1. Ian says

    His attempt at clarification still has enough holes to cause me to reserve my outrage. They admit to being drunk assholes. They did pissed off an employee bad enough to make them want to eject them from a table that was probably meant for someone else. The physical violence went too far for sure. But this is NYC kids, its a rough town and piss the wrong person off you risk getting a bit of a beat down. Not justifying it, but its not necessarily homophobia.

  2. tony the tiger says

    The only solution to this debate is for one or more of us to go “undercover” as waiters and busboys at Corner Bistro to figure out what is really go on.

    I’ll swing by Corner Bistro after work tonight incognito to land a job as a waiter or busboy. I’d appreciate if a few of you do the same. Then we’ll arrange for another group of us to go to Corner Bistro on a busy night blind drunk, act like total asses, grab a table ahead of everyone else, refuse to order a full meal and say “we’ll start with arugula” and see what happens next!

  3. Andy says

    Okay. I am going to make a few points here.

    At least the guy admits that they were probably acting like assholes. I give him props for being honest about that.

    NOT TO SAY THAT EXCUSES VIOLENCE AND SLURS. That needs to be looked at.

    Now – this is what I think happened. I think the waiter/busboy/whatever was probably in the weeds. For those who have never worked ina restaurant before “in the weeds” roughly translates to “I am overwhelmed and have too many tables and behind on orders and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.”

    I think that the guy just lost it and went beserk. I have worked in restuarants for year and have seen all kinds of stuff – staff spitting in food, going off on customers, throwing shit in the kitchen – you name it.

    I think these guys or someone in the group said something and the guy flew off the handle. Cause in New York City…the bottom line is people want your money regardless of who you are.

    I am not blaming these guys – but I think it behooves everyone to work in restuarant for at least a week. It is a very stressful job, and I can always tell when I go out with friends who has waited tables and who has not by how they treat the staff and servers. I have actually had friends I stopped going to restuarants with because they so nasty to the waiters and so impatient and demanding it was embarresing.

    I am not saying that i swaht happened here – and for the staff to throw this guy down was reprehensible and needs to be looked at. But my hope is that is was just an isolated incident. OTHERWISE THIS PLACE IS OPERATING IN THE WRONG CITY.

    And this is coming from a Brooklyn resident.

  4. Ron says

    I’m sorry, but I’m a little tired of the “yeah, he was probably an asshole BUT blah blah”. We’ve got to stop giving free passes to gays who, for all intents and purposes, are the cause of these predicaments who then turn around and say “but he called me this and that etc.”. Anybody ever heard of the phrase “man up?”. Do we really expect to be taken seriously when we start bullshit and then whine because somebody ups the ante? The only thing he didn’t do was start crying on Ellen’s couch.

  5. Jay says

    There still isn’t enough detail and transparency to say one way or the other. That, coupled with the lack of a filing of a police report pretty much kills the issue for me.

  6. jmg says

    So, Ron, black people who cause a little trouble and are called “niggers” for it should just “man up” and not complain? Just following your logic…..

  7. Yeek says

    There are both sides of the story, and then there’s the truth. I’d like to see some proof.

    We’ve certainly had our “gay brothers and sisters” try to prey on our sympathy before. See below.

  8. ___ says

    Millions of people work in stressful jobs and have bad days without assaulting people.

    If I assaulted every asshole I had to deal with at work I would have been locked up ages ago.

    There is no excuse.

  9. Larry Write says

    First of I want to state that I’m a investor. I have watch the video of the incident from an inside source. The video clearly shows that the employee was attack first. In Nick’s statement he said that the waiter grab him by his T-shirt and throw him on the floor, which is a complete fairy tale. The employee was smack in the face first and that’s when the waiter push and then threw him on the floor. If you have 5 guys against one, you need to protect yourself and that was the case. It has nothing of him being gay, when you are in anger insulting words will come out, I’m sure everyone knows that. I think Nick is trying to make money or get himself famous. The truth will be out there once I post the video of the incident on U-Tube.

  10. Larry Wright says

    Corner Bistro can counter sue for incident. They have video evidence that the employee was attack first. Second they can sue of false statement effecting their business. Since Nick and the owner agree to drop charges and call it even, there will be not lawsuit.

  11. Larry Wright says

    Sorry, I mean that I’m an investagator. All this stuff about him being gay is just excuse to sue the establishment for money (hate crimes). He wasn’t being mistreat because he’s gay but the fact that he was a drunk stupid prick. The truth will be out there. I promise you people that. Don’t believe when he says. If I have enough request, the video will be on u-tube very soon.

  12. Larry Wright says

    Due to massive request. I have posted the Corner Bistro Incident on YouTube. Do a key word search on either Corner Bistro Incident or Friday Night Incident 2… This is why Nick didn’t file a lawsuit cause he drew first blood. He knew about the video and the they can counter sue him.

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