprove Steele’s crazy talk.

    Hell, today the best way to solve our current economic crisis would be

    1- buy shitty foreclosed properties from the banks = help banks

    2- create public works program to tear down the older buildings on such properties = create jobs

    3- above lessens supply of older homes = improves housing market

    4- above cleared properties turned into park = more jobs improves property values for surrounding properties = improves housing market

    5= above improves aesthetics and environment of nation

    win win win! If only I was emperor of america


  5. 207guy says

    Government does create jobs: government jobs. But they’re not sustainable. In other words, revenues to support the government(s) ultimately emanate from private commerce.

    Government can “encourage” private sector investment (utilizing incentives, spending, and/or penalties) that, in turn, creates jobs.

  6. says

    What do you call the military?

    (straight) People work and get paid.

    That’s called a job.

    Then there are millions and millions of people employed by city, federal and state governments. Then there is research funded by government. Then there are teachers–that’s government.

    now, I am not all that bullish on the “stimulus” (i tend to think it will be spent as wisely as Tarp part 1) however, this guy is kinda ignorant.

  7. 207guy says

    Military personnel are government workers; more disciplined and skilled than normal government workers, but government workers nonetheless.

    The military would not exist but for taxes on the private sector.

  8. Andrew says

    Steele is right. Government cannot simply create jobs without destroying others. It can only redirect effort from private sector to public sector pursuits. For every person building a bridge for the government, there is one less barista at Starbucks (by way of example).

  9. anon says

    Most economists would agree that govt. sponsored jobs tend to have low dollar utilization, making them mostly an expense on the economy rather than an asset to the economy (the military being a huge expense we could really reduce). In any event, the CCC was hobbled by union opposition and relegated to make-work projects that had little utility. The govt. does make a lot of jobs though, for example, by making the tax code so complicated we all need to hire accountants or by $50 software every year just to file.

  10. Contrarian says

    The “L” in LGBT is becoming more impressive by the day, particularly in public life. Annise Parker, whom I was not familiar with,seems like a genuine and warm person.
    Then I go on the posted comments on Mr. Towle’s site and observe the “G” in LGBT in all their petty, bitchy glory (said somewhat tongue in cheek guys). Why do lesbians seem to have their stuff together and men are at each other’s throats? Must be the X chromosome.

  11. Jimmyboyo says




    Yeah, college grads given pink slips and in this economy either

    barista at starbucks or building/rebuilding our crumbeling bridges.


    To others saying “short term” jobs, UHM it is either that or nothing = great depression 2.0 with starving people in the streets

    The private sector can not mobilize for quickness. It is inherently conservative on investing its cash. Only the gov can create quick jobs (which we need right now by the way) that can actually acomplish something like rebuilding a crumbeling bridge as vs insurance companies going bankrupt over paying out to dead people’s families from a collapsed bridge that the gov will have to build some time anyway

    Like i mentioned, the best quickest recovery

    1- buy up foreclosed properties from banks= helps banks

    2- gov managed (check green cards and citizenship…no need to give jobs to those who will just ship the cash out of the country) worker program to tear down and recycle material from old homes = cuts the supply of homes down thus raising the price of all others BOOST the housing market back up

    3- same as top worker program to change over then cleared lots into local parks = more jobs and improvment to local housing markets = more parks around homes = higher values

    tons of cash flowing around helps everyone else

    If only socialist Emperor Jimmyboyo was in charge, this would all be fixed quite easily and quickly.

  12. Jimmyboyo says


    There is ample evidence that private biz is birthed as leaches to gobble up all the gov cash flowing around from large gov projects.

    Gov cash flowing to workers and private biz gets born to suck it up by selling schlock and supposed luxury items to said workers.

    The majority of all US innovation was birthed within GOV and Gov military labs later sold to the private sector to profit from.

    Hell the rural electrification program which heavily taxed the rich north built the electrical grid for the poor south at little return for the gov itself but great benefits for the poor south and the US in the long run with private biz being birthed in the south to take advantage of the cash flowing from the giant gov project

  13. Jimmyboyo says

    Post post script


    For all you boo hooers about gov projects /jobs

    If you didn’t get the message yet

    Aryn Rand is out/ failed and kensian economics is in

  14. Michael Bedwell says

    You know what your problem is, JimmyBoyo?

    You READ! How dare you suggest that something actually happened in the world before many of these “governments don’t create jobs” trolls were born! How dare you try to dry out their Repug-Lite brainwashing with FACTS!

    For my vote, let Steele continuing sticking his Uncle Tom foot in his mouth. There are enough people yet alive with memories of the ability of the government to create jobs that are more than just “make work” [see Tennessee Valley Authority], and enough younger that READ to recognize him for the fool he is.

    Added suggestions: repairing all those bridges just waiting to collapse across the country; rebuilding New Orleans and the levees to keep it safer in the future. Etc., etc.

  15. John in CA says

    Well, at least we now know Michael Steele can compete intellectually with the other stewards of the Republican Party.

    Sarah Palin. George W. Bush. Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney. Mike Huckabee.

    Those great philosophers…

  16. nic says

    yes, JIMMYBOYO, as MICHAEL BEDWELL suggested: shame on us fot thinking TOO hard! while i am not ready to sign on to “JIMMYBOYO: the Great and Powerful benevolent dictator, i welcome votes for NIC, the “universal ONE”.

    let’s see who raises more bucks on the bake sales, beeatch!

  17. Bozo says

    Why does Rachel Maddow try to be a newscaster and a comedian at the same time. It’s kind of annoying. It becomes even more annoying when she talks out of the side of her mouth. Anderson Cooper does the same thing during his 360. Why can’t they just report the news? I never really watched her before except for this clip.

  18. 207guy says

    Bozo: Finding true journalists in today’s media is difficult (O’Reilly, Olbermann, Ugh). Try the News Hour with Jim Lehrer…they still understand how to report with accuracy and fairness.

  19. Bob R says

    Steele is an idiot. He has to toe the GOP line, that was probably part of the deal to put him in his current job. Government does create jobs. In private industry. Every day. Think about it, seriously. Even the lowly government bureaucrat uses pencils, paper, pens, paperclips, trash cans, desks, and during a GOP administration, thousands of shredders and electronic listening devices not to mention sponges and waterboards. The Pentagon creates private jobs more and more as jobs once done by soldiers and sailors and Marines are “privatized”. Would a military trained electrician install faulty wiring and electrocute fellow soldiers taking a shower? Hiring men and women to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure (even if their wages paid directly by the government)is going to result in steel workers being recalled to produce the rebar, beams, bolts, hammers, nails, etc required to do these reconstruction/repair jobs. Hell, even Joe the Plumber might find a real job. Plumbing. Or at least learning to. Once these workers start paying taxes, the government will recover some cash. Probably much more cash in the way of payroll taxes than will ever be recovered from those black holes on Wall Street and the banks we’ve been pouring billions down lately. The GOP is intellectually and morally bankrupt. I’m becoming more and more convinced the only good Republican is a dead Republican. I do know they’re definitely brain dead. Under Reagan, Bush I and Bush II and years of GOP Congressional leadership the nation’s economy has been eroded and now damn near destroyed. Bush II has the history of destroying anything he touches. Bush II is the anti-King Midas. We have seen the biggest shift of wealth in this nation under GOP stewardship than at any time in our 200+ year history. Republican’s have always, always been an economic disaster for America. Read and study history and economics, not spend your time listening to poison toads like Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity and the GOP other political pornographers. Don’t waste time trying to defend the GOP. They’re indefensible, except in the minds of the Republican fanatic.

  20. Bob R says

    Hey BOZO. Maddow and Olberman and company are not newsmen, or journalists or even newsreaders. They are pundits. Opinionators. Like Limbaugh, Hannit, O’Reilly they are not “reporters”. They are paid to give their opinions, or insights on the news of the day. You want straight news? Listen to BBC America. Even NPR is not straight news anymore and has been trending more to the right of the political spectrum, mainly due to threats of defunding by the former GOP majority. If you don’t want “opinion” don’t listen to Maddow and company.

  21. Jimmyboyo says



    “…i am not ready to sign on to “JIMMYBOYO: the Great and Powerful benevolent dictator, i welcome votes for NIC, the “universal ONE”.

    let’s see who raises more bucks on the bake sales, beeatch! ”