1. Sportin' Life says

    Well, I guess there ARE limits to Republican tolerance of KKK-like anti-gay hate.

    Thank you to those who initiated the Common Ground Initiative. Pretty sad (and not unexpected) results here in the first go round, but calling the GOP to integrity at least helped set the stage for this change in committee leadership.

  2. MissyMiss says

    I like how he was able to smear both gays and Muslims in a single paragraph. You don’t often see that kind of efficiency from a senator. Actually, what’s more impressive: he got himself kicked off the Judiciary Committee at the same time! HAT TRICK!

  3. says

    Too bad he’s still a senator and is spending all of his time trying to explain to the media what “pig sex” is. My mo friends and I still can’t quite figure out what he’s referring to…

  4. ichabod says

    Ridiculous! The man pulled the same crap just last year, this is nothing but a timid hand-slap. I find it unconscionable that the senate president would take such pains to say he’s “four square” behind Buttars and that he “agrees with some of what Buttars says” (though he demurs going into specifics during the news conference). Sorry, too little, too late. The man can have his own opinion, but he sure as hell isn’t suited to be a fair-minded representative of the people. He should be removed from office.

  5. DCposter says

    Let me translate for Utah Senate President Michael Waddoups:

    “I had to do something, so I’m kicking him off a committee, but that’s not a punishment so much as a solution that allows him to more fully express his hate, which many of us agree with.”


  6. leschuck says

    Ironically, Mormons–and not gays–are the biggest threat to Americans’ way of life, as evidenced by the Mormon crusade to create and expand civil inequality and second-class citizenship for some American citizens they find too “sinful.”

  7. says

    And now the Mormon church has weighed in:

    “From the outset, the Church’s position has always been to engage in civil and respectful dialogue on this issue. Senator Buttars does not speak for the Church.”

    That’s a decent statement.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never found much civility or respect on the comment boards over at Mormon-owned KSL. Or from any of the Utah organizations that lined up against the Common Ground Initiative.

    Whatever. Here’s a link to the actual presser:

  8. Sargon Bighorn says

    Be afraid of the Gay Mafia and our sissy brothers the Radical Gay Agenda-ites. We are watching you. We know where you party. We know where you buy your shoes and matching handbags. We know where you buy that cheap cologne. We know where your little White French Poodle is taken for a walk. Be Afraid Be very Afraid.

  9. TANK says

    This is a token “censure” (it was hardly even that) and punishment. A mere performance piece in lieu of all five initiatives dying. His timid colleagues are attempting some transparent spin to make them seem more tolerant and open minded when in reality they’ve tolerated and encouraged as much from this douche for years. NOW? C’mon. Boycott Utah.

  10. David in Houston says

    This is not acceptable, and this is not over. The lame ass comments from the Senate President only reinforce my determination to keep pushing for Senator Buttars removal from office. Translation: Do not piss off gay people!

  11. bill says

    I am still amazed how many straight folks think I got my ‘gay card’ by sending in a coupon or saving box tops. I ran for political office in Indiana and dealt with the Eagle Forum back in the 80’s. I actually had never heard of gay marriage until they brought it up. I’m 55 and try to read all I can in the gay media. This Buttars is a moron, and the church leadership in Utah is right along side him!

  12. PAT says

    Presiding Senator Milquetoast is as pathetic as his lapdog Buttars is loathsome. Nothing has changed: basic human rights remain criminally denied in Utah and, to varying degrees, in many other states of the Union. Lipstick on a pig is nothing to celebrate.

  13. Rikard says

    Sadly Ichabod is right. Buttars was removed from the chair of the same committie last year after his infamous “black baby” comment. Now that all the Common Grounds bills presented this session have been defeated this slap on the wrist means nothing. We will work localy to erode his support and get him out of office, but it’s a long fight. I am suggesting all blogs and media outlets publish ANY homophobic public statement by ANYONE other than Buttars be placed under the heading I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTARS. I want to associate this douche with the most outrageous vitriol possible. Once he is quoted along side the Westboro Baptists, the Taliban, Sally Kern, Larry Craig and David Duke he will either own it or back away.

  14. michael perry says

    Silly Buttars! Don’t you know the politics of the day? You can say it with every piece of legislation you draft, you can say it with every vote that kills the rights of gays, you can discriminate freely with your feeble like minded white patriarchs but you can’t say it out loud to reporters. That’s just plain homophobic! We can’t tolerate/pretend or ignore such blatant bigotry and homophobia! Please let this be a lesson to all bigots in public office, keep it stealth, take away all of our rights with your lynch mob majorities, just don’t say it out loud, because then your pretend christian morality has to pretend outrage, and pretend to do the right thing by replacing you with more subtle homophobes.

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