1. David in Houston says

    The problem is that Senate President Waddoups is also homophobic. He made it clear that he agrees with what Sen. Buttars said, just not the way he said it.

    As far as I’m concerned, anything less than Sen. Buttars resigning is unacceptable. He is truly a vile human being.

  2. andres says

    I completely disagree with what Buttars says and the way that Waddoups (who is just as big a homophobe as Buttars in my opinion) handled the situation. However, I do not think that Buttars should be removed completely by the Senate unless he actually breaks the law or violates the terms of his oath.

    Buttars is getting global coverage. He represents a very abrasive conservative way of thinking, and the media attention towards it will hopefully open more minds to how horrible bigotry truly is.

    Republicans like Gov. Huntsman get it, and are not afraid to express the need for equal rights for all. As much as we need more like Huntsman, for the moment we still need the Buttars of the world to help people see how foolish and damaging those types of beliefs and actions can be.

  3. Attmay says

    All states with anti-gay laws on their books need to lose federal funding.

    Buttars and everyone like him should be in JAIL. The blood of every gay bashing victim is on their hands.

  4. says

    Unfortunately, when they “Punished” Buttars by taking him off of the committee, I assume they were doing just enough. Just enough to make it seem like Utah congressmen aren’t complete bigots. Fact is, as a couple of have others pointed out, Waddoups is as intolerant as Buttars is.
    Does anyone believe his punishment was adequate? No. But do you think they’ll do anything further? Sadly, No…
    Wow, I will be glad to be out of Utah soon enough!

  5. CK says

    The Democrats need to KEEP hammering away, not let this issue drop. Take a lesson from the bulldog GOP, keep at it until you get the old misery sufficiently censured… the evil-hearted prick should not be allowed to get away with this disgusting rhetoric!

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