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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #438

BOBBY JINDAL: Rachel Maddow's commentary on Jindal's reponse to Obama's congressional address.

RNC CHAIR MICHAEL STEELE: Is Keith Olbermann's 'World's Worst Person' for his civil union remarks.

MY SO CALLED GAY LIFE: A brief clip by gay-on-the-street Mike Diamond.

EDILSON NASCIMENTO: Made in Brazil's behind-the-scenes video of their Edilson portfolio.

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  1. Rachel Maddow annoys me with her smugness. Her condescending air of moral superiority while tongue in cheek sending up the radical right. NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR CATTY SNARK OR OVERLY QUALIFIED REMARKS. Be blunt, and cut them deep.

    And that third Yeah...anything for a laugh, even if it's playing to type.

    Posted by: TANK | Feb 25, 2009 4:14:54 PM

  2. It was not Jindal's best speech. In fact it may have been one of his worst ever. Not at all like the governor handling the barrage of questions during Hurricane Gustav. I am sorry that was the first exposure many in the country have gotten to him. Or at least as many as bothered to watch.

    Posted by: Diogenes | Feb 25, 2009 4:17:37 PM

  3. ...further point. It is never easy to followup a presidential address. Especially one by an excellent orator.

    Posted by: diogenes | Feb 25, 2009 4:19:30 PM

  4. "It was not Jindal's best speech. In fact it may have been one of his worst ever."

    Only one of his worst? Yikes, we'd have to all hide cringing under the sofa if they got any worse. But even if he'd delivered his speech less like a perverted librarian talking to slow two year olds, he and the Republican party have no useful ideas to offer right now, and he remains thoroughly anti-gay. He won't be our friend even if he learns how to read a tele-prompter.

    Posted by: Ernie | Feb 25, 2009 4:25:50 PM

  5. Bobby Jindal is a disgrace who signed a bill that mandates intelligent design be taught alongside evolution in HS biology classrooms in LA. If he's the future of the republican party, it's pretty damn grim.

    Posted by: TANK | Feb 25, 2009 4:25:53 PM

  6. Mike Diamond's videos are a scream!

    Posted by: Tralfaz | Feb 25, 2009 4:26:24 PM

  7. Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.) is a tool who only won his current position due to Hurricane Katrina, and Gov. Blanco's poor performance (though some could say the Federal Government had something to do with her ability to anything). He had lost his previous bid for Governor to Blanco (D.) I left New Orleans hours before Katrina hit. I am sorry I was not there to vote against him. His entire speech had me cringing, embarrassed for the state of Louisiana. I love Louisiana and NOLA, but voters in that state do not tend to do themselves any favors. Hell New Orleanians re-elected the most useless mayor they have ever had in Ray Nagin (D.).

    @Diogenes: A belated Happy Mardi Gras! I think you got something on your forehead.

    Posted by: Critifur | Feb 25, 2009 4:48:21 PM

  8. Diogenes

    "....never easy to followup a presidential address...."

    Uhm not impossible. Try Jim Webb after Bush (bush far from an excellent orator though)

    Passionate, short, to the point, and not about himself = talk about national issues on the national stage. Was praised for his rebuttal to bush

    Jindal is toast. He isn't even equiped to win re-election in your state. The winners = Palin, Mittens, and Huckabee.

    Pallin though unable to read and comprehend a Hillary Clinton kindergarten poem at least was/is able to show some sort of passion. Crazy wingnut passion but passion none the less

    Mitt Romney the robot at least is physically charismatic enough to hypno the impressionable with a pretty smile and that salt and peper hair thing is kind of sexy.

    Huckabee the most dangerous of the three. Huckabee a religious nut does lean more to the center / populist economically in his willingness to raise taxes on the wealthy, finance gov, expand social safety nets. But most importantly he is charming. A far right religious nut but he can come across as a nice guy which made him the only true danger to Obama 2008. He in place of mccain or as mccain's vp could have really given Obama a run for his money. 2012 the greatest danger is Huckabee but he is too populist economically for the tax cut everytime crowd to even allow him to win the nomination, but after 4 yrs of being in the wilderness they might buckle under.

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Feb 25, 2009 5:10:46 PM

  9. DIOGENES, I was, ahem, exposed to Bobby "The Exorcist" Jindal a long time ago when it was revealed that he's an exorcist that can cure cancer. No, really!:

    Palin/Jindal 2012! The Power Of Christ Compels You!

    p.s. How's life under the bridge goin'?

    Posted by: JohnInManhattan | Feb 25, 2009 5:44:31 PM

  10. Please make your voice heard in Hawaii. The State Senate will soon decide regarding the bill giving civil rights to gay unions.

    Please contact their locals officials here:

    Also, please take the poll/survey here:

    Posted by: Donsnyc | Feb 25, 2009 6:47:44 PM

  11. I do not understand the big deal about Maddow. She is smug and, personall, I think she got her job because of what she is demographically. MSNBC is a struggling network that had nothing to lose and everything to gain by throwing a decent looking lesbian into the mix. She is a marketing decision and a not so great journalist.

    Keith-O is the worst person on air. He is much worse than Bill O or even that contradiction in common sense, Sean Hannity, because he pretends to be unbiased and oh so caring. Olbermann has this way of being SO one sided on all subjects that listening to him is like a bad case of deja vu or and endless repeat of "Ground Hog Day".

    His treatment of Hillary during the primaries was a new low in female bashing.

    His dumbass "oh God" as Jindal came on took away all the attention from the Presidents brilliant speech on the blogosphere. The subject became all about Keith-O. It was unprofessional and would have earned OReilly one of his mock outrage speeches if the shoe had been on the other foot.

    His mocking of the liar Steele has nothing to do with Steele and everything with him playing to his fan base, ultra liberals and gays. He's no better or worse than the Fox nut jobs. He says what will keep his lemmings tuning in.

    He's Rush Limbaugh in a well fitted suit.


    Posted by: Derek Washington | Feb 25, 2009 7:01:09 PM

  12. In relation to the hard to follow a Presidential speech thinking another really good one was Kathleen Sebelius

    Also Michael Steele is an idiot

    Posted by: Josh | Feb 25, 2009 7:02:18 PM

  13. the "oh god" comment was from chris matthews. Is it just me or did bobby jindal look fresh from high school debate...little republicans jr, club.

    Posted by: TANK | Feb 25, 2009 7:06:15 PM

  14. Derek washington

    It was Chris Mathews with the "Oh God" and he even explained today why he said it. It was the whole pre civil war plantation imagery thing and a hero future president / shadow president to the actual one = Obama marching in to save the day. Chris said "Oh God" to the whole obviousness of the stab at visual propaganda. Also Chris last night , when they cut back after Jindal, had his face buried in his hands over the whole thing.


    I soooooo need actual Louisiana citizenss confirmation on this but supposedly local news is reporting that Jindal kept the kids out of school today and high tailed it to disney world in another state and his office is saying they wish to be left alone for a family outing (in another state)

    LOL if true, he knows he is not the repub messiah and he probably won't even win re-election as gov


    any Louisiana gays able to report on local news coverage?

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Feb 25, 2009 7:14:22 PM

  15. TANK: My bad on who was responsible for the "Oh God". However, I stand by my post otherwise. Thanks for the correction.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Feb 25, 2009 7:23:07 PM

  16. Derek I here fox is looking for a new guy for the 7 o'clock spot. You would be perfect! The anti-Olbermann, who is the anti-O'Reilly. You would fit right in over there too. "FOX where we make the news not report"

    Posted by: Josh | Feb 25, 2009 7:24:21 PM

  17. PS

    only 3 months since the electorate rejected the same old repub talking cuts, gov bad, gov really really bad

    Repubs keep thinking its the packaging. conservatism never fails just the packaging and that is why you guys keep loosing and will loose 2010 and possibly 2012. It isn't the package it is the message!!!! Its done. tax cuts galore is dead, free range capitalism is dead!!! small government is dead!! done dead and buried. that is the main reason jindal failed. It wasn't how he delivered it (though bad). It wasn't his following a great orator. It was the message is DEAD! and rejected by america and if the election was held today it would be even deader based on the polls from last night 80-92% obama stimulus approval and liking Obama WOW!!!!!!!!!

    Till you guys realize that republicanism/ conservatism is dead then you are lost. Go more european conservative = universal healthcare a given, gay rights pretty much a given, abortion safe and legal, high taxes on the wealthy and corporations, huge safety nets, enviro concern with the conservatism only dealing with balancing budgets and getting a bit upset at too many brown people coming in too quickly and you might! MIGHT! just have a chance.

    Otherwise I predict repubs will go the way of the wigs and it will be the democrat party that will split into blue dog centrist dems as the future conservatives and ultra lefty (ME) progressives as the 2 and only 2 american parties with maybe a 3rd inconsequential religious nut party howling but with nobody listening or electing any of them.

    sorry for typos

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Feb 25, 2009 7:29:45 PM

  18. DEREK WASHINGTON... uninformed, as always... labeling Keith Olbermann's spotlight on the GOP lie machine as being "one sided". Tsk, tsk.

    Go back to sleep, dear. We'll be sure to wake you in eight years.

    Posted by: JohnInManhattan | Feb 25, 2009 10:08:00 PM

  19. Jimmyboyo, I'm not sure about the rest of the state, but here in New Orleans schools were out because it was the day after Mardi Gras.

    Posted by: Nick | Feb 25, 2009 10:55:44 PM

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